Use these Design Tips to Improve Your Playground…

Create a playground masterpiece by making sure your playground has three important design aspects. One: Create a playground centerpiece within the design. Two: Establish varying levels of height to create movement and flow. Three: Implement colors and themes that drive the site’s essence forward… don’t go against the natural feel of the surrounding area unless your idea is outstanding. Let these three principles guide the beginning stages of your design and your playground is sure to turn out magnificent.

This site has excellent movement and can be accessed from a number of heights... the focal point would be the rock wall peaking out from the back.

Creating a playground centerpiece is easy enough, however, we recommend taking a few things into account when making a decision. It helps if the centerpiece is a highly functional piece of equipment, one that draws children into it and works well with the theme of the rest of the park… or at least fits most into the color scheme so that all the pieces in some way match it.

The centerpiece of this playground is the Mega-Structure that most the children are playing on... it also makes good use of height and colors.

By implementing multiple levels of height one creates a sense of balance without keeping everything mundane and even. Also, movement and flow are created when the plane of vision isn’t a straight line. Furthermore, by offering different heights, more access points are available and congestion is greatly relieved.

The movement at this site is amazing because of all the heights... also, the colors really allow it to stand out.

Lastly, the site’s essence is one of the things that can be all for you or completely against you. This is why is important to identify it early and then design around it. For example, if the area is particularly hot, really dark colors like browns aren’t the best choice—they will attract the heat. For wooded areas blues and greens work well and for open areas yellows, oranges, and reds do the trick. When coming up with a theme, taking the sites existing theme into consideration is helpful… next to a body of water? A pirate theme is a good idea. Next to a bunch of trees? Try out a forest theme. Implement these three design tips and your playground design will go much farther in appealing to your clients and your visitors.


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