Unique, Creative Playscapes from Hags Playgrounds For All Ages of Children

These larger playgrounds, from Hags, boast tremendous design work at cost effective prices. Not only are these playgrounds unique and creative, they are also upgradable and customizable. You will want to check out these fun designs that are fit for all children… well, ages 2 to 12 that is.

The Eptix. Very Accessible.

Accessibility is crucial in terms of playground equipment. This key function will decrease playground congestion and in turn, will increase the amount of fun kids will be able to have at your site. The Eptix is great for this.

The Zapata. Extremely functional.

Are you looking for practicality as well as performance? Most are. With the Zapata you get both in a nice, colorful package. Take advantage of this terrific design and don’t hesitate to expand upon it.

The Murkal. A fun addition.

The Murkal will fit nicely into a corner of your playscape, providing a bonus feature that stands out by itself. Of course this design has no problem being the center of attention, especially for those younger age groups.

The Buridos. Amazing to the core.

The Buridos is complex, yes, but it is also fun to the last drop. With so much depth, this creative design is aesthetically pleasing at surface level and is functional, accessible, and active to its center. With the Burido you aren’t taking a chance, you are going with a sure thing.

The Igma. A tremendous centerpiece.

We mention playground centerpieces often here. Well, here is an excellent example of one. The Igma can stand its ground in the middle of your site, allowing you to build up around it. We recommend places features adjacent to its access points.

The Levander. A big player for a smaller location.

With the Levander we are talking the total package, just in a smaller box. This highly attractive design is perfect for a minimal school yard space, a church, a park, or a daycare center. With even a little bit of extra space we can make it work with the Levander.

Go with Hags and you will receive some of the best, most durable, attractive, and functional playground equipment around. These designs are creative, unique, large and mid-size, and will absolutely work with you.


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