Make Safety a Top Priority, Choose Miracle Playsystems

Miracle Playsystems works closely with the Miracle Recreation Equipment Company to provide communities some of the best playground designs and productions available. When designing a new playground, nothing is more important than safety. This is the first commitment Miracle makes when providing a positive environment for children to explore and make their own through play. Safety is of the utmost importance and to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding standards, we closely follow many specifications established by many outside regulatory bodies.

Safety is a top priority at Miracle Playsystems.

Our safety performance complies with CPSC, CSA, and the EN and we even help and actively participate with the ASTM and the CPSC in their development. Whether its designing, producing, or constructing your playground, we work by the book to ensure that your playground is the safest around. All our knowledge and experience, teamed with a commitment to the safety guidelines, adds up to maximize the positive environment for your children, no matter what age they are, so that their abilities aren’t pushed over the limit and you can rest assured that they are safe when at the local playground.

We make sure that all equipment is safe... keeping the appropriate age group in mind is also necessary.

Furthermore, Miracle seeks out a third-party Certification Service through the IPEMA, which validates conformance to ASTM F1487, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. We use the IPEMA logo on all products that have been validated through this third party service so be sure to look for their logo on all potential playground equipment or just ask us and we will make sure for you. We take every extra step to make sure your children and community is the safest possible in terms of the playground site.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

Slightly different in terms of safety, we also offer the Miracle SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent as well to keep your site extra safe at night. This will keep criminal aspects away from your playground at night so that they won’t feel welcome and will be less likely to come around during the day time. Protect your kids in every way possible. Use play equipment that is proven to be safe and extra design features/technology that enhance the safety of your site even more. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information.


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