The Playground Feature of the Week: The Waterplay Spray Flower

Recognizable, entertaining, and stunning, the Water Spray Flower is a great water park addition.

Plan ahead for the summer and start designing your Waterplay Spray Park right now. Create the hottest attraction in your community that is guaranteed to beat the heat this next June. Spray Parks are the newest trend in playgrounds and one of the coolest features available for them is the Waterplay Spray Flower. This giant daisy… this enormous dandelion… this famous flower will be seen from great distances by visitors and will strike their interest immediately. When they get up close, they will see this super-sized life-like Waterplay Spray attraction and be hooked on it and the site it promotes.

With its long curvy stem and huge colorful pedals, this fun looking, water jetting flower is sure to entice anyone with children… they can bring them for a wonderful time where they can connect with other friends in the community. Obviously, these huge flowers don’t take up that much space, so plan on building your site in almost any location you have in mind. Just make sure to put lots of parking close by, because these fantastic features are going to draw huge crowds.

Don’t let the extreme heat of summer keep your community from enjoying those hot mid-year months… put in an accessible Waterplay Spray Park complete with a few Waterplay Spray Flowers and watch as people near you start making your park a regular destination in their summer schedules. Doesn’t the Waterplay Spray Flower look like a great idea? It does to us and that is why it is the Playground Feature of the Week. Visit Miracle for more details.


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