Balance the Playground Features in Your Site

Balance the features throughout your playground design.

As with any design, it takes a certain amount of movement, flow, color, form, and balance to please the onlooker and create an attractive work. A playground needs these same things to succeed. There should be a color scheme that blends well within itself and with its surroundings. Features in the park need to be connected in a way that children can move through them easily and without congestion. The pieces themselves need to flow together in order to promote a unified design. And lastly, the design needs balance. It should look natural and even. It should look smooth and well thought out.

Alining equipment with other park features contributes to balance.

Having balance specifically means that a playground should not be lopsided—all the big features should not be on one side with all the small features on the other… unless of course that is your big idea and you execute it flawlessly. Furthermore, balance means that a playground should have layers so that it fills the vertical space evenly as well as the layout. For example, spring riders could fill the ground level. The Gravitron or the Orb-x, swings, and rock walls could fill the middle ground, and look out decks and taller slides could populate the upper space. A well rounded design is needed for great balance.

Determine weight values for each piece of equipment and evenly distribute them over your site plane.

For increased balance, align the features in your playground with the lines of surrounding structures and prominent features around your site. By doing this you will add subtle amounts of evenness that will add up to promote levels of outstanding balance in your playground design. There are so many ways to increase the balance of your site… and along with movement, flow, color, and form, balance is crucial to create a visually pleasing design. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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