Xccent Play! is High in Technology, Design Aesthetics, and Fun!

Xccent has been in the design and construction business for a long time doing everything from manufacturing attractive, long-lasting park furniture to engineering solutions for industrial applications, as their website says. Xccent has been helping clients achieve value and enhance their businesses for over 30 years—so when it comes to playgrounds, you know they are going to take pride in their craft and continue that same terrific product production that existing clients have grown to love and that new clients are amazed to find out about.

Some amazing Tech from Xccent Play!

Their expertise extends to, but is but limited to, PVC molding, coating, powder coating and metal fabrication that has driven them to engineer, develop, market and sell unique products into various industries—specifically in ours and your case the playground industry. Their innovative technologies are the key to our high performance product characteristics and differentiation in the marketplace—no wonder they are a standout among product producers in the playground world.

Extremely well made products come from Xccent Play!

Have extensive experience in their markets, provides us the ability to sell some of the best technologies available to playground designers, contractors, commercial and residential clients, churches, schools, cities, counties, states, and anyone else you wants to work with the best in the business and fine, first class products. Xccent’s team of experts, engineers, and professionals insure the versatility you need to stay at the leading edge while staying safe, aesthetic, and of course, fun.

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today, and its from Xccent Play!


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