Hags “In Shape” Fitness Play Equipment means Adult Outdoor Fitness

The Inshape Parallel Bars

One of the best things an adult can do to stay young is to get outside and stay active. With the new “In Shape” adult play fitness equipment from Hags Playgrounds, this is easier than ever. These fun devices allow adults to participate in exercise/obstacle course type activities that offer a nice change from mundane workout routines. Plus, these great pieces of fitness equipment can be easily installed next to playgrounds so that the kids can play, and get their exercise, while adults spend 30 minutes after work working out and keeping fit.

Inshape Parallel Bars from Hags

The parallel bars from Hags “In Shape” fitness equipment offer the ideal setup to complete exercises that will improve strength and endurance in the arms, triceps, lats, and also the legs.

On the parallel bars, engage in dips, swings, leaning pushups, and many more… improve your health and relieve stress!

The Inshape Step Up

Inshape Step Up from Hags

Step in up with the Step Up. Work out you thighs, knees, and legs so that taking the stairs at home or at work is easier over time. Regular exercise reduces the risk of all sorts of diseases, so take that first step right now.

The Inshape Chin Up

Inshape Chin Up from Hags

Pull yourself to the top of the fitness latter starting with the Chin Up, from Hags’ “In Shape” line. Gain huge amounts of strength in your shoulders, upper back, biceps, forearms, and lats by engaging in pull ups, chin ups, kip ups, swinging toe to bar touches, among many, many more. Look like those gymnasts on TV starting today!

The Inshape Sit Up

Harden your core with the Sit Up apparatus. Strengthen your abdomen and work towards gaining a six pack with this as your ally. Journey towards total body fitness starting in the middle… improve your life with sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, and other hard, but fulfilling exercises.

Inshape Sit Up from Hags

Also, the leg lift, horizontal ladders, jump up, vault bar, beam jump, hip rotation, stretch squat, balance beam, vertical climb, dip, rope climb, hyperextension, stretch, and the straight leg stretch are available in the “In Shape” Line from Hags, through Miracle Playsystems. Contact Miracle Playsystems to get starting on creating your adult fitness course.


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