HAGS Playgrounds Don’t Leave Safety to Chance

Already one of the most prestigious companies in the playground world, HAGS continues to drive their business forward with standout product features and uncompromised, fantastic style. But what seems to really stand out from HAGS is the attention they place on safety and protecting that is most important on the playground—the children. To HAGS, “Nothing is more important that providing a safe, positive environment for children to play,” and they have a commitment that is based around meeting or exceeding all the major guidelines and standards of playground safety, as they say on their website. They are determined to keep the kids safe at play.

Use the Buddy System for Safety

Playground safety is all about getting the design right in the beginning stages, before production, so that nothing goes to chance. HAGS spends a great deal of time perfecting each and every product so that when it goes out on the market it is almost guaranteed to be reliable, long lasting, and safe. When a feature is sold, and brought to the client, and then built, the last thing anyone wants to happen is for a drastic change to have to occur for safety reasons…this is why HAGS does rigorous testing on every model long before the selling stages. Its good to know everyone has a friend out on a HAGS playground.

Remember to Play Safe

As always, nothing is for sure, accidents will happen as children after all are developing people and can make mistakes just like the rest of us. For this reason, it is important to install a soft surface under every play site to decrease the risk of falls. Adult supervision is always a must too. This is the most sure fire way to keep out children safe when they are out at play. An adult can…call for help…set the rules…be a role model…and resolve conflicts sooner. Children should strive to do these things too, but when it comes to safety, like HAGS, leave nothing to chance.

Play Improves Life, Especially When Safe


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