Why Your Playground’s Theme Matters…

Create a memorable theme.

Will a playground be successful, despite having no real cohesiveness? Maybe. Sure, children may be entertained while playing on it, but will they remember it in the future? It takes a key feature or a distinctive aspect of a site for it to be memorable. One way to make a site stick in the minds of those who lay eyes upon it is to implement an original or impressive theme into its design, even if it is a simple one. Just as a site’s theme will be memorable to visitors, it will also be memorable to a potential client.

Details should work directly towards the theme.

A playground’s theme really matters in the sense that if it is there and if it works, great, but if it is absent, a playground design can suffer. For example, the castle theme as shown is simple to implement and is easily identifiable by almost everyone. So, when a child says, “Lets go to the castle playground,” everyone knows which one it is. Park names are important to adults, but defining characteristics such as a theme or a specific, unique feature are more memorable and easier to recognize… and when it comes to play, kids associate easier with the latter and they often have the last word. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Cohesiveness is critical.

Make your playground a site to remember, incorporate a forward thinking theme that drives your design forward. Use first class products and link them together through details and a common theme. We know how to do this best at Miracle Playsystems; contact us for more information. Leave with this: a theme matters because often times it’s the first thing that pops into mind when your sites name is brought up. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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