Cutting Edge Designs that are Well Thought Out

Forward thinking designs are always in style.

To hold your own in today’s competitive market, you have to constantly update your designs. This means not only thinking outside of the box, but also enhancing what’s still inside the box. However, when the envelope is pushed, often times the fundamentals can be forgotten and those basic elements that make a design functional can be left behind. For this reason, it is important to have designs that are forward thinking as well as useful, reliable, and entertaining.

Work technology into your design for big results.

For a design to be useful it needs to serve its purpose. For example, if a slide is visually stunning because it has many, many curves, but a rider can’t get enough speed to make it to the bottom, then the slide is not working. Or, if a huge, new swing set is too close to other equipment to be safe, then it is not serving its purpose of needing to be both fun and safe. Aesthetically pleasing playground design possibilities are endless; but it takes a little more thinking to make those designs functional as well. Go to Miracle Playsystems for more information.

Make sure every feature looks like fun.

When whimsicality becomes too much, durability is often the first to lose out. Sure, super airy, fantasy designs are cool looking, but when it comes to cost effectiveness, they just don’t get the job done. Having too many working parts or small pieces can often lead to high maintenance costs.

Lastly, a design should be attractive, but before that, it should be entertaining. No matter how fun a design looks, whether or not it is actually fun will be the deal maker or breaker. The last thing a park needs is a bunch of high tech looking playground features that are never used. So, when you design your next playground, go with designs that are proven to be fun, durable, and cost effective… as well as visually stunning. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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