The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Build for the Unexpected!

Creating an atmosphere of fun is as important as the features.

Everyone would probably agree that kids can create the most interesting games out there and invent unique playscapes out of almost anything at their disposal. I’m sure you have heard about a child who has ended up spending more time playing with box than the toy that came in it. This is because children are so creative… this also means that you must build for the unexpected to keep them entertained. When designing a playground, think of how it will be both directly and indirectly played on.

For example, if you have decks with slides extending off of them, expect that children will end of climbing up the slides and playing underneath the decks. By putting a memory or tic-tac-toe board under the deck, children will be pleasantly surprised when they find it. If you build a huge playground that is complete with every feature imaginable, be prepared to find some kids using them simply as hiding spots for a game of hide and seek. For this reason, add in some artificial rocks and hiding spots that could potentially make a game like this more fun.

Remember that children will think of anything to keep themselves entertained, so help them out a little bit and include features that are meant to be created off of. For instance, add in a control panel like the one featured a few days ago. Or, go a completely different direction that we haven’t even thought about… we will go the distance to make it happen. The Playground Design Aspect of the Week is building for the unexpected. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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