Add that Fun, Unique Touch to Your Playground Design

Adding that unique, fun touch will really go along way in marketing your park to the community.

What does it take to get people to come to your playground the first time, and then again and again? For starters it takes a good location. Next it takes some great looking and entertaining play equipment. But the icing on the cake is all the amazing little creations and details that separate your playground design from all the other ones known to your community. Fun, unique touches help your theme come alive so that when children are playing at your park, they aren’t just at the playground, they are in their own little world.

Create an experience through details that build up the persona of your playground and park.

Take the purple dragon at Magic Mountain Park in San Mateo, California. This wild creature keeps children coming back again and again because it is at the center of a lot of their games. I interviewed some parents and school teachers at the site one day and they said that whenever it is time to go on a local field trip, the children push and push to come here—because of memorable features like the big purple dragon. Of course, I’m sure the giant slide looming in the background doesn’t hurt…

Make every feature a little more fun.

Give your park an identity through an innovative landmark like the big barrel at this water spray park. When people drive by this popular park, they see this catchy visual and are reminded of all the giant yellow flowers that cool them and their children off on a hot day. When the weekend comes and the kids want to get outside and play, you can bet this amazing structure pops into their mind just as fast as the lake or the beach. Its local, fun, and unique… and children are always ready for a great time at a place like this. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on creating an identity through fun, unique touches for your next playground design.


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