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A Durable Playground Saves You Money

July 22, 2010

In these challenging budgetary times it is important to think about today’s costs as well as tomorrow’s. At Miracle we take pride in reducing costs by implementing durable, reliable equipment that needs little maintenance over time. We use heavy duty manufacturers and playground suppliers that have a long history in the business, so they know what it takes to get the job done right the first time. And don’t think these durable products are unattainable; we spend a great deal of time working with our product lines so that they are the best deals possible… so your project will be cost-effective in the long term and the short term.

The connections we use are secure and safe. The nuts, bolts, and rivets are steel and the equipment, as shown through design specs and experience, we receive from our suppliers are top-of-the-line. We look over our products so that we ensure we are giving clients equipment that won’t let them down. It would be unreasonable to say that issues don’t arise, such as extreme weather damage or vandalism, but we work with our clients to get these problems taken care of as fast as possible so that their sites are ready for use once again quickly. Offering spare parts is just the first part of making sure our clients are taken care of. We can also bring in the specialists that will get the job done right. These occasions are rare, but when they do happen, know that you have a solid backup plan.

To prevent unwanted damage from hazards such as vandalism, we offer security devices for your park or playground. These include the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System from Miracle, a device that uses high frequency sounds to drive away young adults during high-crime night-time hours. This ready to install system, available for your new or existing site, is guaranteed to reduce vandalism by over 80%. In Europe, a similar system is being used and many times it has been shown to be 100% effective. Talk about reducing damages. So, go with durable, affordable products to start and if you think you need extra protections, let us know and we will hook you up with the best in the business in terms of easily attainable security equipment that will reduce your long term maintenance costs.


Playgrounds Need Creative and Unique Ideas

June 17, 2010

The great thing about playgrounds is that they are set up to succeed from the start. What child wouldn’t want to take a slide ride or shoot back and forth on a swing set? This may be why designing and building playgrounds is so fun, they are just so well received by the community and children they serve. However, it is also important that they continue to be unique and creative so that the individual needs of the community are met and so that a place has a distinctive site to call their own. Here at Miracle Playsystems we really try to take each project and mold our designs around exactly what the client wants. We come up with many project specific ideas so that each project is unique and creative.

So what kinds of ideas are unique and creative? Well, color schemes should be designed to fit in the sit essence of a place. Blues and greens should be played with to form nature scenes and reds and yellow should combine to form a truly unforgettable site. Structures should be built to serve multiple purposes. For instance shade structures can be designed into a pirate ship theme to form the sails of the site. Actions such as this keep playgrounds interesting and functional as well. Of course you want to be as unique as possible, but the challenge is getting there.

To be truly unique you can’t just try to be unique. You have to fit the exact specifications of your project and the uniqueness with develop itself. Each client’s needs will be different on some level so by tailoring each design to those needs your design will be rather creative and individual, plus functional and appealing. Playgrounds need creative and unique ideas to stay interesting, but also so they fit the needs of a community, client, and area. And you know a playground is going to be fun!

Design Playgrounds to Drive Your Business Forward

June 14, 2010

Here at Miracle Playsystems we undertake every project with a high level of dedication and value. We believe that playgrounds are extremely important to the communities they will eventually serve for ten years or more. For this reason we make sure every design fits the exact needs of our clients so that cost, durability, stunning looks, and speed all come together in the right way to form a highly successful project. We do our best to drive your business forward with cutting edge products, contemporary designs, and services that can’t be beat.

This is really the key, making sure very project drives your business forward. Just getting by isn’t an option in the market today because today you might just make it but tomorrow you will be left behind. Push the envelope with each design, production, and final product so that you continually achieve new milestones and in the process earn more work and attract more attention to yourself. When a potential client drives by your site, you want them to notice it and even think, “How can I get a playground design like that?” Its not hard to track down a designer once motivated to do so… so give them some motivation.

Be reliable and surround yourself with a reliable support system. There is nothing worse than being prepared to do the job and do it right then not being able to because your supporting cast has dropped the ball. Your overall success is dependant on many factors and to move forward you need people who want to move in the same direction as you. So, with each design project, take the right steps to make it cost-effective, highly aesthetic, functional, and fitting for the community. Do this and you will be designing to drive your business forward. Make it easy for yourself and work with Miracle Playsystems.

Xccent Play! Playground Provider Creates Jobs, Improves Community

May 18, 2010

Xccent Play! models are truly fantastic.

What kind of company do you want to work with? At Miracle Playsystems, we are a small, personal company that can produce the effective, stunning results of a giant. We choose to work the best in the business; other companies that strive to make a difference in the playground world through any number of measures. One company we really enjoy working with, like all the rest that we link to, is Xccent Play!, Fusion. This amazing company not only produces amazingly design products that are forward thinking and dependable, but they also are taking steps to improve their already fantastic products, and even their work environment.

A cutting-edge site from Xccent Play.

Xccent Play! is not only improving themselves, they are also improving the United States. Check this out… Xccent Play! recently created projects that brought a 100 jobs to Wyoming… in an economy like this, that is something to look up to. The project consists of building a new corporate headquarters, among other things. This way, they are improving their own brand and pumping some juice into the Wyoming economy at the same time. In this recession, it is good to see companies taking chances to improve themselves, as well as the communities around them.

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today, and its from Xccent Play!

Obviously this construction project has created many jobs and will employee many people from that area… think of all the other jobs Xccent Play! is creating… with every playground built jobs are produced and communities gain both in the short and long term. Money in the short term. Community integration through recreation in the long term. Plus, parks create maintenance jobs, manufacturing jobs, planning jobs, and of course design jobs. Its not time to sit back and take a break, take it from Xccent Play!, its time to get the ball rolling again to improve our way of life.

Turn Your Play Surface into a Playground Spectacle of Design Achievement

May 13, 2010

SpectraTurf is the answer to your surfacing dilemma. These first class surface systems are used in many locations and environments such as “parks, schools, childcare centers, quick serve restaurants, and playgrounds,” as their site says…and by the looks of the photo reel on their website, these surface builders know exactly what they are doing. These sites are built with either a poured-in-place or a tile system which allows for the maximum ability to work within the parameters of a specific site. And get this… they have these available in a ton of colors and applications and all are “highly weather resistant and provide customers with a virtually maintenance free playground surface.” Can it get any better?

It does. When you see the final product… all the eye catching design work… all the sweet shapes and professional craftsmanship, you will completely floored, and relieved that you chose to work with one truly great company in SpectraTurf. And you don’t even have to take ours or their word for it… A third-party lab test ensures that every last SpectraTurf meets the CPSC surfacing standard—a rigorous requirement that makes sure everything is safe and up to challenge of children.

So… how about a giant orange lizard designed into your playground turf? SpectraTurf can do it. How about a mix of blue, purple, and aqua marine shapes under foot of your new playscape masterpiece? SpectraTurf can do it. Or how about an entire ocean theme rocking away your boat themed playground? That’s right, you guessed it, SpectraTurf can do it. Let SpectraTurf take it away so you can be sure your playground’s surface is exactly how you envisioned it and maybe even a little better.

Improve Your Park and Playground Looks with Creative and Unique Shelters

April 28, 2010

Amazing Products

Litchfield Shelters offer aesthetic designs at cost effective prices and will boost any park project you are working on immediately with cutting edge products that are attractive in more ways than one to any community. In fact Litchfield has been providing amazing cover solutions since 1973 and can guarantee services and products that will far outperform the competition. For one thing, they have the largest product line in the entire country. What’s more, they also have the largest distribution network in the industry.

Moreover, Litchfield shelters provides, “superior quality… pride in workmanship… competitive pricing… and a 4-6 lead time… [and] all efforts are geared toward providing [their] customers with nothing less than exactly what they want, exactly when they want it,” as it says on their website, and trust us over here at Miracle, Litchfield is brilliant in design, fantastic in service, and first class in products and support.

So, for 35 years Litchfield has proven that they are willing to earn your business through positive changes to their business that have allowed them to grow every single year since their beginning. Talk about the right stuff. If you are looking for a shelter that will far exceed your expectations than look no further because Litchfield is the best in the business and we can attest to this. They have been a reliable partner for a long time and have always offered dependable products, contemporary designs and amazing service.

Use these Design Tips to Improve Your Playground…

March 9, 2010

Create a playground masterpiece by making sure your playground has three important design aspects. One: Create a playground centerpiece within the design. Two: Establish varying levels of height to create movement and flow. Three: Implement colors and themes that drive the site’s essence forward… don’t go against the natural feel of the surrounding area unless your idea is outstanding. Let these three principles guide the beginning stages of your design and your playground is sure to turn out magnificent.

This site has excellent movement and can be accessed from a number of heights... the focal point would be the rock wall peaking out from the back.

Creating a playground centerpiece is easy enough, however, we recommend taking a few things into account when making a decision. It helps if the centerpiece is a highly functional piece of equipment, one that draws children into it and works well with the theme of the rest of the park… or at least fits most into the color scheme so that all the pieces in some way match it.

The centerpiece of this playground is the Mega-Structure that most the children are playing on... it also makes good use of height and colors.

By implementing multiple levels of height one creates a sense of balance without keeping everything mundane and even. Also, movement and flow are created when the plane of vision isn’t a straight line. Furthermore, by offering different heights, more access points are available and congestion is greatly relieved.

The movement at this site is amazing because of all the heights... also, the colors really allow it to stand out.

Lastly, the site’s essence is one of the things that can be all for you or completely against you. This is why is important to identify it early and then design around it. For example, if the area is particularly hot, really dark colors like browns aren’t the best choice—they will attract the heat. For wooded areas blues and greens work well and for open areas yellows, oranges, and reds do the trick. When coming up with a theme, taking the sites existing theme into consideration is helpful… next to a body of water? A pirate theme is a good idea. Next to a bunch of trees? Try out a forest theme. Implement these three design tips and your playground design will go much farther in appealing to your clients and your visitors.

Balance the Playground Features in Your Site

January 26, 2010

Balance the features throughout your playground design.

As with any design, it takes a certain amount of movement, flow, color, form, and balance to please the onlooker and create an attractive work. A playground needs these same things to succeed. There should be a color scheme that blends well within itself and with its surroundings. Features in the park need to be connected in a way that children can move through them easily and without congestion. The pieces themselves need to flow together in order to promote a unified design. And lastly, the design needs balance. It should look natural and even. It should look smooth and well thought out.

Alining equipment with other park features contributes to balance.

Having balance specifically means that a playground should not be lopsided—all the big features should not be on one side with all the small features on the other… unless of course that is your big idea and you execute it flawlessly. Furthermore, balance means that a playground should have layers so that it fills the vertical space evenly as well as the layout. For example, spring riders could fill the ground level. The Gravitron or the Orb-x, swings, and rock walls could fill the middle ground, and look out decks and taller slides could populate the upper space. A well rounded design is needed for great balance.

Determine weight values for each piece of equipment and evenly distribute them over your site plane.

For increased balance, align the features in your playground with the lines of surrounding structures and prominent features around your site. By doing this you will add subtle amounts of evenness that will add up to promote levels of outstanding balance in your playground design. There are so many ways to increase the balance of your site… and along with movement, flow, color, and form, balance is crucial to create a visually pleasing design. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Spiral Slide

January 17, 2010

Aesthetically pleasing, entertaining, and fun... what a ride!

Zip around in a circle letting gravity do all the work. Fly through a tube while constantly changing directions. Tuck and hold tight for max aerodynamics and acceleration. Ride the Spiral Slide and enjoy an attraction filled to the brim with entertainment and speed. One of the most recognizable playground features available is the Spiral Slide and it is a sure bet to impress all those who visit your site.

Spiral Slides come in almost every color imaginable and fit into every theme thinkable. What is not to like? You have a basic roller coast ride minus all the expensive cars and track with this magnificent slide. Implement this terrific feature into your next playground and plan on watching people come back to enjoy it again and again. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on how you can install a Spiral Slide as a free standing feature or one connected to a Mega Tower or playground deck.

Twisting and turning has never been so much fun… just zoom down one of these bad boys once and you will be hooked on the thrill of one entertaining slide ride. Be prepared to have fun with a Spiral Slide and to spend a long time watching your children ride it again and again… talk about exercise! This feature is accessible, visually stunning, and highly entertaining, making it this week’s Playground Spotlight Feature. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Mix speed and the highest banked turns for one smooth ride.

Why Your Playground’s Theme Matters…

January 11, 2010

Create a memorable theme.

Will a playground be successful, despite having no real cohesiveness? Maybe. Sure, children may be entertained while playing on it, but will they remember it in the future? It takes a key feature or a distinctive aspect of a site for it to be memorable. One way to make a site stick in the minds of those who lay eyes upon it is to implement an original or impressive theme into its design, even if it is a simple one. Just as a site’s theme will be memorable to visitors, it will also be memorable to a potential client.

Details should work directly towards the theme.

A playground’s theme really matters in the sense that if it is there and if it works, great, but if it is absent, a playground design can suffer. For example, the castle theme as shown is simple to implement and is easily identifiable by almost everyone. So, when a child says, “Lets go to the castle playground,” everyone knows which one it is. Park names are important to adults, but defining characteristics such as a theme or a specific, unique feature are more memorable and easier to recognize… and when it comes to play, kids associate easier with the latter and they often have the last word. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Cohesiveness is critical.

Make your playground a site to remember, incorporate a forward thinking theme that drives your design forward. Use first class products and link them together through details and a common theme. We know how to do this best at Miracle Playsystems; contact us for more information. Leave with this: a theme matters because often times it’s the first thing that pops into mind when your sites name is brought up. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.