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Hot Trends in Playground Design

June 21, 2010

The Mega Tower

Playground designs are fun, no doubt. However, take them to the next level with some hot, cutting-edge play equipment. Chose the features that look good, are relevant, and will serve a definite purpose. Some of the latest playground features on the market today are totally amazing and will take your playground design from zero to sixty in about as long as it takes to drop them in on your CAD system. These play features are the most stunning, aesthetic products out on the market today and are sure to impress your client. We are talking about the Orb-X climber, the clear rock wall, and the Mega Tower.

The Orb-X Climber

The Orb-X climber will make anyone take a second look, and then a third. Its futuristic design is simply incredible. Multiple bar systems come together to form a fantastic structure of fun. Children can climb up on it, swing around inside it, and scale around it. Kids will likely pretend its everything from a time machine to an underwater submarine. This model is just plain cool. See how it fits into your design concept…

The Clear Rock Wall

The clear rock wall is borderline unbelievable. It will make your clients say, “are you serious?” while they are grinning. The technology behind this playground feature is very advanced and unless you’re an engineer, a little hard to understand. Just know that the tech is ultra reliable, unique, and completely affordable. Take the time and check this one and only playground product out… it belongs in any design.

The Mega Tower is a playground giant, literally. This behemoth can stand a few stories high and is sure to attract visitors to you park from far and wide. You can’t miss this colorful and attractive playground centerpiece. Not only is it huge and accessible, it is also functional and acts as a build off point for your entire site. Start out with a Mega Tower and see where your design goes from there. We hope you liked these hot trends in playground design.


Playgrounds Need Creative and Unique Ideas

June 17, 2010

The great thing about playgrounds is that they are set up to succeed from the start. What child wouldn’t want to take a slide ride or shoot back and forth on a swing set? This may be why designing and building playgrounds is so fun, they are just so well received by the community and children they serve. However, it is also important that they continue to be unique and creative so that the individual needs of the community are met and so that a place has a distinctive site to call their own. Here at Miracle Playsystems we really try to take each project and mold our designs around exactly what the client wants. We come up with many project specific ideas so that each project is unique and creative.

So what kinds of ideas are unique and creative? Well, color schemes should be designed to fit in the sit essence of a place. Blues and greens should be played with to form nature scenes and reds and yellow should combine to form a truly unforgettable site. Structures should be built to serve multiple purposes. For instance shade structures can be designed into a pirate ship theme to form the sails of the site. Actions such as this keep playgrounds interesting and functional as well. Of course you want to be as unique as possible, but the challenge is getting there.

To be truly unique you can’t just try to be unique. You have to fit the exact specifications of your project and the uniqueness with develop itself. Each client’s needs will be different on some level so by tailoring each design to those needs your design will be rather creative and individual, plus functional and appealing. Playgrounds need creative and unique ideas to stay interesting, but also so they fit the needs of a community, client, and area. And you know a playground is going to be fun!

A Playground Highlight: The Look Out Deck

February 15, 2010

Fun creations like this lookout deck are entertainin and memorable.

When children are at play, their imaginations run wild. It is a playground designers job to allow them to create and invent as much as possible when at the site. Not only should we give children slides and swings to play on, we should also give them imagination platforms such as control panels complete with steering wheels and look out decks complete with eye glasses and binoculars to create games with. Now a kid can be a pirate, a naval commander, a forest ranger, or a wilderness scout… all at the same place! One day that child may be running from monsters and the next that same kid might be chasing bandits across the galaxy… it is the job of the playground designer to allow this creativity to go on by implementing imagination platforms.

The look out deck certainly is an imagination platform. Sure, it can be used to see a pier at a closer distance, but more realistically it is going to be a toy that a kid uses in part of a pretending game where they are playing some imaginative role… and who knows what they will dream up. By designing playgrounds so that children can play and imagine, a designer is doing twice the job from a child’s point of view (and isn’t that who uses these playgrounds after all?).

The look out deck can come with binoculars or a telescope/spotting scope. It is usually the highest spot of the playground and can be connected with a climber, a slide, or a bridge. This great place gives a playground uniqueness and can play into the individual theme and identity of the site. This appealing feature is a playground highlight because its not often thought of, but it can produce big results. For more imaginative ideas, contact us by visiting Miracle Playsystems.

A Playground Spotlight Feature: The Tall Slide

February 2, 2010

This feature is heavily used by the surrounding community; it is easy to see why... it is tall, unique, and offers one fast ride.

What does it take to be seen from great distances? Height. How do you produce great speeds without an engine? Height. When will your site get noticed? When it finally has the height. Whether you’re designing a new playground or trying to improve an older one, there is no better, more memorable attraction than a tall slide.

Children remember the thrill of speed and the wonder of looking down from towering heights. With a custom build tall slide or one that has already been designed, your park will have the centerpiece feature that is remembered more than any other… and visitors will come back again and again. Now that’s what a park client would love.

Creating a tall slide is an art. For one thing, safety is the number one priority. It takes truly masterful engineering to ensure safety over a long period of time. Which leads to the next factor: the need for the best materials to guarantee durability—there is nothing worse than having to constantly shut your main attraction down because of needed maintenance. Lastly, it takes an awesome design to inspire a desire to climb to the top and take a ride down—plus its not easy for a tall slide to look secure and visually striking.

A tall slide will certainly get you noticed when designed and built the right way. Although admittedly its not for every park, because of the cost… however, when your site calls for a mammoth slide, take the time to find the right design because hitting the reset button half way through construction just isn’t an option. Upon completion—after using the best available—when it looks great, it will be an image for the portfolio. Contact Miracle Playsystems for information on designing and building your own tall slide.

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Spiral Slide

January 17, 2010

Aesthetically pleasing, entertaining, and fun... what a ride!

Zip around in a circle letting gravity do all the work. Fly through a tube while constantly changing directions. Tuck and hold tight for max aerodynamics and acceleration. Ride the Spiral Slide and enjoy an attraction filled to the brim with entertainment and speed. One of the most recognizable playground features available is the Spiral Slide and it is a sure bet to impress all those who visit your site.

Spiral Slides come in almost every color imaginable and fit into every theme thinkable. What is not to like? You have a basic roller coast ride minus all the expensive cars and track with this magnificent slide. Implement this terrific feature into your next playground and plan on watching people come back to enjoy it again and again. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on how you can install a Spiral Slide as a free standing feature or one connected to a Mega Tower or playground deck.

Twisting and turning has never been so much fun… just zoom down one of these bad boys once and you will be hooked on the thrill of one entertaining slide ride. Be prepared to have fun with a Spiral Slide and to spend a long time watching your children ride it again and again… talk about exercise! This feature is accessible, visually stunning, and highly entertaining, making it this week’s Playground Spotlight Feature. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Mix speed and the highest banked turns for one smooth ride.

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Wiggle Walk

January 10, 2010

Be original by implementing the Wiggle Walk.

With a single inch, you can change your entire perspective on the Wiggle Walk. Well, maybe its more your position… in either case, while standing on one of the many Wiggle Walk pods, you can shift your body weight and it rocks a different direction—how fun! Available in 6 pod and 11 pod sets, the Wiggle Walk is highly entertaining to children of all ages. From Xccent Play! this colorful, exciting feature is the perfect supporting character for your next playground.

One of the most attractive parts of the Wiggle Walk is how accessible it is, and that’s saying a lot considering how aesthetically pleasing the many bright shapes that comprise it are. Almost any child can get on the Wiggle Walk and balance their way around it, increasing their coordination through playful practice. This attraction is certainly made for all groups and it will benefit all in terms of the physical gains it provides to those who make use of it. However, the fun it provides is probably more important to the kids. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on this unique playground feature.

Xccent Play! creates so many amazing features and here at Miracle, we are thrilled to be apart of it. The Wiggle Walk connects features through a truly entertaining systems of pods that are low to the ground, making them very safe. Plus these pods come in bright reds, blues, and yellows… and are cut into cool shapes. Accessibility, visual appeal, and physical benefits are all reasons the Wiggle Walk is this week’s Playground Spotlight Feature. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Technology has Changed the Shape of Playgrounds…

January 1, 2010

Swirling, zig-zag shaped slides this smooth are all thanks to technology.

Obviously playgrounds don’t look like they used to. What used to be a swing set, a slide, and some monkey bars is now a play extravaganza in terms of what is available in features. There are incredible creations like the Gravitron, the Cyclone, and the Mega Tower… there are wild contraptions such as the Grip-n-Glide, the Matterhorn, and the Net Climber… all of which are super contemporary in terms of they way they look and what they are designed to do. With today’s modern designs and attractions, it is very apparent that technology has changed the shape of playgrounds.

Playground shapes are so advanced they can almost look real.

What’s more, the smaller design aspects have improved and have moved up from your standard triangles and squares. Now, there are swirls, and twists, and fluid curves available for your site so that even the smallest characteristic is a standout. For example, instead of a straight pole to climb up, there are zig-zagging pipes that serve the same purpose, but are more accessible, fun, and stunning.

Playgrounds now include traditional architecture that is also affordable.

We almost take for granted how cool playgrounds are these days. Not only are there features available right now that have never been seen before, there are also modern design layouts that have been created recently that make any site more accessible, compact or spread out, and interesting to all visitors. Technology has certainly changed the way playgrounds look and feel. The shape of a site, and of the features in it, is completely different than those even ten years ago… cutting-edge technology and modern developments are to thank for that.

The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Playground Rocks Rock!!!

December 23, 2009

Climbing looks so fun!

Are you interested in the latest rock wall climbers like the Clear Rock Wall from Xccent Play! and the Triple Rock Wall from Miracle, but are also looking to include some more natural looking rock climbers as well? How cool would it be to have actual boulders on your playground for kids to play on and hide around? But how are you going to get huge boulders to your site? Well, with Miracle, we have your solution… we have the top products available to fit just this need with first class artificial rock additions for your next playground site.

Artificial rocks come in all sorts of sizes from small ones that act as styling details with a functional twist to huge, mammoth stones that are attractions all themselves. It is no secret that children love to climb… switch it up for them and include a huge artificial rock formation for them to have a great time on. Not only will children have fun on these terrific features, they will also remember your park as the “one with all the cool rocks to play on.” These feature are just so unique that they will stick in the minds of anyone who comes into contact with them.

Harness natural looking rock formations and the most cutting edge rock wall climbers today so that that your next site is the coolest out there because it has amazing features that unify to create on the smoothest themes out there. Take your park to new heights with amazing rock climbing features, because playground rocks rock! So much in fact that they are the Playground Design Aspect of the Week. Visit Miracle for more details.

Add aesthetic detailing that adds to the site's attractiveness.

Tire Swings are a Big Deal in the Playground World

December 22, 2009

This swing takes the traditional into the modern day design.

If you thought tire swings were out, you’re wrong. They are still just as fun as they used to be and these days a bit more safe too. Don’t think your have to normal when you think of swings… by implementing a tire set in your site it will stand out. Not only are tire swings safe, they are also reliable, durable, and fun. Although tire swings aren’t new to the playground arena, they aren’t used that often so they can be thought of as quite unique. Go big today and add in a tire swing to your playground design.

Add this feature to your design for a creative twist.

As far as accessibility goes, the tire swing is about as good as it gets. Literally every one can have fun on the tire swing. Its like the G Rating of the playground world (if you know what I mean). Even if a child needs a little help spinning around on the tire swing, its all good, and exciting too. If you think your site needs a swinging contraption, but your not set on the actual swings, be a little different and put in a tire swing—you won’t be disappointed and neither will you visitors.

Playground designs need free standing structures; the tire swing is a reliable, cost-effective choice.

Sure, there are more advanced swings out there, such as the Cyclone, but for all age groups, the tire swing is really a solid option. It is easy to operate and it is one of those features that is always in style. Tire swings are still a big deal in the playground world, so don’t be afraid to throw one into your design for a little good measure. Your visitors are going to tie one to a backyard tree anyways if there isn’t one around, so help them out and provide a safe way to tire swing away.

The Playground Feature of the Week: The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall

December 20, 2009

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level!

If you keep up on your playground trends, even a little bit, then you know that rock wall climbers are the coolest thing on the block right now. They offer the best in accessibility and in entertainment. Children can use the rock walls to connect with other features and be playing—and exercising—while doing so. However, we have noticed that children have so much fun climbing on these tremendous walls that they just never want to get off. We can’t blame them, so instead, we came up with solution to the dreaded compromise of the playground—taking turns. All we had to do is create six times as much space for kids to climb on with the many sided Boulder Ridge Rock Wall.

The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is a premiere feature on today’s contemporary playground. Not only is it tops in accessibility and entertainment, it is safe and it strongly encourages a few important benefits of play—physical conditioning, coordination, and balance. Kids have shown the demand for this exciting feature, be one of the first to implement it at your site. It is free standing to it can be built on an existing site or it can be implemented into your next playground design. Just don’t be surprised if children like it so much that you need to build a second to cater to the growing crowds.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has done it again by coming up with a truly first class features that is durable, exciting, and unique. What’s more, this is one rock wall that can be added onto, even after it is constructed. This is why the Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is the Playground Feature of the Week. We know it will be a hit at your site… and it can be up and entertaining before you know it. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.