Xccent Play Continues to be a Leader in the Playground World…

Xccent is an industry leader in creating and supplying innovative new products and components that are enhancing the best-selling play structures and components nationwide, as their website specifically says. And you don’t have to take it from them, take it from us here at Miracle Playsystems—these guys ROCK! Their playground products and designs are contemporary in looks, cutting edge in technology, and cost-effective in terms of pricing. We will work with along side you so that you get the best Xccent has to offer!

A cutting-edge site from Xccent Play.

Just some of Xccent’s leading playground components include platforms, bridges, stairs, chains, ladders and various other products—they have a huge selection. In addition to adding a special level of coating to all their products, Xccent provides product customization, metal fabrication, and assembly facilities for full turn-key orders. This service makes it easy for any designer to take their concept to the next level and really deliver a one-and-only, unique product to their client at a fast speed.

The way Xccent Play! features interact is superbly advanced.

In terms of production, Xccent uses solid steel for better durability and longer lasting products. They coat the steel frame with smooth, UV-stabilized PVC. This make play structures softer to the touch, but also safer for children. And talk about protecting the play structure from the elements and providing low maintenance costs—all making ground towards non-stop enjoyment for years and years. It is clear that Xccent has really thought this whole playground development process out and has taken the right steps to align you with some of the best playground designs on the market to date.


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