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Improve Your Park and Playground Looks with Creative and Unique Shelters

April 28, 2010

Amazing Products

Litchfield Shelters offer aesthetic designs at cost effective prices and will boost any park project you are working on immediately with cutting edge products that are attractive in more ways than one to any community. In fact Litchfield has been providing amazing cover solutions since 1973 and can guarantee services and products that will far outperform the competition. For one thing, they have the largest product line in the entire country. What’s more, they also have the largest distribution network in the industry.

Moreover, Litchfield shelters provides, “superior quality… pride in workmanship… competitive pricing… and a 4-6 lead time… [and] all efforts are geared toward providing [their] customers with nothing less than exactly what they want, exactly when they want it,” as it says on their website, and trust us over here at Miracle, Litchfield is brilliant in design, fantastic in service, and first class in products and support.

So, for 35 years Litchfield has proven that they are willing to earn your business through positive changes to their business that have allowed them to grow every single year since their beginning. Talk about the right stuff. If you are looking for a shelter that will far exceed your expectations than look no further because Litchfield is the best in the business and we can attest to this. They have been a reliable partner for a long time and have always offered dependable products, contemporary designs and amazing service.


Unique, Creative Playscapes from Hags Playgrounds For All Ages of Children

April 26, 2010

These larger playgrounds, from Hags, boast tremendous design work at cost effective prices. Not only are these playgrounds unique and creative, they are also upgradable and customizable. You will want to check out these fun designs that are fit for all children… well, ages 2 to 12 that is.

The Eptix. Very Accessible.

Accessibility is crucial in terms of playground equipment. This key function will decrease playground congestion and in turn, will increase the amount of fun kids will be able to have at your site. The Eptix is great for this.

The Zapata. Extremely functional.

Are you looking for practicality as well as performance? Most are. With the Zapata you get both in a nice, colorful package. Take advantage of this terrific design and don’t hesitate to expand upon it.

The Murkal. A fun addition.

The Murkal will fit nicely into a corner of your playscape, providing a bonus feature that stands out by itself. Of course this design has no problem being the center of attention, especially for those younger age groups.

The Buridos. Amazing to the core.

The Buridos is complex, yes, but it is also fun to the last drop. With so much depth, this creative design is aesthetically pleasing at surface level and is functional, accessible, and active to its center. With the Burido you aren’t taking a chance, you are going with a sure thing.

The Igma. A tremendous centerpiece.

We mention playground centerpieces often here. Well, here is an excellent example of one. The Igma can stand its ground in the middle of your site, allowing you to build up around it. We recommend places features adjacent to its access points.

The Levander. A big player for a smaller location.

With the Levander we are talking the total package, just in a smaller box. This highly attractive design is perfect for a minimal school yard space, a church, a park, or a daycare center. With even a little bit of extra space we can make it work with the Levander.

Go with Hags and you will receive some of the best, most durable, attractive, and functional playground equipment around. These designs are creative, unique, large and mid-size, and will absolutely work with you.

Creative, New Balance Course Technology from HAGS Playgrounds… The “Dynamo” Set

April 22, 2010

The Dynamo Balance Course Set, from Hags Playgrounds, includes some of the most sought after play equipment in the world. And no, you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to Europe to find these cutting edge play features, they are now available right here in the US thanks to Miracle Playsystems and Hags USA. Check out these interesting, creative play features that are stand alone or are ready to be designed together into a technological playground masterpiece.

The Dynamo: Sierra Diablo. Play improves lives.

The Sierra Diablo is reminiscent of a spider web, offering a web of nets to balance through while playing a school yard game or a friendly climbing competition with classmates. This amazing feature shows why Hags is a leader in developing new, exciting designs that entice visitors to challenge themselves while having a great time.

Dyanamo: Okavango Swamp. Enjoy the Benefits of Play.

The Okavango Swamp is absolutely a testament to the Benefits of Play. This unique play challenge helps children develop coordination and balance. How many tries will it take to make it to the other side? Chances are at least a couple until expert balance is developed. What a tremendous, fun way to test the limits of your coordination.

Dynamo: Cape Horn. Get Outdoors, Get Healthy.

The Cape Horn is almost out of an Indiana Jones movie. Kids can imagine themselves climbing across a jungle ravine on a bridges that moves about depending on the position of the weight of their body. Will they make it? If not this delightful play contraption provides a safe alternative to the real thing… great practice for those future explorers.

Dynamo: Hogs Back. Work through stress with play.

Finally, the last Dynamo feature we will be describing today is the Hogs Back… and fitting because this is the pinnacle of Balance Course Technology. This combination of features is a creative approach to incorporate many themes into one piece–you have nets, a rock wall, and mini platforms! This could be your playground centerpiece, surrounded by all the other fun features, all from Hags Playgrounds USA and Miracle Playsystems.

Make Safety a Top Priority, Choose Miracle Playsystems

April 20, 2010

Miracle Playsystems works closely with the Miracle Recreation Equipment Company to provide communities some of the best playground designs and productions available. When designing a new playground, nothing is more important than safety. This is the first commitment Miracle makes when providing a positive environment for children to explore and make their own through play. Safety is of the utmost importance and to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding standards, we closely follow many specifications established by many outside regulatory bodies.

Safety is a top priority at Miracle Playsystems.

Our safety performance complies with CPSC, CSA, and the EN and we even help and actively participate with the ASTM and the CPSC in their development. Whether its designing, producing, or constructing your playground, we work by the book to ensure that your playground is the safest around. All our knowledge and experience, teamed with a commitment to the safety guidelines, adds up to maximize the positive environment for your children, no matter what age they are, so that their abilities aren’t pushed over the limit and you can rest assured that they are safe when at the local playground.

We make sure that all equipment is safe... keeping the appropriate age group in mind is also necessary.

Furthermore, Miracle seeks out a third-party Certification Service through the IPEMA, which validates conformance to ASTM F1487, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. We use the IPEMA logo on all products that have been validated through this third party service so be sure to look for their logo on all potential playground equipment or just ask us and we will make sure for you. We take every extra step to make sure your children and community is the safest possible in terms of the playground site.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

Slightly different in terms of safety, we also offer the Miracle SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent as well to keep your site extra safe at night. This will keep criminal aspects away from your playground at night so that they won’t feel welcome and will be less likely to come around during the day time. Protect your kids in every way possible. Use play equipment that is proven to be safe and extra design features/technology that enhance the safety of your site even more. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information.

Accent Your Park and Playground with Stylish Legacy Site Amenities

April 15, 2010

Legacy Site Amenities simply can’t be beat. Are you looking for style and class at affordable prices? Is your park in need of a face lift that will impress your patrons and offer them a fundamental park service? With Legacy you get the best of benches, bike racks, bollards, litter receptacles, picnic tables, planters, seating, tree guards, and other park necessities. Legacy offers “unparalleled quality and durability with cutting-edge, unique design,” as their site says and just take a look at their products and you will agree. They are sleek, cool, and fun all in the same package.

Sit down and enjoy a Legacy bench.

Take the 46” Heritage Square Portable Table, it has a painted frame that features an easy access design that lets people cozy on in at a moment’s notice. Getting out is no trouble either as it has “no hazardous leg extensions protruding past the seat edge.” This table is delightfully simple, yet it has complex thinking behind its design. Like its 11-gauge steel braces that have been welded to the underside in which increase the “tabletop rigidity.” Plus the sheer design of it increases its stability, durability, and mobility. What an amazing table…its cousin is pictured in the post, and boasts equally impressive specs.

Come around the table for a good old park side dinner.

Seriously, visit and follow the links through products to see all that we have to offer and while on, take a look at the Legacy Site Amenities site so you can see for yourself the amazing craftsmanship and design behind this superior name. Plus here you can register to receive their catalog and check out all the awesome products that will improve your park. Next to any playground their needs to be water, benches, and trash cans so that the experience is complete and no detail is left unfinished.

Water Playground Designs from Waterplay… Amazing, Creative, Unique

April 13, 2010

Does your community need to cool off? Well we can provide the coolest solution under the summer sun, and its all thanks to Waterplay Solutions and their amazing water and spray park designs. These water efficient, summer saving parks allow the whole family—young children to adults—to enjoy the heat of the day while staying cool and refreshed. So, dance under water sprayed from a giant flower or skip around water shot from the mammoth of a frog that seems ready to leap around and play with you.

Recognizable, entertaining, and stunning, the Water Spray Flower is a great water park addition.

Waterplay prides themselves on “building truly tough products, ensuring all safety standards are met and exceeded,” and what’s more they have advanced systems that recycle the water used, therefore reducing the overall water use of the park…now that’s a great feature! Waterplay began in 1987 and have completed literally thousands of park installs all over the place… including the Bay Area in beautiful California! Its that kind of experience that makes them the best at making sure your children are well taken care of…while they are having a blast.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

These parks succeed because the appropriate research has been on all factors including safety, aesthetics, and fun… so in the end the final product is good looking, durable, effective, and always a good time. When thinking of water excitement this summer, remember the name Miracle Playsystems and Waterplay Solutions… this team will knock your park design and production out of the park so that you and your client can relax and enjoy the rewards of a job well done. Rise to the design challenge with Waterplay solutions and be prepared to win with forward thinking products and unforgettable service.

Hags “In Shape” Fitness Play Equipment means Adult Outdoor Fitness

April 8, 2010

The Inshape Parallel Bars

One of the best things an adult can do to stay young is to get outside and stay active. With the new “In Shape” adult play fitness equipment from Hags Playgrounds, this is easier than ever. These fun devices allow adults to participate in exercise/obstacle course type activities that offer a nice change from mundane workout routines. Plus, these great pieces of fitness equipment can be easily installed next to playgrounds so that the kids can play, and get their exercise, while adults spend 30 minutes after work working out and keeping fit.

Inshape Parallel Bars from Hags

The parallel bars from Hags “In Shape” fitness equipment offer the ideal setup to complete exercises that will improve strength and endurance in the arms, triceps, lats, and also the legs.

On the parallel bars, engage in dips, swings, leaning pushups, and many more… improve your health and relieve stress!

The Inshape Step Up

Inshape Step Up from Hags

Step in up with the Step Up. Work out you thighs, knees, and legs so that taking the stairs at home or at work is easier over time. Regular exercise reduces the risk of all sorts of diseases, so take that first step right now.

The Inshape Chin Up

Inshape Chin Up from Hags

Pull yourself to the top of the fitness latter starting with the Chin Up, from Hags’ “In Shape” line. Gain huge amounts of strength in your shoulders, upper back, biceps, forearms, and lats by engaging in pull ups, chin ups, kip ups, swinging toe to bar touches, among many, many more. Look like those gymnasts on TV starting today!

The Inshape Sit Up

Harden your core with the Sit Up apparatus. Strengthen your abdomen and work towards gaining a six pack with this as your ally. Journey towards total body fitness starting in the middle… improve your life with sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, and other hard, but fulfilling exercises.

Inshape Sit Up from Hags

Also, the leg lift, horizontal ladders, jump up, vault bar, beam jump, hip rotation, stretch squat, balance beam, vertical climb, dip, rope climb, hyperextension, stretch, and the straight leg stretch are available in the “In Shape” Line from Hags, through Miracle Playsystems. Contact Miracle Playsystems to get starting on creating your adult fitness course.

HAGS Playgrounds Don’t Leave Safety to Chance

April 6, 2010

Already one of the most prestigious companies in the playground world, HAGS continues to drive their business forward with standout product features and uncompromised, fantastic style. But what seems to really stand out from HAGS is the attention they place on safety and protecting that is most important on the playground—the children. To HAGS, “Nothing is more important that providing a safe, positive environment for children to play,” and they have a commitment that is based around meeting or exceeding all the major guidelines and standards of playground safety, as they say on their website. They are determined to keep the kids safe at play.

Use the Buddy System for Safety

Playground safety is all about getting the design right in the beginning stages, before production, so that nothing goes to chance. HAGS spends a great deal of time perfecting each and every product so that when it goes out on the market it is almost guaranteed to be reliable, long lasting, and safe. When a feature is sold, and brought to the client, and then built, the last thing anyone wants to happen is for a drastic change to have to occur for safety reasons…this is why HAGS does rigorous testing on every model long before the selling stages. Its good to know everyone has a friend out on a HAGS playground.

Remember to Play Safe

As always, nothing is for sure, accidents will happen as children after all are developing people and can make mistakes just like the rest of us. For this reason, it is important to install a soft surface under every play site to decrease the risk of falls. Adult supervision is always a must too. This is the most sure fire way to keep out children safe when they are out at play. An adult can…call for help…set the rules…be a role model…and resolve conflicts sooner. Children should strive to do these things too, but when it comes to safety, like HAGS, leave nothing to chance.

Play Improves Life, Especially When Safe

News from a Playground Master, Miracle Recreation Company

April 1, 2010

Here at Miracle Playsystems we like to keep up on all the latest playground news, especially when its from Miracle Recreation Company…so here it is. Did you know last year Miracle Rec Company pledged “$250,000 to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children over the next three years, and [will] help cover lodging costs necessary to reunite family members upon the recovery of missing children,” in their ongoing effort to promote the total wellbeing of children? Its programs like this that really make the difference for a ton of families.

This feature is heavily used by the surrounding community; it is easy to see why... it is tall, unique, and offers one fast ride.

Miracle also released their new MiracleTech product line—the line in which the SONIC SCREEN came from—which includes ParkWatch®, a state-of-the-art infared security camera system that actually transmits its recordings via wireless connection for an all digital security approach…also introduced was the SiteBrite®, a patented lighting system that carries a low voltage touch. These technologies can be implemented into any new design or fitted onto an existing site… oh the power of technology.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

And lastly, Miracle Rec Company went above and beyond back in 2008, and did not receive as much recognition as deserved. The playground company, for Grants for America’s Schools SM, offered $5,000,000 in money so that schools could apply for Commerical Play System Funds. This program is in support of the Benefits of Play as well as the new push to end childhood depression and obesity by encouraging physical, mental, and social gains through play. Miracle Rec has had a productive, worthwhile last couple of years it seems.

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level, features like these are what kids love and should get to use!