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A Durable Playground Saves You Money

July 22, 2010

In these challenging budgetary times it is important to think about today’s costs as well as tomorrow’s. At Miracle we take pride in reducing costs by implementing durable, reliable equipment that needs little maintenance over time. We use heavy duty manufacturers and playground suppliers that have a long history in the business, so they know what it takes to get the job done right the first time. And don’t think these durable products are unattainable; we spend a great deal of time working with our product lines so that they are the best deals possible… so your project will be cost-effective in the long term and the short term.

The connections we use are secure and safe. The nuts, bolts, and rivets are steel and the equipment, as shown through design specs and experience, we receive from our suppliers are top-of-the-line. We look over our products so that we ensure we are giving clients equipment that won’t let them down. It would be unreasonable to say that issues don’t arise, such as extreme weather damage or vandalism, but we work with our clients to get these problems taken care of as fast as possible so that their sites are ready for use once again quickly. Offering spare parts is just the first part of making sure our clients are taken care of. We can also bring in the specialists that will get the job done right. These occasions are rare, but when they do happen, know that you have a solid backup plan.

To prevent unwanted damage from hazards such as vandalism, we offer security devices for your park or playground. These include the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System from Miracle, a device that uses high frequency sounds to drive away young adults during high-crime night-time hours. This ready to install system, available for your new or existing site, is guaranteed to reduce vandalism by over 80%. In Europe, a similar system is being used and many times it has been shown to be 100% effective. Talk about reducing damages. So, go with durable, affordable products to start and if you think you need extra protections, let us know and we will hook you up with the best in the business in terms of easily attainable security equipment that will reduce your long term maintenance costs.


The Ideal Playscape, A Festival of Fun… A Culmination of Playgrounds

June 24, 2010

Creating an ideal place for children should be a priority for all communities. This place needs to be more than anything safe and healthy. It also needs to be accessible to the majority of the public in terms of location. Costs need to be manageable as well, both in upfront costs and in long-term maintenance. Once these basic requirements have been met, the final piece of the puzzle can be fit into place… the fun… the excitement… the entertainment. There is a way to satisfy everyone’s playground demands for fun, and that is by including all three playground types in a single site.

The first type of playground is the water spray park. This site is perfect for taming the summer heat and for making new friends in the community. Not only can a family enjoy the summer sun, but they can also be next to neighbors, friends, and future playmates. Water really brings people together and with a park that encourages water fights through the use of sprayers, cannons, and the perfect spot for water balloons, it is no surprise that the first type of playground at this festival of fun just maybe the most popular.

The second must is a lounge or picnic area and large fields for games. A shelter will shade patrons from the scorching sun and will also offer a great spot for tables, benches, and can act as the backdrop for barbeques. This spot will also act as a way for adults to better enjoy the tri-playground area because they won’t be forced to wait in the sun for their children to tire out playing. Instead they can be close to the third spot, the traditional playground, and can easily keep an eye on their kids.

The third playground is the ones we all think of immediately when the subject comes up. These include slides, swings, ladders, poles, and all the fun stuff. Playgrounds these days have a ton of exciting technology that children can explore and act off of. Some of these are the Orb-X, the Gravitron, and the Mega Tower. Now all can enjoy the park more with the combination of multiple playgrounds into one site… enjoy the festival of fun!

Fantastic Playground Curves Mean Elegance in Fun

June 10, 2010

Streamlined designs put on a show for the eye. Twisting turns and swooping lines can take a bland structure and make it extremely eye catching. With playgrounds, fantastic curves make for elegance in terms of aesthetics, but also promote fun, flow, and even safety. Playgrounds should help beautify a place such as a park, church, school, or community event center. When the right amount of curvy movement comes together with functionality and durability, a great thing happens, a playground is created that will improve the space its in while looking good.

In terms of flow, curves make for an aesthetic design most of the time. They dip down in smooth fashion and shoot upwards with grace. Rounded edges give off the feeling of endless lines… a feeling that will put visitors at ease. Speaking of rounded edges, these are also much more safe than sharp, 90 degree angles that point out in hazardous fashion. Rounded corners are also easier to move around and improve lines of sight. Meaning, children will run into each other less often because they will have more time to dodge each other.

Bottom line: curves look good and serve a very functional purpose. They add to the fun of a playground by making it easier to navigate around. Curves decrease the chance of injuries and improve the chance of walking away from a day of play without the bumps, bruises, and scrapes that can be associated with a full force day of playground fun. Designers, keep these functional curves in mind more often when designing a playground… and if you do it already, without even thinking, its probably because they look so good.

Design Secrets for Playground Success

June 7, 2010

Many design factors contribute to a successful playground project. When designing a playground, it is important to work through form, functionality, and cost often in order to keep with a client’s guidelines for the project from beginning to end. There are a few, simple design secrets that can really improve your project during the planning stages so that when it comes time to present your project to a client you know you will not have overlooked a few great details. These design secrets are basic, but many people won’t think about them until its too late… or too far into the game plan for changes to be possible… or too bad because the client went another direction.

The first design secret for playgrounds is to keep water in mind the entire time. For example, how much rain does the site get each year? A factor like this can help you decide on surfacing options, run-off support, and even which features are acceptable. If it rains a lot, porous playground decks are a must and a ton of slides may not be a good idea. If the playground is at the base of a hill, it will most likely receive a lot of runoff so a bark chip surface might end up costing a client a lot of money year after year to replace. By simply keeping water in mind they entire design period, a designer can impress their client by offering very functional design aspects.

The second design secret for playground success is the implementation of both shade structures and weather shelters. For early spring park activities, having both ends of the spectrum covered will ensure that your park visitors can enjoy themselves thoroughly rain or shine. Most areas have on or the other but the few that have both have the advantage of catering to people through the all of the elements, which keeps the park or playground popular, and popular sites get noticed. Take the time and figure out how you will include both shade and shelter and your park will be noticed by both your client and your community.

Fun Water Playgrounds to Keep You Cool All Summer

June 3, 2010

A fun water spray park goes as far in the summer as a humungous water balloon fight or a day at the lake complete with paddle boats and all. These destination sites are pretty much amazing and all enjoy their attractive water jets and alluring fountains. So gather round frog and flower sprayers alike and cool of with all your friends and family at the local water spray park today. If designing a new water spray park for your community, you may want to keep a few things in mind…

First, its fine to build in open fields but just make sure to include a shade structure so that patrons of the park have a retreat from the hot sun. Also, it is a good idea to have paved path ways up to the edge of the spray park from the parking lot because when wet it is easy to get dirty on the way back to the car…a simple design aspect such as this is exactly what will keep communities using your park all summer long. In terms of size, make sure the park is appropriate for the size of the community. Make the park too small and it will be overcrowded on especially hot days. Of course make it too large and it’s a waste of materials, resources, and the short and long term funds of your client.

A final design aspect to remember when designing a water spray park is the incorporation of benches, water fountains, trash receptacles, and other things of this nature… basically, don’t forget the supporting cast of the spray park. Children are the main attendees of the park, but adults will be right there too most likely watching and they will need places to sit—preferably in the shade—and relax. They will also need to throw away trash and get the occasional drink of water for themselves as well as their kids. Design the best water spray park possible and keep in mind that it’s the little details that make a big difference.

Improve Your Park and Playground Looks with Creative and Unique Shelters

April 28, 2010

Amazing Products

Litchfield Shelters offer aesthetic designs at cost effective prices and will boost any park project you are working on immediately with cutting edge products that are attractive in more ways than one to any community. In fact Litchfield has been providing amazing cover solutions since 1973 and can guarantee services and products that will far outperform the competition. For one thing, they have the largest product line in the entire country. What’s more, they also have the largest distribution network in the industry.

Moreover, Litchfield shelters provides, “superior quality… pride in workmanship… competitive pricing… and a 4-6 lead time… [and] all efforts are geared toward providing [their] customers with nothing less than exactly what they want, exactly when they want it,” as it says on their website, and trust us over here at Miracle, Litchfield is brilliant in design, fantastic in service, and first class in products and support.

So, for 35 years Litchfield has proven that they are willing to earn your business through positive changes to their business that have allowed them to grow every single year since their beginning. Talk about the right stuff. If you are looking for a shelter that will far exceed your expectations than look no further because Litchfield is the best in the business and we can attest to this. They have been a reliable partner for a long time and have always offered dependable products, contemporary designs and amazing service.

Make Safety a Top Priority, Choose Miracle Playsystems

April 20, 2010

Miracle Playsystems works closely with the Miracle Recreation Equipment Company to provide communities some of the best playground designs and productions available. When designing a new playground, nothing is more important than safety. This is the first commitment Miracle makes when providing a positive environment for children to explore and make their own through play. Safety is of the utmost importance and to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding standards, we closely follow many specifications established by many outside regulatory bodies.

Safety is a top priority at Miracle Playsystems.

Our safety performance complies with CPSC, CSA, and the EN and we even help and actively participate with the ASTM and the CPSC in their development. Whether its designing, producing, or constructing your playground, we work by the book to ensure that your playground is the safest around. All our knowledge and experience, teamed with a commitment to the safety guidelines, adds up to maximize the positive environment for your children, no matter what age they are, so that their abilities aren’t pushed over the limit and you can rest assured that they are safe when at the local playground.

We make sure that all equipment is safe... keeping the appropriate age group in mind is also necessary.

Furthermore, Miracle seeks out a third-party Certification Service through the IPEMA, which validates conformance to ASTM F1487, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. We use the IPEMA logo on all products that have been validated through this third party service so be sure to look for their logo on all potential playground equipment or just ask us and we will make sure for you. We take every extra step to make sure your children and community is the safest possible in terms of the playground site.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

Slightly different in terms of safety, we also offer the Miracle SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent as well to keep your site extra safe at night. This will keep criminal aspects away from your playground at night so that they won’t feel welcome and will be less likely to come around during the day time. Protect your kids in every way possible. Use play equipment that is proven to be safe and extra design features/technology that enhance the safety of your site even more. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information.

Location, Location, Location… The Importance of the Destination

December 15, 2009

Location can help determine the theme of the site.

The location of your playground can determine many factors about your site. For starters, where your park is in relation to the community it is meant to serve will play a role in the approachability of the site and how often it is visited by those members. Also, the essence of the site in terms of its surroundings can often influence the theme, color scheme, and the features of the playground. Choosing the right site is often not up to the designer, however, the designer can make sure the playground is attractive, well-suited, and accessible to the surrounding community, based off of that location.

Location can heavily influence the color scheme you choose.

Being in close proximity to a community will of course improve how easily it is noticed and how much it is visited, however other measures can be taken to ensure that a site is easily accessible to potential patrons. Constructing at least a small parking near the playground or park lot goes a long way in making it easy to visit. Placing the playground inside the boundaries of a neighborhood will make the site safer and more approachable. Furthermore, if the playground/park is further away from homes, making the effort to build easily navigable roads that link to a main way will make the site easy to find.

Location may also determine how relaxing (for adults), accessible, and exciting (for children) your site is.

In terms of playground theme, the surrounding area or park may play a heavy role. If there are a lot of trees around—or a heaps of greenery—then a nature theme might work the best. In terms of color, this site would be brown and green. In terms of features, this site would have bark and leaf designs in the equipment. If the site was closer to a beach and in the sun all the time, a maritime theme will work well and yellow, oranges, and reds could be implemented with great success. The location is important to a playground because it may influence who can attend it; the location is also important because how well the playground plays off of the location may determine how much those who visit enjoy it and are entertained.

Water Play Sites for Younger Children… Uniting Communities

December 10, 2009

These sites promote community interaction.

Building communities is more than building houses in neighborhoods. There must be common places for people to interact with each other. When people know those around them, that group is stronger and more committed to each other. This is why it is so important that recreation sites are built in conjunction to neighborhoods… for kids to grow up with a sense of belonging, they must have something to hold to… experiences at a park will help provide them with this.

This location is perfect... its safe... its out of the way... its ready for fun lovers.

A site as simple as a Water Play area can teach children to play together and will allow adults to connect with one another. Here, summer days can create lasting friendships and will increase a group’s sense of community and its feeling of responsibility to the members in it. Its time to slow down a bit and return to what really makes us feel good about working so hard… its time to savor relaxing with the people around us and to do this, it takes a common place to meet… a park could be this place.

How relaxing...

Plus, how much fun will your child have at a Water Play park? Probably a lot. The site is fun, the water is cool, but most of all the other children there will make it a really memorable experience. Kids love making new friends, and it is really easy for them to do so when they’re having a blast. Play is the key to health in children… the benefits of play studies can attest to this. Let parks unite communities and help keep children happy and healthy… let the fun begin!

Playground Surface Improvements to Prevent Financial Burdens

July 8, 2009

New techniques are coming up everywhere in order to make cities more sustainable and their features more economical.  For instance, as told of by the Dirt Blog on the ALSA website, new methods to combat storm water runoff are being implemented everywhere in Philadelphia, even in playgrounds.  The post, called Unpaving Philadelphia, describes how impervious surfaces that keep water from soaking into the ground and rather push the water into storm drains can “overwhelm the city’s sewage system,” leading to many adverse affects.  However, a solution is available.

Bark Lets the Rain Back Into the Ground

Bark Lets the Rain Back Into the Ground

To combat the problem, the city has started to rip out the impenetrable surfaces and replace them with soft earth—one playground mentioned is cutting down the schoolyard’s run-off by 80%.  The Dirt Blog says this playground is using a method that cuts down 50% of the pavement used, all at the borders, to let the rain soak in naturally from all sides.  A system such as this reduces water runoff and reuses the water to hydrate shrubbery that will be at the borders, furthering the environmental cause.  Other practices that can be put into place such as using wood fiber (wood chips/bark) in place of concrete or asphalt areas, which will let the rain soak into the ground beneath them.

Permeable Surfacing

Permeable Surfacing

According to, the “built environment, increases the number of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and rooftops,” all of which have impervious surfaces which make it impossible for water to seep back into the ground.  Because schools have a large surface area, including all of the building rooftops and pavement covering the schoolyard, it is more important than ever to incorporate more permeable surfaces because in places like Philadelphia, as stated in the Unpaving Philadelphia blog post, a” stormwater tax” will be implemented in 2010.  Eventually, a similar tax could be implemented in California so landscape architects and designers should incorporate runoff sustainability into the design of their new construction projects—not only to prevent financial burdens on their clients, but also to prevent environmental destruction.

Wood Fiber Comes in Different Colors

Wood Fiber Comes in Different Colors