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Hot Trends in Playground Design

June 21, 2010

The Mega Tower

Playground designs are fun, no doubt. However, take them to the next level with some hot, cutting-edge play equipment. Chose the features that look good, are relevant, and will serve a definite purpose. Some of the latest playground features on the market today are totally amazing and will take your playground design from zero to sixty in about as long as it takes to drop them in on your CAD system. These play features are the most stunning, aesthetic products out on the market today and are sure to impress your client. We are talking about the Orb-X climber, the clear rock wall, and the Mega Tower.

The Orb-X Climber

The Orb-X climber will make anyone take a second look, and then a third. Its futuristic design is simply incredible. Multiple bar systems come together to form a fantastic structure of fun. Children can climb up on it, swing around inside it, and scale around it. Kids will likely pretend its everything from a time machine to an underwater submarine. This model is just plain cool. See how it fits into your design concept…

The Clear Rock Wall

The clear rock wall is borderline unbelievable. It will make your clients say, “are you serious?” while they are grinning. The technology behind this playground feature is very advanced and unless you’re an engineer, a little hard to understand. Just know that the tech is ultra reliable, unique, and completely affordable. Take the time and check this one and only playground product out… it belongs in any design.

The Mega Tower is a playground giant, literally. This behemoth can stand a few stories high and is sure to attract visitors to you park from far and wide. You can’t miss this colorful and attractive playground centerpiece. Not only is it huge and accessible, it is also functional and acts as a build off point for your entire site. Start out with a Mega Tower and see where your design goes from there. We hope you liked these hot trends in playground design.


New Technology to Shake Up the Playground World!

May 4, 2010

New features in the play industry have been invented—actualizing ideas that are really extraordinary. These creations have taken traditional playground equipment to a level probably once thought impossible. For instance, did you ever think a clear rock wall could exist? Can you even think of what a bubble climber could be? Technology in the playground realm has reached new heights, allowing children to have new experiences; and equipping landscape architects with even more design options.

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today.

The clear rock wall is from Xccent Play is the first of its kind. On the Xccent website, details of the equipment are as such: it is, “made of virtually indestructible extruded polycarbonate,” and includes 70 holds, “made of durable UV resistant polyurethane.” Images of the wall can also be found on the site. Obviously, the wall is built sturdy and secure, but it also has holds on both sides so that kids can climb facing each other—a truly unique experience. The wall is fresh, but what’s better is that it continues to offer the benefits of play.

Experiences such as this one on the Clear Rock Wall are unique and fun.

Another novel feature is the bubble climber, from Miracle. This colorful attraction has a form like no other. Instead of the traditional holds that kids use to climb on, it has bubbles cut out that offer the same activity but with a different twist. The aesthetic appeal is also increased with a more organic feel that stems from flowing curves. The looks are also improved with vivid colors like bright red and green. This contemporary playground update will turn any playground from bland to original and remarkable.

Its aesthetic, its functional, its cost-effective... its the bubble climbing wall.

These two innovative features take tradition, stick it in the oven, and turn up the heat a couple notches. When modern technology teams with original thinking, anything is possible—in the playground world, that means more fun.

Vertical Structures are Stunning in Design

March 2, 2010

As opposed to horizontal structures, vertical ones stand out more and offer a more lively feel.

Think of some notable landmarks: the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower. What trait do all of these masterful creations share? They are all tall and vertical in stature. Vertical designs are great for a number of reasons. For one, they are easily noticed from close up and from far away. Also, something about tall structures speak to us as people and we really take to them… call it aesthetic appeal. Lastly, they usually contrast the flatness of the world around us which draws us in to them… maybe its because we know we will have a better vantage point from the top. The point is: people just can’t get enough of vertical structures.

In terms of playgrounds, there are many tall structures that can be implemented into a site. Tall slides can rise up from the bark chips and offer those kids daring enough to take a ride a unique thrill. Climbers like rock walls propose a physical trial to any who attempt to scale them way up to their peak. Over head challenges tempt children from above to test their upper body strength against the rigors of the feature. There are so many vertical structures to add into designs when thinking about the next cool playground; there are so many features that will impress your visitors with vertical feet.

Add some liveliness to your next playground with vertical structures. Make your park more noticeable and make your playground more thrilling. Vertical structures will offer contrast to the flat grassy fields in you park and will excite children when they see all the potential fun. With vertical feet, you are not only adding great architecture, you are getting a design that exudes entertainment, stunning visuals, and of course greater visibility. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Rising up into the clouds, this tower is hard to miss.

Return to the Clear Rock Wall… Fun and Creative Technology

January 21, 2010

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today.

Every time the Clear Rock Wall is brought up it generates a huge amount of interest. There is so much technology and innovation behind this amazing playground feature, we can see why. Rock climbing is a hot trend right now, even amongst children, and this climbing attraction is so unique, creative, and entertaining, that it thrives at recreation sites—wherever that may be. The Clear Rock Wall is a contemporary playground masterpiece… there is no escaping its presence in the industry… there is no escaping fun when around it.

Can you think of one reason that you wouldn’t want this amazing feature on your new playground? Besides the fact that it is from Xccent Play!, which has so many other incredible playscape equipment choices, it is also one of the most accessible contraptions available and it offers a one of a kind experience… what a truly hot commodity. Because this feature is so aesthetically striking… so visually thrilling, it seems to remind us that the future is now. With so many other great technological advancements around, it is awesome to see one right here in the playground world. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on adding this nearly unbelievable attraction to your new design or your existing site.

So, if you are looking to update a playground or you are designing a new site, keep in mind that no other feature is quite like the Clear Rock Wall. Look out for one near you, they are catching on fast… you could be the first one to implement one into your site, community, or town. Impress your visitors or client with a cutting edge design that includes fresh products and ideas. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Create an awesome site using this amazing attraction as your launch pad.

Softer Connections Can Make a Playground Fun, Safe, and Unique

December 25, 2009

Net bridges provide a softer connection.

Are you looking for an interesting way to connect the features of your site? What if there was a way out there that was fun, safe, and unique? Sounds pretty good, eh? Well, with soft connections like rope bridges and net bridges, your site will be original as well as effective. Stand out with tunnels of intertwined rope connecting your slides, decks, and climbers. Take a chance with soft connections and your site will flourish with entertainment.

Rope connections will make your playground design more exciting.

All playground features are better if something connects them together… if bridges or climbers or a feature like the Grip-n-Glide aren’t your thing, then soft net and rope connections are a great idea. These can even play heavily into the theme of your playground design. Thinking of a jungle design? What better way to simulate that rickety rope bridge across the canyon and all those jungle vines. Is a pirate ship theme what you had in mind? Well, what is a ship without tons of rope to climb around on?

Make your playground fun, unique, and safe today!

Take your design’s effectiveness into your own hands and implement connections that add another exciting aspect to your site. Make a site’s connections attractions themselves. It isn’t hard to imagine how much fun children will have hanging out on a rope bridge or climbing through a net connector. Switch it up with soft connections and you and your visitors won’t be disappointed.

The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Playground Rocks Rock!!!

December 23, 2009

Climbing looks so fun!

Are you interested in the latest rock wall climbers like the Clear Rock Wall from Xccent Play! and the Triple Rock Wall from Miracle, but are also looking to include some more natural looking rock climbers as well? How cool would it be to have actual boulders on your playground for kids to play on and hide around? But how are you going to get huge boulders to your site? Well, with Miracle, we have your solution… we have the top products available to fit just this need with first class artificial rock additions for your next playground site.

Artificial rocks come in all sorts of sizes from small ones that act as styling details with a functional twist to huge, mammoth stones that are attractions all themselves. It is no secret that children love to climb… switch it up for them and include a huge artificial rock formation for them to have a great time on. Not only will children have fun on these terrific features, they will also remember your park as the “one with all the cool rocks to play on.” These feature are just so unique that they will stick in the minds of anyone who comes into contact with them.

Harness natural looking rock formations and the most cutting edge rock wall climbers today so that that your next site is the coolest out there because it has amazing features that unify to create on the smoothest themes out there. Take your park to new heights with amazing rock climbing features, because playground rocks rock! So much in fact that they are the Playground Design Aspect of the Week. Visit Miracle for more details.

Add aesthetic detailing that adds to the site's attractiveness.

The Playground Feature of the Week: The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall

December 20, 2009

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level!

If you keep up on your playground trends, even a little bit, then you know that rock wall climbers are the coolest thing on the block right now. They offer the best in accessibility and in entertainment. Children can use the rock walls to connect with other features and be playing—and exercising—while doing so. However, we have noticed that children have so much fun climbing on these tremendous walls that they just never want to get off. We can’t blame them, so instead, we came up with solution to the dreaded compromise of the playground—taking turns. All we had to do is create six times as much space for kids to climb on with the many sided Boulder Ridge Rock Wall.

The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is a premiere feature on today’s contemporary playground. Not only is it tops in accessibility and entertainment, it is safe and it strongly encourages a few important benefits of play—physical conditioning, coordination, and balance. Kids have shown the demand for this exciting feature, be one of the first to implement it at your site. It is free standing to it can be built on an existing site or it can be implemented into your next playground design. Just don’t be surprised if children like it so much that you need to build a second to cater to the growing crowds.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has done it again by coming up with a truly first class features that is durable, exciting, and unique. What’s more, this is one rock wall that can be added onto, even after it is constructed. This is why the Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is the Playground Feature of the Week. We know it will be a hit at your site… and it can be up and entertaining before you know it. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

The Rock Ladder Climber is a Creative Step Up…

December 13, 2009

This ladder isn't your average step.

Don’t settle for a normal ladder. If you need another way into your mega or play tower, take the right steps and implement a Rock Ladder Climber. This unique climber fits into nature themed playgrounds extremely well and will match most any playscape with exciting ease and visual appeal. Fit for most age groups, this tame climber offers an alternative to the rock wall or other more complex climbers. It is however seen as an addition piece, meaning it must be used in conjunction to another to be used. But being a playground compliment isn’t its downside, seeing how it’s safe, fun, effective, and highly accessible.

Because of its slighter angle, the Rock Ladder is a very safe climber. It also has many easy to handle holds, so slipping is greatly reduced. And because it is safe, it is more fun—especially for those younger children. There is little to fear from this climber because it is simple, well-crafted, and easy to grasp. If a playground has many climbers, more age groups will be entertained at the site.

For the same reasons the Rock Ladder is safe and fun, it is effective and accessible. Small children especially have an easy time accessing higher decks because of the Rock Ladder. Meaning, the playground’s accessibility as a whole increases and the site is more effective because of it. The Rock Ladder is the playground feature of the week because of many reasons, but mainly because it is a great supporting player on the playground.

The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: The Rockwall, Tower Connection

December 11, 2009

The design aspect of the week is the playground rock wall leading up to a play or mega tower. By linking the top of the rock wall to a tower, you not only add to the accessibility of the tower, but also to that of the rock wall. By having an alternative exit to the rock wall, by way of climbing up through the tower, climbers aren’t limited to simply climbing back down the wall. The tower of course gains by having another entrance, or exit, connected to it. By combining features, you really change their nature, usually making them better.

Accessibility isn’t the only thing that is improved here. The looks of the site also make positive gains. When a visitor sees a free standing rock wall, they think its cool, but if its connected to a tower, they also think it’s a good idea. It is surprising how much features can build off of each other. For example, if the monkey bars were stand alone, they would still be used; if they connected to play decks that housed other fun things to do, those monkey bars would be even better. It really comes down to two things here: does the feature provide a fun experience? And, does the feature have a purpose besides providing that fun experience?

Of course, on a playground, providing the fun experience is good enough in most cases, however, if it also serves another role, that feature is of greater value. Plus, it is cost-effective to do this. By linking the rock wall to the tower, you don’t have to put another ladder, pole, or climber in its place. Little design aspects such as this go a long way in helping to meet budget needs and also create a better designed playground.

What a connection!

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Rock Wall Climber…

November 8, 2009
Playgrounds 483

The Rock Wall Climber is the new kid on the block, and its a big hit.

Although its relatively new to the playground scene, the Rock Wall Climber is one of the most implemented features in today’s playscapes. Not only are they thrilling to use, but also the sight of one is exciting and makes a site more attractive. With colorful foot and hand holds, this piece is aesthetically pleasing. With its free-standing and connecting abilities, it can act as a wall on its own or a way to a elevated deck or slide. The Rock Wall Climber is also very accessible and multiple children can scale it at once. What’s more… this feature is extremely valuable in the design, production, and active site stages…

In the design stage, a designer or landscape architect will find that the Rock Wall Climber is appealing to those potential clients because it is easily identifiable, it adds site versatility/diversity, and it promotes the benefits of play through helping children develop strength and coordination skills. In the production, or construction, stage, time and money will be saved as it is easy to install and it is mostly whole to begin with. In the active site stage, the Rock Wall Climber is popular, accessible, and visually attractive, so it will encourage the surrounding community to come visit the site and give it a try.

The very nature of this piece of equipment causes those in its presence to want to climb on it. Reasoning, the Rock Wall Climber has a specific purpose and instills its users with a goal—to reach the top. Also, this awesome feature has gained a recognizable status in contemporary culture, so people who have not had the chance to try it out will want to once they see it. Because the Rock Wall Climber is valuable in the design, production, and active site stages, it deserves to be the spotlight feature of the week.