A Playground Should Play Into Its Surroundings

A site’s essence, as landscape architects know, is an extremely important factor to consider when planning a design.

A site’s essence is utilized by landscape architects to determine many factors of design such as its color and form as well as functionality. For instance, in relation to playgrounds, if a site is scorched by hot weather by a large portion of the year, shade structures can play an important role in keeping children cool and safe. Furthermore, if trees surround this same area, it makes sense to make the shade structure green so that it blends in with the surroundings. Here the site’s essence, that it is hot and surrounded by trees, plays a key role in the implemented equipment and that equipment’s attributes.

Color, form, and features can all be influenced by a site’s surroundings.

In terms of form, the surroundings can again play a big role in what equipment will be aesthetic as well as useful at a particular site. If there are tons of trees everywhere, the height of the equipment may be kept to a minimum so that it doesn’t hit the trees at any point in the future. If it does, the trees would have to be trimmed for safety reasons and this would cost the client more money in the long run. Also, the form could be more boxy if rocky cliffs were in the background or fluid if mostly deciduous trees are around.

Believe it or not, this is an artificial rock formation and can be added in to improve a site’s essence by giving off a nature like feel.

Overall, a site’s essence and its surroundings can determine many things about a site. Basically, a playground design and theme should match the things surrounding it so that is visually stunning. However, if one were to juxtapose a desert area with a forested playground design, it might not look so bad because it’s a fresh sight. All and all, just something to keep in mind… as always, remember to have fun. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details and design information.


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