Consistency in a Single Design is Visually Striking

Fluidity, color, and shape can all drive consistency.

Certain images are extremely memorable. For instance, most don’t forget a close up of a fire engine… it is a great big, red truck that is unique in form; most remember the biggest water slide they’ve ever been on… it is tall, narrow, and almost too fast; and almost everyone can tell you where and when they saw their favorite sports car and what color it was. These images are memorable because they are exciting, but also because they are consistent. The fire truck was all red and hard to miss. The water slide was all business—built for speed. The sports car’s design was fluid, fast, and aerodynamic. Within a single design, consistency is visually striking because it radiates from it functionality.

Consistency means maintaining certain design flows, such as keeping on linking features sets such as on this site.

If a playground is supposed to be a playful oasis in the middle of a sweltering summer hang out spot, then blue and green shade structures, slides, swings, and picnic tables tell visitors that this is the spot to cool off and have fun… these images give off that feeling. If your playground is supposed to be a warm feeling destination near a water way on a nice day, then reds, yellows and oranges painted all over climbers will tell your visitors that you can relax and play while staying a few degrees above the usually chilly climate. A design really can make a person feel a certain way. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more details.

It looks good when everything is in order.

Furthermore, to make a design memorable, there are many tricks to use: make the playground mostly one color, or as many colors as possible. That way it can be described easily as the “green playground,” or the “one with all the crazy colors.” Also: implement one feature that is without a doubt the playground’s centerpiece so that visitors will associate your site with that piece. One playground I can think of is simply referred to as the “boat park” because of an old tugboat that has been implemented into the site. The other features here have a maritime theme so the design is consistent. Here we can see that consistency is memorable, and visually stunning. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more information.


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