Shade Structures are Useful, Edgy, Cool, and Healthy

Shade structures aren't just protective, they are cool.

Shade structures are proven to be extremely effective at protecting children against harmful sun damage. They promote health and safety on the playground by decreasing the risks of overheating, heat stroke, and dehydration… however water and sunscreen are needed too. The shade structure is very useful, but it is also cool. It looks awesome. It is cutting edge in design and comes in all sorts of design savvy shapes and colors. In some areas, the shade structure is expected, especially after it is seen for the first time.

This feature is not only useful, it is popular.

The shade structure is edgy. This is a key invention in terms of modern playgrounds. If your area gets to above 90 degrees in the summer then you really need a shade structure over your playgrounds. New protections such as this are crucial for keeping children safe when at play under the hot sun. Plus, the actual shape of the equipment in relation to its use makes the product so hip. This is one cool playground fixture.

Shade structures are expected in a lot of areas.

The shad structure is a unique creation that has become cool—not only because it is so useful, but because of its looks and feel. It just seems like a good idea… and it is. And it adds an extra dimension to a playground. Playgrounds have always been open, but this provides a roof and a great new look. Its hard to describe why the shade structure is so cool… but I’m pretty sure it is a combination between its usefulness, its freshness, its edginess, and its protective qualities, and of course its stunning aesthetic visual appeal. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more details on this amazing feature.


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