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Its the Future Now with Miracle and Cutting Edge Products and Techology… Playground Building Techniques that are Unique and Creative

March 30, 2010

Miracle Playsystems is a playground design, customization, building group that works with the best lines in the business. One such company that Miracle Playsystems has a close relationship with is Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. This cutting edge playscape provider uses true 21st century technology to better the performance of all the products they offer so that you get the best in playground performance.

Get cost-effective, cutting edge, first class products with Miracle Playsystems.

Just a few state-of-the-art features include: Versa-lok Clamps-Versalok® II … a clamping systems that makes installation easier and connections more secure. Plus this hardened to the core clamp is made from up to 100% recycled aluminum allow and all fastening hardware is stainless steel and tamper resistant. Talk about hardcore… the Gator Grip- GATOR-GripTM, is another forward thinking feature that allows all the handrails and rungs to have extra gripping with a texture that is both tough and comfortable.

Quality is guaranteed here and products are sure to be durable, functional, and top of the line.

Also get Flo-Coat – Flo-Coat® steel tubing that is true space age technology, but specially designed for children’s playground equipment that allows products to be zinc galvanized inside and out for tough as titanium nails resistance to abrasions, scratches, salt, and the elements. Combine this with Mira Cote so that all metal components are finished with a durable, electrostatically applied, non-toxic, lead-free, polyester powder coating that’s available in 17 colors… that’s right, more colors than the rainbow!

Take playground performance to the next level with Miracle...

Last but not least, all decks, steps, ramps, and bridges are made with Mira-Therm, a proprietary brand of polyvinyl chloride containing UV stabilizers, color pigments, and flame retardants… made through a punched steel process, complete with folded edges that provide quick drainage from rain… and safe because the holes are too small for fingers.

With Miracle’s top notch materials, you are getting technology that works with you for a cost-effective, durable, cutting edge design.


Different Ways to Design Water into Your Next Playground Design

March 24, 2010

If you have the option, make water a priority.

To ensure that your park is used by the surrounding community as much as possible, it is a good idea to add in as many features as you can. These may include picnic areas, shade covered lounge spots, a playground, and also water-fun features. With a variety of activities for visitors to interact with, your park will surely be more successful. Furthermore, because summer is approaching fast, it is a good idea to start preparing ways for patrons to beat the heat. Shady areas are a great way, but for big time thrills and cool fun, it is necessary to design water into you park.

Adding in a large or small water spray park will boost your park's attractiveness.

There are many ways to design water into your park. First of all there are simple and crucial fixtures such as drinking fountains and sprinklers and also people and pet fountains. You can also take it a step further and build a pond or a water play arena at your site. What’s more… you can also install a Water Spray Park and Spray features so that children can play in the cold water while adults lounge in the shade close by.

Water is a key component to summer fun.

Another great idea is to build a park next to a public pool so that visitors can make a whole day out of the location. They can get to the pool early and have fun, and then go to the park and have lunch before spending the afternoon on a playground. There are so many great ways to include water into your next park. By making water accessible, people learn to appreciate it more. Now, it is more important than ever to be water conscience, that is why there are so many great technologies, including a Water Re-use and Management System that accompanies a Water Spray Park for instance. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Xccent Play! is High in Technology, Design Aesthetics, and Fun!

March 22, 2010

Xccent has been in the design and construction business for a long time doing everything from manufacturing attractive, long-lasting park furniture to engineering solutions for industrial applications, as their website says. Xccent has been helping clients achieve value and enhance their businesses for over 30 years—so when it comes to playgrounds, you know they are going to take pride in their craft and continue that same terrific product production that existing clients have grown to love and that new clients are amazed to find out about.

Some amazing Tech from Xccent Play!

Their expertise extends to, but is but limited to, PVC molding, coating, powder coating and metal fabrication that has driven them to engineer, develop, market and sell unique products into various industries—specifically in ours and your case the playground industry. Their innovative technologies are the key to our high performance product characteristics and differentiation in the marketplace—no wonder they are a standout among product producers in the playground world.

Extremely well made products come from Xccent Play!

Have extensive experience in their markets, provides us the ability to sell some of the best technologies available to playground designers, contractors, commercial and residential clients, churches, schools, cities, counties, states, and anyone else you wants to work with the best in the business and fine, first class products. Xccent’s team of experts, engineers, and professionals insure the versatility you need to stay at the leading edge while staying safe, aesthetic, and of course, fun.

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today, and its from Xccent Play!

Design With a Forward-Thinking Approach

March 17, 2010

Design with the future in mind.

Design with the popular concepts of today in mind, but also forecast for the future. Aim at producing a quality playground or park design that will be both relevant in five years and in twenty years. Consider how the trends of yesterday affected those of today and then make reasonable assumptions about how they might develop in the future. No matter what you decide to go with, there are ways of ensuring the success of your design, that can work with any park. Always continue to design with a forward-thinking approach, otherwise you will be left in the dust.

Think ahead, but don't forget now.

To drive your design with now and later in mind, you will need equipment that fits in both categories—in present and in future. So, if you have six features in your design, plan on three of them being popular features of today and plan on three of them being forecasted, future popular features. Of course you will want to make sure they mesh well with each other in terms of color, theme, and form. One of the easiest ways to make a playground mesh well is through color. For example, by making all the bars on a playground yellow, the site will blend together no matter what features are at the site—yellow is just that prominent. Contact us at Miracle Playsystems for more specific information.

Make sure you link the present and future through color, theme, or form.

Another way to plan for the future, while keeping with today’s trends, is to install smaller, detail pieces that have a futuristic look. These will compliment the larger features in your design. You will need to decide what the future looks like to you, but once you have done so, it will be easy to add in pieces that fit the image. In this example, the small gives a forward-thinking look to the big and the whole design comes out ahead. Remember to keep today and tomorrow in mind when designing park and playgrounds because in most cases they will be around for decades. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on forward-thinking designs.

Accessibility Creates Playground Fun!

March 15, 2010

Imagine being able to see an unbelievable place, full of all the fun things you want to be doing, but the line to get there is so long that you fear you may never get there before you have to be somewhere else… where is this place for you? For a child it is often the playground. For this reason, it is crucial that you design and build many access points into a playground so that children can adequately access a playground without a huge amount of congestion and waiting. There is nothing worse than having to wait in line for the slide.

Step up to the plate and build great access points.

Accessibility also improves the safety of the playground by reducing congestion. Collisions are never a good thing, especially when the culprits are two children running at full speed. Moreover, the stress of the playground is reduced when it is less crowded, especially at the entry and exit points. And isn’t that the point of recess and playtime…to reduce stress and encourage a mentally, physically, and emotionally active, but free time. So, make sure you allow for an appropriate number of access points so that your playground is more, happy, healthy, and safe.

Climb up to better accessibility with the bubble climber.

Another factor that accessibility promotes is fun. And there are many parts of fun. There is the creative side, the active side, and the interpersonal, among others. Enter and exit the playground at many different levels and change it up every time, get creative. Slide down polls, shoot down slides, climb up walls, scale ladders, and tip toe on platforms, be really active about it. Race your friends, challenge your peers, share with your classmates, and get down to a personal level with those on the playground with you. Accessibility creates fun!

Its as easy as Connect Four to ensure great access points.

Xccent Play Continues to be a Leader in the Playground World…

March 11, 2010

Xccent is an industry leader in creating and supplying innovative new products and components that are enhancing the best-selling play structures and components nationwide, as their website specifically says. And you don’t have to take it from them, take it from us here at Miracle Playsystems—these guys ROCK! Their playground products and designs are contemporary in looks, cutting edge in technology, and cost-effective in terms of pricing. We will work with along side you so that you get the best Xccent has to offer!

A cutting-edge site from Xccent Play.

Just some of Xccent’s leading playground components include platforms, bridges, stairs, chains, ladders and various other products—they have a huge selection. In addition to adding a special level of coating to all their products, Xccent provides product customization, metal fabrication, and assembly facilities for full turn-key orders. This service makes it easy for any designer to take their concept to the next level and really deliver a one-and-only, unique product to their client at a fast speed.

The way Xccent Play! features interact is superbly advanced.

In terms of production, Xccent uses solid steel for better durability and longer lasting products. They coat the steel frame with smooth, UV-stabilized PVC. This make play structures softer to the touch, but also safer for children. And talk about protecting the play structure from the elements and providing low maintenance costs—all making ground towards non-stop enjoyment for years and years. It is clear that Xccent has really thought this whole playground development process out and has taken the right steps to align you with some of the best playground designs on the market to date.

Use these Design Tips to Improve Your Playground…

March 9, 2010

Create a playground masterpiece by making sure your playground has three important design aspects. One: Create a playground centerpiece within the design. Two: Establish varying levels of height to create movement and flow. Three: Implement colors and themes that drive the site’s essence forward… don’t go against the natural feel of the surrounding area unless your idea is outstanding. Let these three principles guide the beginning stages of your design and your playground is sure to turn out magnificent.

This site has excellent movement and can be accessed from a number of heights... the focal point would be the rock wall peaking out from the back.

Creating a playground centerpiece is easy enough, however, we recommend taking a few things into account when making a decision. It helps if the centerpiece is a highly functional piece of equipment, one that draws children into it and works well with the theme of the rest of the park… or at least fits most into the color scheme so that all the pieces in some way match it.

The centerpiece of this playground is the Mega-Structure that most the children are playing on... it also makes good use of height and colors.

By implementing multiple levels of height one creates a sense of balance without keeping everything mundane and even. Also, movement and flow are created when the plane of vision isn’t a straight line. Furthermore, by offering different heights, more access points are available and congestion is greatly relieved.

The movement at this site is amazing because of all the heights... also, the colors really allow it to stand out.

Lastly, the site’s essence is one of the things that can be all for you or completely against you. This is why is important to identify it early and then design around it. For example, if the area is particularly hot, really dark colors like browns aren’t the best choice—they will attract the heat. For wooded areas blues and greens work well and for open areas yellows, oranges, and reds do the trick. When coming up with a theme, taking the sites existing theme into consideration is helpful… next to a body of water? A pirate theme is a good idea. Next to a bunch of trees? Try out a forest theme. Implement these three design tips and your playground design will go much farther in appealing to your clients and your visitors.

Add that Fun, Unique Touch to Your Playground Design

March 4, 2010

Adding that unique, fun touch will really go along way in marketing your park to the community.

What does it take to get people to come to your playground the first time, and then again and again? For starters it takes a good location. Next it takes some great looking and entertaining play equipment. But the icing on the cake is all the amazing little creations and details that separate your playground design from all the other ones known to your community. Fun, unique touches help your theme come alive so that when children are playing at your park, they aren’t just at the playground, they are in their own little world.

Create an experience through details that build up the persona of your playground and park.

Take the purple dragon at Magic Mountain Park in San Mateo, California. This wild creature keeps children coming back again and again because it is at the center of a lot of their games. I interviewed some parents and school teachers at the site one day and they said that whenever it is time to go on a local field trip, the children push and push to come here—because of memorable features like the big purple dragon. Of course, I’m sure the giant slide looming in the background doesn’t hurt…

Make every feature a little more fun.

Give your park an identity through an innovative landmark like the big barrel at this water spray park. When people drive by this popular park, they see this catchy visual and are reminded of all the giant yellow flowers that cool them and their children off on a hot day. When the weekend comes and the kids want to get outside and play, you can bet this amazing structure pops into their mind just as fast as the lake or the beach. Its local, fun, and unique… and children are always ready for a great time at a place like this. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on creating an identity through fun, unique touches for your next playground design.

Vertical Structures are Stunning in Design

March 2, 2010

As opposed to horizontal structures, vertical ones stand out more and offer a more lively feel.

Think of some notable landmarks: the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower. What trait do all of these masterful creations share? They are all tall and vertical in stature. Vertical designs are great for a number of reasons. For one, they are easily noticed from close up and from far away. Also, something about tall structures speak to us as people and we really take to them… call it aesthetic appeal. Lastly, they usually contrast the flatness of the world around us which draws us in to them… maybe its because we know we will have a better vantage point from the top. The point is: people just can’t get enough of vertical structures.

In terms of playgrounds, there are many tall structures that can be implemented into a site. Tall slides can rise up from the bark chips and offer those kids daring enough to take a ride a unique thrill. Climbers like rock walls propose a physical trial to any who attempt to scale them way up to their peak. Over head challenges tempt children from above to test their upper body strength against the rigors of the feature. There are so many vertical structures to add into designs when thinking about the next cool playground; there are so many features that will impress your visitors with vertical feet.

Add some liveliness to your next playground with vertical structures. Make your park more noticeable and make your playground more thrilling. Vertical structures will offer contrast to the flat grassy fields in you park and will excite children when they see all the potential fun. With vertical feet, you are not only adding great architecture, you are getting a design that exudes entertainment, stunning visuals, and of course greater visibility. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Rising up into the clouds, this tower is hard to miss.