Bright Colors mean Noticeable Details

Notice Anything?

Details can make all the difference in playground design. Not only will they tie up loose ends and give the finishing touches to themes, but they will also play key roles in making a playground more effective and entertaining. What’s more, a single detail, such as a steering wheel, can change an average deck into a race car cockpit or a space ship bridge for a child. However, many times these details go unnoticed… combat this problem by turning up the color volume.

Bright yellows and reds do the job.

Perhaps the simplest way to make your playground’s details, and the playground itself, more noticeable is to enhance its color scheme so that people have no choice but to look. If a steering wheel is bright yellow, then of course it is going to be seen. If another key feature is fire engine red, then it will surely catch the eye of visitors. There is no trick here; the brighter the better. Contact Miracle Playsystems for the most colorful products…

Bright details make the difference.

What is better than a flower in the middle of summer? A bright yellow, 12 foot tall flower that shoots out cold water! Will your surrounding community notice this creatively outstanding feature? You bet. The will notice its form, and its fluid shape, but most of all, before anything else, they will notice its awesome dandelion color—the hottest of yellows! Attract visitors and clients to your design through details that exude themselves through unavoidable, eye-catching, highly aesthetic color. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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