A Playground Spotlight Feature: The Tall Slide

This feature is heavily used by the surrounding community; it is easy to see why... it is tall, unique, and offers one fast ride.

What does it take to be seen from great distances? Height. How do you produce great speeds without an engine? Height. When will your site get noticed? When it finally has the height. Whether you’re designing a new playground or trying to improve an older one, there is no better, more memorable attraction than a tall slide.

Children remember the thrill of speed and the wonder of looking down from towering heights. With a custom build tall slide or one that has already been designed, your park will have the centerpiece feature that is remembered more than any other… and visitors will come back again and again. Now that’s what a park client would love.

Creating a tall slide is an art. For one thing, safety is the number one priority. It takes truly masterful engineering to ensure safety over a long period of time. Which leads to the next factor: the need for the best materials to guarantee durability—there is nothing worse than having to constantly shut your main attraction down because of needed maintenance. Lastly, it takes an awesome design to inspire a desire to climb to the top and take a ride down—plus its not easy for a tall slide to look secure and visually striking.

A tall slide will certainly get you noticed when designed and built the right way. Although admittedly its not for every park, because of the cost… however, when your site calls for a mammoth slide, take the time to find the right design because hitting the reset button half way through construction just isn’t an option. Upon completion—after using the best available—when it looks great, it will be an image for the portfolio. Contact Miracle Playsystems for information on designing and building your own tall slide.


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