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Fun Water Playgrounds to Keep You Cool All Summer

June 3, 2010

A fun water spray park goes as far in the summer as a humungous water balloon fight or a day at the lake complete with paddle boats and all. These destination sites are pretty much amazing and all enjoy their attractive water jets and alluring fountains. So gather round frog and flower sprayers alike and cool of with all your friends and family at the local water spray park today. If designing a new water spray park for your community, you may want to keep a few things in mind…

First, its fine to build in open fields but just make sure to include a shade structure so that patrons of the park have a retreat from the hot sun. Also, it is a good idea to have paved path ways up to the edge of the spray park from the parking lot because when wet it is easy to get dirty on the way back to the car…a simple design aspect such as this is exactly what will keep communities using your park all summer long. In terms of size, make sure the park is appropriate for the size of the community. Make the park too small and it will be overcrowded on especially hot days. Of course make it too large and it’s a waste of materials, resources, and the short and long term funds of your client.

A final design aspect to remember when designing a water spray park is the incorporation of benches, water fountains, trash receptacles, and other things of this nature… basically, don’t forget the supporting cast of the spray park. Children are the main attendees of the park, but adults will be right there too most likely watching and they will need places to sit—preferably in the shade—and relax. They will also need to throw away trash and get the occasional drink of water for themselves as well as their kids. Design the best water spray park possible and keep in mind that it’s the little details that make a big difference.


Maximize Your Playground Surface Performance with Sof’Solutions

May 11, 2010

Details make the difference in design.

Can you believe how far technology has come in the last few years? Its hard to believe not long ago we were tied to cords on phones and still using Maps instead of GPS or Mapquest. Well just like the rise of the cell phone, the new age of Playground surfacing has emerged… but not overnight. For 15 years Sof’Solutions Recreation Surfacing has been providing their clients with the maximum level of service, protection, and safety. Sof’Solutions has your surface solution for hard falls, indoor and outdoor areas, and all weather terrains. With products like Sof’Fall, Sof’Shield, Sof’Bounce, Sof’Path, and Sof’Splash, you know Sof’Solutions has the right way to meet any design criteria.

What if you could put your mind completely at ease…even if it was just about the makeup of your playground surface? Well, Sof’Solutions provides: consultation for their products, certification on all their installations, and will even give you the guidelines for future maintenance. So… sit back, relax, and enjoy that Orange Julius because Sof’Solution has made life easy for those in search of the perfect playground surface solution.

Moreover, every surface offered is IPEMA certified and also backed by the Sof’Solutions Play Protection Plan, “which means that [they] stand behind every product [they] offer and everyone who represents [them].” And we over here at Miracle stand behind Sof’Solutions because we have seen first hand the amazing work they do that stands out every time in terms of quality, design appeal, and safety performance.

Accent Your Park and Playground with Stylish Legacy Site Amenities

April 15, 2010

Legacy Site Amenities simply can’t be beat. Are you looking for style and class at affordable prices? Is your park in need of a face lift that will impress your patrons and offer them a fundamental park service? With Legacy you get the best of benches, bike racks, bollards, litter receptacles, picnic tables, planters, seating, tree guards, and other park necessities. Legacy offers “unparalleled quality and durability with cutting-edge, unique design,” as their site says and just take a look at their products and you will agree. They are sleek, cool, and fun all in the same package.

Sit down and enjoy a Legacy bench.

Take the 46” Heritage Square Portable Table, it has a painted frame that features an easy access design that lets people cozy on in at a moment’s notice. Getting out is no trouble either as it has “no hazardous leg extensions protruding past the seat edge.” This table is delightfully simple, yet it has complex thinking behind its design. Like its 11-gauge steel braces that have been welded to the underside in which increase the “tabletop rigidity.” Plus the sheer design of it increases its stability, durability, and mobility. What an amazing table…its cousin is pictured in the post, and boasts equally impressive specs.

Come around the table for a good old park side dinner.

Seriously, visit and follow the links through products to see all that we have to offer and while on, take a look at the Legacy Site Amenities site so you can see for yourself the amazing craftsmanship and design behind this superior name. Plus here you can register to receive their catalog and check out all the awesome products that will improve your park. Next to any playground their needs to be water, benches, and trash cans so that the experience is complete and no detail is left unfinished.

HAGS Playgrounds Don’t Leave Safety to Chance

April 6, 2010

Already one of the most prestigious companies in the playground world, HAGS continues to drive their business forward with standout product features and uncompromised, fantastic style. But what seems to really stand out from HAGS is the attention they place on safety and protecting that is most important on the playground—the children. To HAGS, “Nothing is more important that providing a safe, positive environment for children to play,” and they have a commitment that is based around meeting or exceeding all the major guidelines and standards of playground safety, as they say on their website. They are determined to keep the kids safe at play.

Use the Buddy System for Safety

Playground safety is all about getting the design right in the beginning stages, before production, so that nothing goes to chance. HAGS spends a great deal of time perfecting each and every product so that when it goes out on the market it is almost guaranteed to be reliable, long lasting, and safe. When a feature is sold, and brought to the client, and then built, the last thing anyone wants to happen is for a drastic change to have to occur for safety reasons…this is why HAGS does rigorous testing on every model long before the selling stages. Its good to know everyone has a friend out on a HAGS playground.

Remember to Play Safe

As always, nothing is for sure, accidents will happen as children after all are developing people and can make mistakes just like the rest of us. For this reason, it is important to install a soft surface under every play site to decrease the risk of falls. Adult supervision is always a must too. This is the most sure fire way to keep out children safe when they are out at play. An adult can…call for help…set the rules…be a role model…and resolve conflicts sooner. Children should strive to do these things too, but when it comes to safety, like HAGS, leave nothing to chance.

Play Improves Life, Especially When Safe

Different Ways to Design Water into Your Next Playground Design

March 24, 2010

If you have the option, make water a priority.

To ensure that your park is used by the surrounding community as much as possible, it is a good idea to add in as many features as you can. These may include picnic areas, shade covered lounge spots, a playground, and also water-fun features. With a variety of activities for visitors to interact with, your park will surely be more successful. Furthermore, because summer is approaching fast, it is a good idea to start preparing ways for patrons to beat the heat. Shady areas are a great way, but for big time thrills and cool fun, it is necessary to design water into you park.

Adding in a large or small water spray park will boost your park's attractiveness.

There are many ways to design water into your park. First of all there are simple and crucial fixtures such as drinking fountains and sprinklers and also people and pet fountains. You can also take it a step further and build a pond or a water play arena at your site. What’s more… you can also install a Water Spray Park and Spray features so that children can play in the cold water while adults lounge in the shade close by.

Water is a key component to summer fun.

Another great idea is to build a park next to a public pool so that visitors can make a whole day out of the location. They can get to the pool early and have fun, and then go to the park and have lunch before spending the afternoon on a playground. There are so many great ways to include water into your next park. By making water accessible, people learn to appreciate it more. Now, it is more important than ever to be water conscience, that is why there are so many great technologies, including a Water Re-use and Management System that accompanies a Water Spray Park for instance. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

A Playground Should Play Into Its Surroundings

February 10, 2010

A site’s essence, as landscape architects know, is an extremely important factor to consider when planning a design.

A site’s essence is utilized by landscape architects to determine many factors of design such as its color and form as well as functionality. For instance, in relation to playgrounds, if a site is scorched by hot weather by a large portion of the year, shade structures can play an important role in keeping children cool and safe. Furthermore, if trees surround this same area, it makes sense to make the shade structure green so that it blends in with the surroundings. Here the site’s essence, that it is hot and surrounded by trees, plays a key role in the implemented equipment and that equipment’s attributes.

Color, form, and features can all be influenced by a site’s surroundings.

In terms of form, the surroundings can again play a big role in what equipment will be aesthetic as well as useful at a particular site. If there are tons of trees everywhere, the height of the equipment may be kept to a minimum so that it doesn’t hit the trees at any point in the future. If it does, the trees would have to be trimmed for safety reasons and this would cost the client more money in the long run. Also, the form could be more boxy if rocky cliffs were in the background or fluid if mostly deciduous trees are around.

Believe it or not, this is an artificial rock formation and can be added in to improve a site’s essence by giving off a nature like feel.

Overall, a site’s essence and its surroundings can determine many things about a site. Basically, a playground design and theme should match the things surrounding it so that is visually stunning. However, if one were to juxtapose a desert area with a forested playground design, it might not look so bad because it’s a fresh sight. All and all, just something to keep in mind… as always, remember to have fun. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details and design information.

Location, Location, Location… The Importance of the Destination

December 15, 2009

Location can help determine the theme of the site.

The location of your playground can determine many factors about your site. For starters, where your park is in relation to the community it is meant to serve will play a role in the approachability of the site and how often it is visited by those members. Also, the essence of the site in terms of its surroundings can often influence the theme, color scheme, and the features of the playground. Choosing the right site is often not up to the designer, however, the designer can make sure the playground is attractive, well-suited, and accessible to the surrounding community, based off of that location.

Location can heavily influence the color scheme you choose.

Being in close proximity to a community will of course improve how easily it is noticed and how much it is visited, however other measures can be taken to ensure that a site is easily accessible to potential patrons. Constructing at least a small parking near the playground or park lot goes a long way in making it easy to visit. Placing the playground inside the boundaries of a neighborhood will make the site safer and more approachable. Furthermore, if the playground/park is further away from homes, making the effort to build easily navigable roads that link to a main way will make the site easy to find.

Location may also determine how relaxing (for adults), accessible, and exciting (for children) your site is.

In terms of playground theme, the surrounding area or park may play a heavy role. If there are a lot of trees around—or a heaps of greenery—then a nature theme might work the best. In terms of color, this site would be brown and green. In terms of features, this site would have bark and leaf designs in the equipment. If the site was closer to a beach and in the sun all the time, a maritime theme will work well and yellow, oranges, and reds could be implemented with great success. The location is important to a playground because it may influence who can attend it; the location is also important because how well the playground plays off of the location may determine how much those who visit enjoy it and are entertained.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults and Children to Stay Active!

November 10, 2009

One of the newest trends in today’s park and recreation culture and design is the implementation of adult fitness equipment next to existing playgrounds or on circuits all their own. With our nation’s growing awareness of preventative health-care and in turn staying active, it is no surprise that there is an increasing demand for affordable and practical means of exercise. However, when children take priority, how is it possible to make the gym after work or go home to exercise in the midst of a thousand distractions? Miracle Playsystems has an answer for communities looking for a better fitness outlet than expensive gyms and unrealistic at-home exercise routines… Just talk to your community organizer and put them in contact with Miracle Playsystems so they can get the ball rolling on park-set adult fitness equipment…

Adult Fitness 3

The Adult Fitness Course Vertical Climb.

Adult fitness equipment from Miracle is more specifically described as Outdoor Fitness Equipment, from Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. Tons of different pieces are available—everything from push up and pull up bars to abdominal apparatuses and step up platforms. All of these go a long way in promoting preventative health-care and the best part… when a community builds a site together, it becomes free to all those who use it from then on… and, the kids can get their exercise too, getting play right along side. In today’s hectic climate, taking an hour to visit a local park in between work/school and home will do everyone a lot of good.

Adult Fitness 2

The Adult Fintess Course Balance Beam.

Talk about a stress reducer… exercise will no joke take some of the energy out of your super-active children and will allow you to clear your head before having to go home and think about dinner, homework (yours and your kids), chores, and everything else. With Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment available at your local park, not only will you save money in the short term by avoiding pricey monthly gym dues, you will also benefit hugely in the long term by partaking in preventative health-care on your own terms. Talk to your community organizer the next time your see them and let them know you want a better exercise option at your local park so that you and you children can be active, side by side.

Adult Fitness

The Adult Course Horizontal Ladder.

Techniques to Bring the Group Together with Park Additions

August 20, 2009

Often times playgrounds are complete in terms of equipment, but the full package still isn’t there. With a few more features though, the kids and the whole group will be entertained at a site. These extras are relatively small, but offer a family or group the ability to do activities all ages will enjoy. They also add benefits that allow the stay at a site to last many more hours so that the enjoyment of a nice day is taken to the max. Amenities like these turn a play destination into a full service recreation location…

The Super Park Grill is an expressway to great food.

The Super Park Grill is an expressway to great food.

The first addition allows the ability to cook food on site, so that energy levels are sustained and the outing doesn’t have to come to an abrupt end when stomachs begin to rumble. It is the grill, and Miracle Recreation Company offers models ranging from the small, Economy Park Grill to the bigger ones like the Heavy Duty Park Grill and the Super Park Grill. Stick whatever cuts or vegetables you like in a cooler on ice and take them straight to the park, just don’t forget the charcoal. By implementing cooking outlets into a park design, you give people the ability to grill up a little more fun.

The Heavy Duty Park Table can provide a place for a huge group to sit.

The Heavy Duty Park Table can provide a place for a huge group to sit.

Other park supplements allow these same patrons to sit down and enjoy the meal they have just fired up. These are the very essential park tables and benches. Relaxation is just as important as activity in an outdoor setting so providing a place to sit down for a minute and rest is crucial for a successful outing. Available from Miracle are huge 15 foot Heavy Duty Shelter Tables that will cater to a family of any size and also 8 foot rectangular tables and 38 inch square tables that will please a smaller group. A variety of benches are also available.

The Lion Drinking Fountain is the ideal watering station.

The Lion Drinking Fountain is the ideal watering station.

Of course, now after a short break and all that food, thirst has surely set in. Well, drinking fountains are readily available and are always a good idea, especially for those hotter areas. Standard fountains are out there, but truly original water stations are too and can stir up considerable attention—the Lion Drinking Fountain could provide this aesthetic boost. This playground feature can be incorporated into a theme with stunning results and can act as one of the site’s focal points. By incorporating food, rest, and water into a site, your design is sure to bring any group closer together.

Building a New Park

June 23, 2009
Build Spaces that Benefit the Community

Build Spaces that Benefit the Community

The need for positive modifications to our cities is greater than ever.  Instead of putting in a new parking structure, how about building a new park?  Parks are advantageous to communities in many ways.  New jobs are created and insured through the creation of parks, as workers are needed for both construction and maintenance.  As all surely know, jobs are crucial for the wellbeing of the economy.  The production of a park can work well within the existing landscape to cut down on expenditures. 

For instance, water hungry grass can be reduced to being used in a few sports fields and some recreation areas and the usual grassy expanses of parks can be replaced with trails and bark areas to further decrease maintenance and water costs.  Reducing supply costs will leave more money for workers.   Open spaces like parks are places for activity and will increase the physical health of a community; creating more jobs will increase the economic health of a community.

Discover New Places to Build Playgrounds

Discover New Places to Build Playgrounds

Getting back to working within the landscape; there is no need to bulldoze the entire area.  Instead, landscape architects can use forward thinking design methods to incorporate the existing site characteristics into the new park in order to minimize construction costs.  In doing this, money is saved for future repairs/revisions and paying workers higher wages.  Landscape architects, urban planners, and city desginers may also have to stray from traditional park sites to find places for new parks.  But these are just some ideas.

Bark doesn't Require Much Upkeep

Use Surfaces that don't Require Much Upkeep

In building a new park, if a park had one soccer field or one baseball diamond and a few grassy areas past these, putting picnic tables on a large concrete floor under a shade structure, the need for costly water would be greatly reduced.  Also, construct a durable playground, one that utilizes methods to reduce maintenance supply fees, on a rubber or bark surface that doesn’t require much upkeep and additional money is saved, especially over the long term.  Then, use bark trails to form a series of loops around the whole site (fields, picnic area, and playground) for those who want to walk around.  By doing all of these things, parks can reduce expenses, while still providing jobs and a place to play.  All persons involved in the creation of parks must be particularly innovative in these challenging budgetary times for continued benefit of our communities.