Vertical Structures are Stunning in Design

As opposed to horizontal structures, vertical ones stand out more and offer a more lively feel.

Think of some notable landmarks: the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower. What trait do all of these masterful creations share? They are all tall and vertical in stature. Vertical designs are great for a number of reasons. For one, they are easily noticed from close up and from far away. Also, something about tall structures speak to us as people and we really take to them… call it aesthetic appeal. Lastly, they usually contrast the flatness of the world around us which draws us in to them… maybe its because we know we will have a better vantage point from the top. The point is: people just can’t get enough of vertical structures.

In terms of playgrounds, there are many tall structures that can be implemented into a site. Tall slides can rise up from the bark chips and offer those kids daring enough to take a ride a unique thrill. Climbers like rock walls propose a physical trial to any who attempt to scale them way up to their peak. Over head challenges tempt children from above to test their upper body strength against the rigors of the feature. There are so many vertical structures to add into designs when thinking about the next cool playground; there are so many features that will impress your visitors with vertical feet.

Add some liveliness to your next playground with vertical structures. Make your park more noticeable and make your playground more thrilling. Vertical structures will offer contrast to the flat grassy fields in you park and will excite children when they see all the potential fun. With vertical feet, you are not only adding great architecture, you are getting a design that exudes entertainment, stunning visuals, and of course greater visibility. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Rising up into the clouds, this tower is hard to miss.


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