Accessibility Creates Playground Fun!

Imagine being able to see an unbelievable place, full of all the fun things you want to be doing, but the line to get there is so long that you fear you may never get there before you have to be somewhere else… where is this place for you? For a child it is often the playground. For this reason, it is crucial that you design and build many access points into a playground so that children can adequately access a playground without a huge amount of congestion and waiting. There is nothing worse than having to wait in line for the slide.

Step up to the plate and build great access points.

Accessibility also improves the safety of the playground by reducing congestion. Collisions are never a good thing, especially when the culprits are two children running at full speed. Moreover, the stress of the playground is reduced when it is less crowded, especially at the entry and exit points. And isn’t that the point of recess and playtime…to reduce stress and encourage a mentally, physically, and emotionally active, but free time. So, make sure you allow for an appropriate number of access points so that your playground is more, happy, healthy, and safe.

Climb up to better accessibility with the bubble climber.

Another factor that accessibility promotes is fun. And there are many parts of fun. There is the creative side, the active side, and the interpersonal, among others. Enter and exit the playground at many different levels and change it up every time, get creative. Slide down polls, shoot down slides, climb up walls, scale ladders, and tip toe on platforms, be really active about it. Race your friends, challenge your peers, share with your classmates, and get down to a personal level with those on the playground with you. Accessibility creates fun!

Its as easy as Connect Four to ensure great access points.


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