Design With a Forward-Thinking Approach

Design with the future in mind.

Design with the popular concepts of today in mind, but also forecast for the future. Aim at producing a quality playground or park design that will be both relevant in five years and in twenty years. Consider how the trends of yesterday affected those of today and then make reasonable assumptions about how they might develop in the future. No matter what you decide to go with, there are ways of ensuring the success of your design, that can work with any park. Always continue to design with a forward-thinking approach, otherwise you will be left in the dust.

Think ahead, but don't forget now.

To drive your design with now and later in mind, you will need equipment that fits in both categories—in present and in future. So, if you have six features in your design, plan on three of them being popular features of today and plan on three of them being forecasted, future popular features. Of course you will want to make sure they mesh well with each other in terms of color, theme, and form. One of the easiest ways to make a playground mesh well is through color. For example, by making all the bars on a playground yellow, the site will blend together no matter what features are at the site—yellow is just that prominent. Contact us at Miracle Playsystems for more specific information.

Make sure you link the present and future through color, theme, or form.

Another way to plan for the future, while keeping with today’s trends, is to install smaller, detail pieces that have a futuristic look. These will compliment the larger features in your design. You will need to decide what the future looks like to you, but once you have done so, it will be easy to add in pieces that fit the image. In this example, the small gives a forward-thinking look to the big and the whole design comes out ahead. Remember to keep today and tomorrow in mind when designing park and playgrounds because in most cases they will be around for decades. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on forward-thinking designs.


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    Thanks for visiting our norsteel buildings blog! Your playground systems look great. It seems our products complement each other well!

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