A Playground Highlight: The Look Out Deck

Fun creations like this lookout deck are entertainin and memorable.

When children are at play, their imaginations run wild. It is a playground designers job to allow them to create and invent as much as possible when at the site. Not only should we give children slides and swings to play on, we should also give them imagination platforms such as control panels complete with steering wheels and look out decks complete with eye glasses and binoculars to create games with. Now a kid can be a pirate, a naval commander, a forest ranger, or a wilderness scout… all at the same place! One day that child may be running from monsters and the next that same kid might be chasing bandits across the galaxy… it is the job of the playground designer to allow this creativity to go on by implementing imagination platforms.

The look out deck certainly is an imagination platform. Sure, it can be used to see a pier at a closer distance, but more realistically it is going to be a toy that a kid uses in part of a pretending game where they are playing some imaginative role… and who knows what they will dream up. By designing playgrounds so that children can play and imagine, a designer is doing twice the job from a child’s point of view (and isn’t that who uses these playgrounds after all?).

The look out deck can come with binoculars or a telescope/spotting scope. It is usually the highest spot of the playground and can be connected with a climber, a slide, or a bridge. This great place gives a playground uniqueness and can play into the individual theme and identity of the site. This appealing feature is a playground highlight because its not often thought of, but it can produce big results. For more imaginative ideas, contact us by visiting Miracle Playsystems.


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