Its the Future Now with Miracle and Cutting Edge Products and Techology… Playground Building Techniques that are Unique and Creative

Miracle Playsystems is a playground design, customization, building group that works with the best lines in the business. One such company that Miracle Playsystems has a close relationship with is Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. This cutting edge playscape provider uses true 21st century technology to better the performance of all the products they offer so that you get the best in playground performance.

Get cost-effective, cutting edge, first class products with Miracle Playsystems.

Just a few state-of-the-art features include: Versa-lok Clamps-Versalok® II … a clamping systems that makes installation easier and connections more secure. Plus this hardened to the core clamp is made from up to 100% recycled aluminum allow and all fastening hardware is stainless steel and tamper resistant. Talk about hardcore… the Gator Grip- GATOR-GripTM, is another forward thinking feature that allows all the handrails and rungs to have extra gripping with a texture that is both tough and comfortable.

Quality is guaranteed here and products are sure to be durable, functional, and top of the line.

Also get Flo-Coat – Flo-Coat® steel tubing that is true space age technology, but specially designed for children’s playground equipment that allows products to be zinc galvanized inside and out for tough as titanium nails resistance to abrasions, scratches, salt, and the elements. Combine this with Mira Cote so that all metal components are finished with a durable, electrostatically applied, non-toxic, lead-free, polyester powder coating that’s available in 17 colors… that’s right, more colors than the rainbow!

Take playground performance to the next level with Miracle...

Last but not least, all decks, steps, ramps, and bridges are made with Mira-Therm, a proprietary brand of polyvinyl chloride containing UV stabilizers, color pigments, and flame retardants… made through a punched steel process, complete with folded edges that provide quick drainage from rain… and safe because the holes are too small for fingers.

With Miracle’s top notch materials, you are getting technology that works with you for a cost-effective, durable, cutting edge design.


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