Creative, New Balance Course Technology from HAGS Playgrounds… The “Dynamo” Set

The Dynamo Balance Course Set, from Hags Playgrounds, includes some of the most sought after play equipment in the world. And no, you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to Europe to find these cutting edge play features, they are now available right here in the US thanks to Miracle Playsystems and Hags USA. Check out these interesting, creative play features that are stand alone or are ready to be designed together into a technological playground masterpiece.

The Dynamo: Sierra Diablo. Play improves lives.

The Sierra Diablo is reminiscent of a spider web, offering a web of nets to balance through while playing a school yard game or a friendly climbing competition with classmates. This amazing feature shows why Hags is a leader in developing new, exciting designs that entice visitors to challenge themselves while having a great time.

Dyanamo: Okavango Swamp. Enjoy the Benefits of Play.

The Okavango Swamp is absolutely a testament to the Benefits of Play. This unique play challenge helps children develop coordination and balance. How many tries will it take to make it to the other side? Chances are at least a couple until expert balance is developed. What a tremendous, fun way to test the limits of your coordination.

Dynamo: Cape Horn. Get Outdoors, Get Healthy.

The Cape Horn is almost out of an Indiana Jones movie. Kids can imagine themselves climbing across a jungle ravine on a bridges that moves about depending on the position of the weight of their body. Will they make it? If not this delightful play contraption provides a safe alternative to the real thing… great practice for those future explorers.

Dynamo: Hogs Back. Work through stress with play.

Finally, the last Dynamo feature we will be describing today is the Hogs Back… and fitting because this is the pinnacle of Balance Course Technology. This combination of features is a creative approach to incorporate many themes into one piece–you have nets, a rock wall, and mini platforms! This could be your playground centerpiece, surrounded by all the other fun features, all from Hags Playgrounds USA and Miracle Playsystems.


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