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The Ideal Playscape, A Festival of Fun… A Culmination of Playgrounds

June 24, 2010

Creating an ideal place for children should be a priority for all communities. This place needs to be more than anything safe and healthy. It also needs to be accessible to the majority of the public in terms of location. Costs need to be manageable as well, both in upfront costs and in long-term maintenance. Once these basic requirements have been met, the final piece of the puzzle can be fit into place… the fun… the excitement… the entertainment. There is a way to satisfy everyone’s playground demands for fun, and that is by including all three playground types in a single site.

The first type of playground is the water spray park. This site is perfect for taming the summer heat and for making new friends in the community. Not only can a family enjoy the summer sun, but they can also be next to neighbors, friends, and future playmates. Water really brings people together and with a park that encourages water fights through the use of sprayers, cannons, and the perfect spot for water balloons, it is no surprise that the first type of playground at this festival of fun just maybe the most popular.

The second must is a lounge or picnic area and large fields for games. A shelter will shade patrons from the scorching sun and will also offer a great spot for tables, benches, and can act as the backdrop for barbeques. This spot will also act as a way for adults to better enjoy the tri-playground area because they won’t be forced to wait in the sun for their children to tire out playing. Instead they can be close to the third spot, the traditional playground, and can easily keep an eye on their kids.

The third playground is the ones we all think of immediately when the subject comes up. These include slides, swings, ladders, poles, and all the fun stuff. Playgrounds these days have a ton of exciting technology that children can explore and act off of. Some of these are the Orb-X, the Gravitron, and the Mega Tower. Now all can enjoy the park more with the combination of multiple playgrounds into one site… enjoy the festival of fun!


Design Playgrounds to Drive Your Business Forward

June 14, 2010

Here at Miracle Playsystems we undertake every project with a high level of dedication and value. We believe that playgrounds are extremely important to the communities they will eventually serve for ten years or more. For this reason we make sure every design fits the exact needs of our clients so that cost, durability, stunning looks, and speed all come together in the right way to form a highly successful project. We do our best to drive your business forward with cutting edge products, contemporary designs, and services that can’t be beat.

This is really the key, making sure very project drives your business forward. Just getting by isn’t an option in the market today because today you might just make it but tomorrow you will be left behind. Push the envelope with each design, production, and final product so that you continually achieve new milestones and in the process earn more work and attract more attention to yourself. When a potential client drives by your site, you want them to notice it and even think, “How can I get a playground design like that?” Its not hard to track down a designer once motivated to do so… so give them some motivation.

Be reliable and surround yourself with a reliable support system. There is nothing worse than being prepared to do the job and do it right then not being able to because your supporting cast has dropped the ball. Your overall success is dependant on many factors and to move forward you need people who want to move in the same direction as you. So, with each design project, take the right steps to make it cost-effective, highly aesthetic, functional, and fitting for the community. Do this and you will be designing to drive your business forward. Make it easy for yourself and work with Miracle Playsystems.

Xccent Play! Playground Provider Creates Jobs, Improves Community

May 18, 2010

Xccent Play! models are truly fantastic.

What kind of company do you want to work with? At Miracle Playsystems, we are a small, personal company that can produce the effective, stunning results of a giant. We choose to work the best in the business; other companies that strive to make a difference in the playground world through any number of measures. One company we really enjoy working with, like all the rest that we link to, is Xccent Play!, Fusion. This amazing company not only produces amazingly design products that are forward thinking and dependable, but they also are taking steps to improve their already fantastic products, and even their work environment.

A cutting-edge site from Xccent Play.

Xccent Play! is not only improving themselves, they are also improving the United States. Check this out… Xccent Play! recently created projects that brought a 100 jobs to Wyoming… in an economy like this, that is something to look up to. The project consists of building a new corporate headquarters, among other things. This way, they are improving their own brand and pumping some juice into the Wyoming economy at the same time. In this recession, it is good to see companies taking chances to improve themselves, as well as the communities around them.

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today, and its from Xccent Play!

Obviously this construction project has created many jobs and will employee many people from that area… think of all the other jobs Xccent Play! is creating… with every playground built jobs are produced and communities gain both in the short and long term. Money in the short term. Community integration through recreation in the long term. Plus, parks create maintenance jobs, manufacturing jobs, planning jobs, and of course design jobs. Its not time to sit back and take a break, take it from Xccent Play!, its time to get the ball rolling again to improve our way of life.

News from a Playground Master, Miracle Recreation Company

April 1, 2010

Here at Miracle Playsystems we like to keep up on all the latest playground news, especially when its from Miracle Recreation Company…so here it is. Did you know last year Miracle Rec Company pledged “$250,000 to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children over the next three years, and [will] help cover lodging costs necessary to reunite family members upon the recovery of missing children,” in their ongoing effort to promote the total wellbeing of children? Its programs like this that really make the difference for a ton of families.

This feature is heavily used by the surrounding community; it is easy to see why... it is tall, unique, and offers one fast ride.

Miracle also released their new MiracleTech product line—the line in which the SONIC SCREEN came from—which includes ParkWatch®, a state-of-the-art infared security camera system that actually transmits its recordings via wireless connection for an all digital security approach…also introduced was the SiteBrite®, a patented lighting system that carries a low voltage touch. These technologies can be implemented into any new design or fitted onto an existing site… oh the power of technology.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

And lastly, Miracle Rec Company went above and beyond back in 2008, and did not receive as much recognition as deserved. The playground company, for Grants for America’s Schools SM, offered $5,000,000 in money so that schools could apply for Commerical Play System Funds. This program is in support of the Benefits of Play as well as the new push to end childhood depression and obesity by encouraging physical, mental, and social gains through play. Miracle Rec has had a productive, worthwhile last couple of years it seems.

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level, features like these are what kids love and should get to use!

Design With a Forward-Thinking Approach

March 17, 2010

Design with the future in mind.

Design with the popular concepts of today in mind, but also forecast for the future. Aim at producing a quality playground or park design that will be both relevant in five years and in twenty years. Consider how the trends of yesterday affected those of today and then make reasonable assumptions about how they might develop in the future. No matter what you decide to go with, there are ways of ensuring the success of your design, that can work with any park. Always continue to design with a forward-thinking approach, otherwise you will be left in the dust.

Think ahead, but don't forget now.

To drive your design with now and later in mind, you will need equipment that fits in both categories—in present and in future. So, if you have six features in your design, plan on three of them being popular features of today and plan on three of them being forecasted, future popular features. Of course you will want to make sure they mesh well with each other in terms of color, theme, and form. One of the easiest ways to make a playground mesh well is through color. For example, by making all the bars on a playground yellow, the site will blend together no matter what features are at the site—yellow is just that prominent. Contact us at Miracle Playsystems for more specific information.

Make sure you link the present and future through color, theme, or form.

Another way to plan for the future, while keeping with today’s trends, is to install smaller, detail pieces that have a futuristic look. These will compliment the larger features in your design. You will need to decide what the future looks like to you, but once you have done so, it will be easy to add in pieces that fit the image. In this example, the small gives a forward-thinking look to the big and the whole design comes out ahead. Remember to keep today and tomorrow in mind when designing park and playgrounds because in most cases they will be around for decades. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on forward-thinking designs.

Accessibility Creates Playground Fun!

March 15, 2010

Imagine being able to see an unbelievable place, full of all the fun things you want to be doing, but the line to get there is so long that you fear you may never get there before you have to be somewhere else… where is this place for you? For a child it is often the playground. For this reason, it is crucial that you design and build many access points into a playground so that children can adequately access a playground without a huge amount of congestion and waiting. There is nothing worse than having to wait in line for the slide.

Step up to the plate and build great access points.

Accessibility also improves the safety of the playground by reducing congestion. Collisions are never a good thing, especially when the culprits are two children running at full speed. Moreover, the stress of the playground is reduced when it is less crowded, especially at the entry and exit points. And isn’t that the point of recess and playtime…to reduce stress and encourage a mentally, physically, and emotionally active, but free time. So, make sure you allow for an appropriate number of access points so that your playground is more, happy, healthy, and safe.

Climb up to better accessibility with the bubble climber.

Another factor that accessibility promotes is fun. And there are many parts of fun. There is the creative side, the active side, and the interpersonal, among others. Enter and exit the playground at many different levels and change it up every time, get creative. Slide down polls, shoot down slides, climb up walls, scale ladders, and tip toe on platforms, be really active about it. Race your friends, challenge your peers, share with your classmates, and get down to a personal level with those on the playground with you. Accessibility creates fun!

Its as easy as Connect Four to ensure great access points.

Use these Design Tips to Improve Your Playground…

March 9, 2010

Create a playground masterpiece by making sure your playground has three important design aspects. One: Create a playground centerpiece within the design. Two: Establish varying levels of height to create movement and flow. Three: Implement colors and themes that drive the site’s essence forward… don’t go against the natural feel of the surrounding area unless your idea is outstanding. Let these three principles guide the beginning stages of your design and your playground is sure to turn out magnificent.

This site has excellent movement and can be accessed from a number of heights... the focal point would be the rock wall peaking out from the back.

Creating a playground centerpiece is easy enough, however, we recommend taking a few things into account when making a decision. It helps if the centerpiece is a highly functional piece of equipment, one that draws children into it and works well with the theme of the rest of the park… or at least fits most into the color scheme so that all the pieces in some way match it.

The centerpiece of this playground is the Mega-Structure that most the children are playing on... it also makes good use of height and colors.

By implementing multiple levels of height one creates a sense of balance without keeping everything mundane and even. Also, movement and flow are created when the plane of vision isn’t a straight line. Furthermore, by offering different heights, more access points are available and congestion is greatly relieved.

The movement at this site is amazing because of all the heights... also, the colors really allow it to stand out.

Lastly, the site’s essence is one of the things that can be all for you or completely against you. This is why is important to identify it early and then design around it. For example, if the area is particularly hot, really dark colors like browns aren’t the best choice—they will attract the heat. For wooded areas blues and greens work well and for open areas yellows, oranges, and reds do the trick. When coming up with a theme, taking the sites existing theme into consideration is helpful… next to a body of water? A pirate theme is a good idea. Next to a bunch of trees? Try out a forest theme. Implement these three design tips and your playground design will go much farther in appealing to your clients and your visitors.

A Featured Design Aspect: A Healthy Connection Through an Overhead Challenge

February 25, 2010

An obstacle like this is a great way to connect playground features or decks.

Overhead challenges not only represent fun on the playground, they also represent the healthy gains that can be made on playgrounds. The benefits of play are very well documented and when a playground feature directly relates to one of them, we just have to tell you about it. One of the key benefits of play is physical fitness. Now, for children to just be outside and playing is great and will undoubtedly improve their health, but the overhead challenge takes health improvement to the next level. Using this feature is like working out while playing. There is perhaps no other feature that promotes upper body strength like the overhead challenge—just take a look at it.

To successfully navigate this feature it takes endurance, strength, coordination, and focus. Every one of these traits can be improved through play in general, but they must be uniquely harnessed to use the overhead challenge. Plus, children can gain these traits by using the overhead challenge day after day. Maybe on day one they get a quarter of the way across. By the end of week two they are just over half way. In a couple of months they will be swinging back and forth like a monkey.

Another great characteristic of the overhead challenge is that it connects other features. So now, when children are trying to get from one fun feature to the next, they can get a workout in the process. The overhead challenge really is a connecter on the playground, but it also connects the dots between physical fitness and play. The benefits of play cannot be ignored. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on how you can implement a cutting edge overhead challenge into your next playground design.

The overhead challenge is a fun workout.

Cutting Edge Designs that are Well Thought Out

February 23, 2010

Forward thinking designs are always in style.

To hold your own in today’s competitive market, you have to constantly update your designs. This means not only thinking outside of the box, but also enhancing what’s still inside the box. However, when the envelope is pushed, often times the fundamentals can be forgotten and those basic elements that make a design functional can be left behind. For this reason, it is important to have designs that are forward thinking as well as useful, reliable, and entertaining.

Work technology into your design for big results.

For a design to be useful it needs to serve its purpose. For example, if a slide is visually stunning because it has many, many curves, but a rider can’t get enough speed to make it to the bottom, then the slide is not working. Or, if a huge, new swing set is too close to other equipment to be safe, then it is not serving its purpose of needing to be both fun and safe. Aesthetically pleasing playground design possibilities are endless; but it takes a little more thinking to make those designs functional as well. Go to Miracle Playsystems for more information.

Make sure every feature looks like fun.

When whimsicality becomes too much, durability is often the first to lose out. Sure, super airy, fantasy designs are cool looking, but when it comes to cost effectiveness, they just don’t get the job done. Having too many working parts or small pieces can often lead to high maintenance costs.

Lastly, a design should be attractive, but before that, it should be entertaining. No matter how fun a design looks, whether or not it is actually fun will be the deal maker or breaker. The last thing a park needs is a bunch of high tech looking playground features that are never used. So, when you design your next playground, go with designs that are proven to be fun, durable, and cost effective… as well as visually stunning. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

A Playground Highlight: The Look Out Deck

February 15, 2010

Fun creations like this lookout deck are entertainin and memorable.

When children are at play, their imaginations run wild. It is a playground designers job to allow them to create and invent as much as possible when at the site. Not only should we give children slides and swings to play on, we should also give them imagination platforms such as control panels complete with steering wheels and look out decks complete with eye glasses and binoculars to create games with. Now a kid can be a pirate, a naval commander, a forest ranger, or a wilderness scout… all at the same place! One day that child may be running from monsters and the next that same kid might be chasing bandits across the galaxy… it is the job of the playground designer to allow this creativity to go on by implementing imagination platforms.

The look out deck certainly is an imagination platform. Sure, it can be used to see a pier at a closer distance, but more realistically it is going to be a toy that a kid uses in part of a pretending game where they are playing some imaginative role… and who knows what they will dream up. By designing playgrounds so that children can play and imagine, a designer is doing twice the job from a child’s point of view (and isn’t that who uses these playgrounds after all?).

The look out deck can come with binoculars or a telescope/spotting scope. It is usually the highest spot of the playground and can be connected with a climber, a slide, or a bridge. This great place gives a playground uniqueness and can play into the individual theme and identity of the site. This appealing feature is a playground highlight because its not often thought of, but it can produce big results. For more imaginative ideas, contact us by visiting Miracle Playsystems.