Be Proactive—Plan Out Shade Protectors Now!

Don't under-estimate the need for shade.

Now is the time to install protective shade structures around your playground so that when the sun hits this next spring, the children in your community are protected from harmful UV rays and the blistering heat that will be in full force by June. That is only six months from now, so start planning right now so that construction can be completed by the time those hottest months on the calendar roll around. Sure there are other ways to protect against the sun, but all are second to some quality time in the shade. Implement a shade structure into your playscape today.

Whether it is a pool, a playground, a water spray park, or a park, shade structures will directly benefit your community in both the long and short term. End heat stroke and over exposure right now… prevent future bouts with skin cancer too… take the proper precautions and rush to install health wise shade structures in the right locations. Don’t be caught in the summer sun without a cool rest spot… and don’t let the children in your area go without one either. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on installing an amazing Sun Port or shade structure.

Other methods will keep you safe too this next summer. Wear hats and sunglasses when outside, especially from late morning to late afternoon. Also, put on sun block when out… particularly when around the water because light reflections can be brutal to the skin. Keep children safe and educate them on proper sun safety techniques. We recommend any kind of sun protection over none… Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on the coolest shade structures around.


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