Technology has Changed the Shape of Playgrounds…

Swirling, zig-zag shaped slides this smooth are all thanks to technology.

Obviously playgrounds don’t look like they used to. What used to be a swing set, a slide, and some monkey bars is now a play extravaganza in terms of what is available in features. There are incredible creations like the Gravitron, the Cyclone, and the Mega Tower… there are wild contraptions such as the Grip-n-Glide, the Matterhorn, and the Net Climber… all of which are super contemporary in terms of they way they look and what they are designed to do. With today’s modern designs and attractions, it is very apparent that technology has changed the shape of playgrounds.

Playground shapes are so advanced they can almost look real.

What’s more, the smaller design aspects have improved and have moved up from your standard triangles and squares. Now, there are swirls, and twists, and fluid curves available for your site so that even the smallest characteristic is a standout. For example, instead of a straight pole to climb up, there are zig-zagging pipes that serve the same purpose, but are more accessible, fun, and stunning.

Playgrounds now include traditional architecture that is also affordable.

We almost take for granted how cool playgrounds are these days. Not only are there features available right now that have never been seen before, there are also modern design layouts that have been created recently that make any site more accessible, compact or spread out, and interesting to all visitors. Technology has certainly changed the way playgrounds look and feel. The shape of a site, and of the features in it, is completely different than those even ten years ago… cutting-edge technology and modern developments are to thank for that.


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