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A Durable Playground Saves You Money

July 22, 2010

In these challenging budgetary times it is important to think about today’s costs as well as tomorrow’s. At Miracle we take pride in reducing costs by implementing durable, reliable equipment that needs little maintenance over time. We use heavy duty manufacturers and playground suppliers that have a long history in the business, so they know what it takes to get the job done right the first time. And don’t think these durable products are unattainable; we spend a great deal of time working with our product lines so that they are the best deals possible… so your project will be cost-effective in the long term and the short term.

The connections we use are secure and safe. The nuts, bolts, and rivets are steel and the equipment, as shown through design specs and experience, we receive from our suppliers are top-of-the-line. We look over our products so that we ensure we are giving clients equipment that won’t let them down. It would be unreasonable to say that issues don’t arise, such as extreme weather damage or vandalism, but we work with our clients to get these problems taken care of as fast as possible so that their sites are ready for use once again quickly. Offering spare parts is just the first part of making sure our clients are taken care of. We can also bring in the specialists that will get the job done right. These occasions are rare, but when they do happen, know that you have a solid backup plan.

To prevent unwanted damage from hazards such as vandalism, we offer security devices for your park or playground. These include the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System from Miracle, a device that uses high frequency sounds to drive away young adults during high-crime night-time hours. This ready to install system, available for your new or existing site, is guaranteed to reduce vandalism by over 80%. In Europe, a similar system is being used and many times it has been shown to be 100% effective. Talk about reducing damages. So, go with durable, affordable products to start and if you think you need extra protections, let us know and we will hook you up with the best in the business in terms of easily attainable security equipment that will reduce your long term maintenance costs.


Design Playgrounds to Drive Your Business Forward

June 14, 2010

Here at Miracle Playsystems we undertake every project with a high level of dedication and value. We believe that playgrounds are extremely important to the communities they will eventually serve for ten years or more. For this reason we make sure every design fits the exact needs of our clients so that cost, durability, stunning looks, and speed all come together in the right way to form a highly successful project. We do our best to drive your business forward with cutting edge products, contemporary designs, and services that can’t be beat.

This is really the key, making sure very project drives your business forward. Just getting by isn’t an option in the market today because today you might just make it but tomorrow you will be left behind. Push the envelope with each design, production, and final product so that you continually achieve new milestones and in the process earn more work and attract more attention to yourself. When a potential client drives by your site, you want them to notice it and even think, “How can I get a playground design like that?” Its not hard to track down a designer once motivated to do so… so give them some motivation.

Be reliable and surround yourself with a reliable support system. There is nothing worse than being prepared to do the job and do it right then not being able to because your supporting cast has dropped the ball. Your overall success is dependant on many factors and to move forward you need people who want to move in the same direction as you. So, with each design project, take the right steps to make it cost-effective, highly aesthetic, functional, and fitting for the community. Do this and you will be designing to drive your business forward. Make it easy for yourself and work with Miracle Playsystems.

Design Secrets for Playground Success

June 7, 2010

Many design factors contribute to a successful playground project. When designing a playground, it is important to work through form, functionality, and cost often in order to keep with a client’s guidelines for the project from beginning to end. There are a few, simple design secrets that can really improve your project during the planning stages so that when it comes time to present your project to a client you know you will not have overlooked a few great details. These design secrets are basic, but many people won’t think about them until its too late… or too far into the game plan for changes to be possible… or too bad because the client went another direction.

The first design secret for playgrounds is to keep water in mind the entire time. For example, how much rain does the site get each year? A factor like this can help you decide on surfacing options, run-off support, and even which features are acceptable. If it rains a lot, porous playground decks are a must and a ton of slides may not be a good idea. If the playground is at the base of a hill, it will most likely receive a lot of runoff so a bark chip surface might end up costing a client a lot of money year after year to replace. By simply keeping water in mind they entire design period, a designer can impress their client by offering very functional design aspects.

The second design secret for playground success is the implementation of both shade structures and weather shelters. For early spring park activities, having both ends of the spectrum covered will ensure that your park visitors can enjoy themselves thoroughly rain or shine. Most areas have on or the other but the few that have both have the advantage of catering to people through the all of the elements, which keeps the park or playground popular, and popular sites get noticed. Take the time and figure out how you will include both shade and shelter and your park will be noticed by both your client and your community.

Maximize Your Playground Surface Performance with Sof’Solutions

May 11, 2010

Details make the difference in design.

Can you believe how far technology has come in the last few years? Its hard to believe not long ago we were tied to cords on phones and still using Maps instead of GPS or Mapquest. Well just like the rise of the cell phone, the new age of Playground surfacing has emerged… but not overnight. For 15 years Sof’Solutions Recreation Surfacing has been providing their clients with the maximum level of service, protection, and safety. Sof’Solutions has your surface solution for hard falls, indoor and outdoor areas, and all weather terrains. With products like Sof’Fall, Sof’Shield, Sof’Bounce, Sof’Path, and Sof’Splash, you know Sof’Solutions has the right way to meet any design criteria.

What if you could put your mind completely at ease…even if it was just about the makeup of your playground surface? Well, Sof’Solutions provides: consultation for their products, certification on all their installations, and will even give you the guidelines for future maintenance. So… sit back, relax, and enjoy that Orange Julius because Sof’Solution has made life easy for those in search of the perfect playground surface solution.

Moreover, every surface offered is IPEMA certified and also backed by the Sof’Solutions Play Protection Plan, “which means that [they] stand behind every product [they] offer and everyone who represents [them].” And we over here at Miracle stand behind Sof’Solutions because we have seen first hand the amazing work they do that stands out every time in terms of quality, design appeal, and safety performance.

Durability is Crucial to Long Term Cost Effectiveness

January 13, 2010

Impress your clients with the benefits of durable products.

In these times of economic hardship, it is important to remind ourselves that quality is more important than ever so that our investments last. Specifically, in terms of playground equipment, this means using high quality products that are made from high grade materials. Durability is a key factor to keep in mind when designing a playground, because cost is looked at in the short term and also in the long term through maintenance expenses. Durability is directly related to cost effectiveness—cost effectiveness is more important than ever to your clients.

Plan for longterm cost effectiveness.

Miracle Playsystems chooses to work with vendors who offer first class products in terms of aesthetic appeal, value, and durability. When you work with products that are the best in the business, you will undoubtedly be successful in this business… and in any other. It comes down to making the right choices so that you and your client save money over time… by electing to go with quality equipment, that is durable, effective, and entertaining at the same time. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on the products that keep succeeding again and again.

Combine high end materials with contemporary technology for long lasting products.

To wrap up, we just want to urge you to make the decision every time so that your design provides results in the short term and the long term. Offer value to your clients by saving them money initially, and over time by providing them materials that are second to none. Be the difference when it comes to cost-effectiveness… offer the most durable playground equipment today. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

New Technology in Playground Paint Coatings to Protect Against Bacteria…

October 27, 2009

Currently, improving health conditions is a big issue in this country. Hand sanitizers and frequent washing is a great way for everyone to stay clean. However, children may be less likely to partake in regular, health sustaining practices. For this reason, Miracle Recreation Company has invented a new technique for minimizing the spread of germs in one of the most common areas for children to physically interact with each other–the playground. Specifically, a new technology has been combined into the paint coatings of playgrounds, called Mira-Cote™, which acts as an anti-microbial agent that works against all sorts of harmful organisms… including bacteria, fungus, and algae. Plus, Mira-Cote™ is also resistant to mold and mildew… a function that will decrease the rate in which the equipment breaks down.

Playgrounds 486

Think about all the places at a playground children touch; now think about how many germs could be reduced with bacteria fighting paint!

Mira-Cote™ will truly improve the safety of a playground, in a more non-traditional way. Normally, playground safety is associated with rules such as ‘no horse-play’ and ‘using the equipment in the way it is designed to be used,’ but with anti-microbial paint, safety is taken to another, often less thought of level. By taking the time during the design stages of a playground to incorporate all those well-being encouraging technologies available, the site is greatly improved.

playground 697

Handles, rails, and grips can all be coated so heavily touched areas don't produce bacteria.

Mira-Cote™ also comes in a wide range of colors, so it can be implemented in a large array of themes and designs. This feature of anti-microbial paint increases the frequency in which it can be used. The more sites the better. Anti-microbial paint is truly a groundbreaking invention that will absolutely improve the lives of children.

Playgrounds 368

Anti-microbial paint also protects against mold and mildew so breakdown doesn't occur as quickly.

More Technology Advances in the Playground Equipment World

July 14, 2009

New features in the play industry have been invented—actualizing ideas that are really extraordinary.  These creations have taken traditional playground equipment to a level probably once thought impossible.  For instance, did you ever think a clear rock wall could exist?  Can you even think of what a bubble climber could be?  Technology in the playground realm has reached new heights, allowing children to have new experiences; and equipping landscape architects with even more design options.

Bubble Climber Pictured on the Left

Bubble Climber Pictured on the Left

The clear rock wall is from Xccent Play is the first of its kind.  On the Xccent website, details of the equipment are as such: it is, “made of virtually indestructible extruded polycarbonate,” and includes 70 holds, “made of durable UV resistant polyurethane.”  Images of the wall can also be found on the site.  Obviously, the wall is built sturdy and secure, but it also has holds on both sides so that kids can climb facing each other—a truly unique experience.  The wall is fresh, but what’s better is that it continues to offer the benefits of play

Bubble Climber with Orb-x Behind

Bubble Climber with Orb-x Behind

Another novel feature is the bubble climber, from Miracle.  This colorful attraction has a form like no other.  Instead of the traditional holds that kids use to climb on, it has bubbles cut out that offer the same activity but with a different twist.  The aesthetic appeal is also increased with a more organic feel that stems from flowing curves.  The looks are also improved with vivid colors like bright red and green.  This contemporary playground update will turn any playground from bland to original and remarkable.

A Closer View of the Bubble Climber

A Closer View of the Bubble Climber

These two innovative features take tradition, stick it in the oven, and turn up the heat a couple notches.  When modern technology teams with original thinking, anything is possible—in the playground world, that means more fun.

Building a New Park

June 23, 2009
Build Spaces that Benefit the Community

Build Spaces that Benefit the Community

The need for positive modifications to our cities is greater than ever.  Instead of putting in a new parking structure, how about building a new park?  Parks are advantageous to communities in many ways.  New jobs are created and insured through the creation of parks, as workers are needed for both construction and maintenance.  As all surely know, jobs are crucial for the wellbeing of the economy.  The production of a park can work well within the existing landscape to cut down on expenditures. 

For instance, water hungry grass can be reduced to being used in a few sports fields and some recreation areas and the usual grassy expanses of parks can be replaced with trails and bark areas to further decrease maintenance and water costs.  Reducing supply costs will leave more money for workers.   Open spaces like parks are places for activity and will increase the physical health of a community; creating more jobs will increase the economic health of a community.

Discover New Places to Build Playgrounds

Discover New Places to Build Playgrounds

Getting back to working within the landscape; there is no need to bulldoze the entire area.  Instead, landscape architects can use forward thinking design methods to incorporate the existing site characteristics into the new park in order to minimize construction costs.  In doing this, money is saved for future repairs/revisions and paying workers higher wages.  Landscape architects, urban planners, and city desginers may also have to stray from traditional park sites to find places for new parks.  But these are just some ideas.

Bark doesn't Require Much Upkeep

Use Surfaces that don't Require Much Upkeep

In building a new park, if a park had one soccer field or one baseball diamond and a few grassy areas past these, putting picnic tables on a large concrete floor under a shade structure, the need for costly water would be greatly reduced.  Also, construct a durable playground, one that utilizes methods to reduce maintenance supply fees, on a rubber or bark surface that doesn’t require much upkeep and additional money is saved, especially over the long term.  Then, use bark trails to form a series of loops around the whole site (fields, picnic area, and playground) for those who want to walk around.  By doing all of these things, parks can reduce expenses, while still providing jobs and a place to play.  All persons involved in the creation of parks must be particularly innovative in these challenging budgetary times for continued benefit of our communities.

Innovations in Playground Tech

June 18, 2009

Many new advances in technology have made positive changes in the construction of playgrounds.  Specifically, innovation has come in the forms of increased environmental sustainability, heightened safety, and more durability.  Obviously, these three areas are extremely important to the well being of the public.  The ways in which contemporary playscape companies have been able to develop solutions to modern day problems are remarkable.     

Miracle's Posts and Handrails are Made from At Least 50% Recycled Steel

Miracle's Posts and Handrails are Made from At Least 50% Recycled Steel

In terms of environmental sustainability, the HAGS brand, as it says on their website, has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard, a highly regarded environmental stability standard throughout the world, since 1997.  Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has implemented many tactics to increase sustainability as well.  For instance, they recycle unused powder coat paint to cut back on waste.  Furthermore, as much recycled steel and aluminum as possible is used in the crafting of playgrounds.  In fact, Miracle’s posts, walls, and handrails are made from at least 50% recycled steel and the post clamps and caps are made with “as much as 100% post-consumer aluminum.”

New Paints and Coatings Stand Up to Weather Conditions and Wear and Tear

New Paints and Coatings Stand Up to Weather Conditions and Wear and Tear

For added durability, which also increases economic value, Miracle, as mentioned on their website, uses robotic welding techniques that add precision to the forging process.  Also, the largest rotational molding machines in the industry have increased ingenuity and originality and have made productions of large scale playgrounds better in quality because they can handle the increased size more easily.  Furthermore, the clamping, coating, and painting processes at Miracle are state-of-the-art, making the playscape features more durable to all weather conditions and most wear and tear.

HAGS has Increased Safety through Rigorous Testing

HAGS has Increased Safety through Rigorous Testing

Aware that true safety is only attained through rigorous testing, the HAGS brand, as it says on their website, has complied to and built under the most serious standard in the world since 1977—the German DIN norm.  HAGS attests to the fact that severe accidents on playgrounds mostly occur on playgrounds that have not undergone the appropriate testing.  So, they mean business when it comes to the safety of children.  Innovations across the board, these two playground companies have put into practice procedures and techniques to further high standards in safety, durability, and sustainability.  And it is certain they will continue to raise the bar in the future.