A Featured Design Aspect: A Healthy Connection Through an Overhead Challenge

An obstacle like this is a great way to connect playground features or decks.

Overhead challenges not only represent fun on the playground, they also represent the healthy gains that can be made on playgrounds. The benefits of play are very well documented and when a playground feature directly relates to one of them, we just have to tell you about it. One of the key benefits of play is physical fitness. Now, for children to just be outside and playing is great and will undoubtedly improve their health, but the overhead challenge takes health improvement to the next level. Using this feature is like working out while playing. There is perhaps no other feature that promotes upper body strength like the overhead challenge—just take a look at it.

To successfully navigate this feature it takes endurance, strength, coordination, and focus. Every one of these traits can be improved through play in general, but they must be uniquely harnessed to use the overhead challenge. Plus, children can gain these traits by using the overhead challenge day after day. Maybe on day one they get a quarter of the way across. By the end of week two they are just over half way. In a couple of months they will be swinging back and forth like a monkey.

Another great characteristic of the overhead challenge is that it connects other features. So now, when children are trying to get from one fun feature to the next, they can get a workout in the process. The overhead challenge really is a connecter on the playground, but it also connects the dots between physical fitness and play. The benefits of play cannot be ignored. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on how you can implement a cutting edge overhead challenge into your next playground design.

The overhead challenge is a fun workout.


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