Shade Structures Are Protective and Add Cutting Edge Health Appeal

Offer a shade solution in your cutting edge design.

Shade structures are a huge part of playgrounds and summer fun. These protective barriers block the sun, helping to keep children safe from harmful UV rays and the blistering heat. Moreover, they also add a cutting edge look and feel to your design. Shade structures comfort your visitors by letting them know that your design site has put their safety first by implementing some key playground health technology. Be the answer to summer’s biggest health problem…

Shade structures offer huge health benefits.

These days Shade structures come in all sizes and forms. They range from large enough to cover an entire playground to small enough for a single lifeguard tower. As far as shape goes, Shade comes in triangles and squares, hexagons and circles, and also in custom cuts. Also, almost any color is available so Shade will not only contribute to the functionality of your site, but also to the theme and concept of the design.

Shade structures can be designed to fit any playscape.

Whether it is a pool, a playground, a water spray park, or a park, shade structures will directly benefit your community in both the long and short term. End heat stroke and over exposure right now… prevent future bouts with skin cancer too… take the proper precautions and rush to install health wise shade structures in the right locations. Don’t be caught in the summer sun without a cool rest spot… and don’t let the children in your area go without one either. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on installing an amazing Sun Port or shade structure.


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