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A Durable Playground Saves You Money

July 22, 2010

In these challenging budgetary times it is important to think about today’s costs as well as tomorrow’s. At Miracle we take pride in reducing costs by implementing durable, reliable equipment that needs little maintenance over time. We use heavy duty manufacturers and playground suppliers that have a long history in the business, so they know what it takes to get the job done right the first time. And don’t think these durable products are unattainable; we spend a great deal of time working with our product lines so that they are the best deals possible… so your project will be cost-effective in the long term and the short term.

The connections we use are secure and safe. The nuts, bolts, and rivets are steel and the equipment, as shown through design specs and experience, we receive from our suppliers are top-of-the-line. We look over our products so that we ensure we are giving clients equipment that won’t let them down. It would be unreasonable to say that issues don’t arise, such as extreme weather damage or vandalism, but we work with our clients to get these problems taken care of as fast as possible so that their sites are ready for use once again quickly. Offering spare parts is just the first part of making sure our clients are taken care of. We can also bring in the specialists that will get the job done right. These occasions are rare, but when they do happen, know that you have a solid backup plan.

To prevent unwanted damage from hazards such as vandalism, we offer security devices for your park or playground. These include the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System from Miracle, a device that uses high frequency sounds to drive away young adults during high-crime night-time hours. This ready to install system, available for your new or existing site, is guaranteed to reduce vandalism by over 80%. In Europe, a similar system is being used and many times it has been shown to be 100% effective. Talk about reducing damages. So, go with durable, affordable products to start and if you think you need extra protections, let us know and we will hook you up with the best in the business in terms of easily attainable security equipment that will reduce your long term maintenance costs.


Fantastic Playground Curves Mean Elegance in Fun

June 10, 2010

Streamlined designs put on a show for the eye. Twisting turns and swooping lines can take a bland structure and make it extremely eye catching. With playgrounds, fantastic curves make for elegance in terms of aesthetics, but also promote fun, flow, and even safety. Playgrounds should help beautify a place such as a park, church, school, or community event center. When the right amount of curvy movement comes together with functionality and durability, a great thing happens, a playground is created that will improve the space its in while looking good.

In terms of flow, curves make for an aesthetic design most of the time. They dip down in smooth fashion and shoot upwards with grace. Rounded edges give off the feeling of endless lines… a feeling that will put visitors at ease. Speaking of rounded edges, these are also much more safe than sharp, 90 degree angles that point out in hazardous fashion. Rounded corners are also easier to move around and improve lines of sight. Meaning, children will run into each other less often because they will have more time to dodge each other.

Bottom line: curves look good and serve a very functional purpose. They add to the fun of a playground by making it easier to navigate around. Curves decrease the chance of injuries and improve the chance of walking away from a day of play without the bumps, bruises, and scrapes that can be associated with a full force day of playground fun. Designers, keep these functional curves in mind more often when designing a playground… and if you do it already, without even thinking, its probably because they look so good.

Maximize Your Playground Surface Performance with Sof’Solutions

May 11, 2010

Details make the difference in design.

Can you believe how far technology has come in the last few years? Its hard to believe not long ago we were tied to cords on phones and still using Maps instead of GPS or Mapquest. Well just like the rise of the cell phone, the new age of Playground surfacing has emerged… but not overnight. For 15 years Sof’Solutions Recreation Surfacing has been providing their clients with the maximum level of service, protection, and safety. Sof’Solutions has your surface solution for hard falls, indoor and outdoor areas, and all weather terrains. With products like Sof’Fall, Sof’Shield, Sof’Bounce, Sof’Path, and Sof’Splash, you know Sof’Solutions has the right way to meet any design criteria.

What if you could put your mind completely at ease…even if it was just about the makeup of your playground surface? Well, Sof’Solutions provides: consultation for their products, certification on all their installations, and will even give you the guidelines for future maintenance. So… sit back, relax, and enjoy that Orange Julius because Sof’Solution has made life easy for those in search of the perfect playground surface solution.

Moreover, every surface offered is IPEMA certified and also backed by the Sof’Solutions Play Protection Plan, “which means that [they] stand behind every product [they] offer and everyone who represents [them].” And we over here at Miracle stand behind Sof’Solutions because we have seen first hand the amazing work they do that stands out every time in terms of quality, design appeal, and safety performance.

Vertical Structures are Stunning in Design

March 2, 2010

As opposed to horizontal structures, vertical ones stand out more and offer a more lively feel.

Think of some notable landmarks: the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower. What trait do all of these masterful creations share? They are all tall and vertical in stature. Vertical designs are great for a number of reasons. For one, they are easily noticed from close up and from far away. Also, something about tall structures speak to us as people and we really take to them… call it aesthetic appeal. Lastly, they usually contrast the flatness of the world around us which draws us in to them… maybe its because we know we will have a better vantage point from the top. The point is: people just can’t get enough of vertical structures.

In terms of playgrounds, there are many tall structures that can be implemented into a site. Tall slides can rise up from the bark chips and offer those kids daring enough to take a ride a unique thrill. Climbers like rock walls propose a physical trial to any who attempt to scale them way up to their peak. Over head challenges tempt children from above to test their upper body strength against the rigors of the feature. There are so many vertical structures to add into designs when thinking about the next cool playground; there are so many features that will impress your visitors with vertical feet.

Add some liveliness to your next playground with vertical structures. Make your park more noticeable and make your playground more thrilling. Vertical structures will offer contrast to the flat grassy fields in you park and will excite children when they see all the potential fun. With vertical feet, you are not only adding great architecture, you are getting a design that exudes entertainment, stunning visuals, and of course greater visibility. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Rising up into the clouds, this tower is hard to miss.

A Playground Highlight: The Look Out Deck

February 15, 2010

Fun creations like this lookout deck are entertainin and memorable.

When children are at play, their imaginations run wild. It is a playground designers job to allow them to create and invent as much as possible when at the site. Not only should we give children slides and swings to play on, we should also give them imagination platforms such as control panels complete with steering wheels and look out decks complete with eye glasses and binoculars to create games with. Now a kid can be a pirate, a naval commander, a forest ranger, or a wilderness scout… all at the same place! One day that child may be running from monsters and the next that same kid might be chasing bandits across the galaxy… it is the job of the playground designer to allow this creativity to go on by implementing imagination platforms.

The look out deck certainly is an imagination platform. Sure, it can be used to see a pier at a closer distance, but more realistically it is going to be a toy that a kid uses in part of a pretending game where they are playing some imaginative role… and who knows what they will dream up. By designing playgrounds so that children can play and imagine, a designer is doing twice the job from a child’s point of view (and isn’t that who uses these playgrounds after all?).

The look out deck can come with binoculars or a telescope/spotting scope. It is usually the highest spot of the playground and can be connected with a climber, a slide, or a bridge. This great place gives a playground uniqueness and can play into the individual theme and identity of the site. This appealing feature is a playground highlight because its not often thought of, but it can produce big results. For more imaginative ideas, contact us by visiting Miracle Playsystems.

Shade Structures are Useful, Edgy, Cool, and Healthy

February 5, 2010

Shade structures aren't just protective, they are cool.

Shade structures are proven to be extremely effective at protecting children against harmful sun damage. They promote health and safety on the playground by decreasing the risks of overheating, heat stroke, and dehydration… however water and sunscreen are needed too. The shade structure is very useful, but it is also cool. It looks awesome. It is cutting edge in design and comes in all sorts of design savvy shapes and colors. In some areas, the shade structure is expected, especially after it is seen for the first time.

This feature is not only useful, it is popular.

The shade structure is edgy. This is a key invention in terms of modern playgrounds. If your area gets to above 90 degrees in the summer then you really need a shade structure over your playgrounds. New protections such as this are crucial for keeping children safe when at play under the hot sun. Plus, the actual shape of the equipment in relation to its use makes the product so hip. This is one cool playground fixture.

Shade structures are expected in a lot of areas.

The shad structure is a unique creation that has become cool—not only because it is so useful, but because of its looks and feel. It just seems like a good idea… and it is. And it adds an extra dimension to a playground. Playgrounds have always been open, but this provides a roof and a great new look. Its hard to describe why the shade structure is so cool… but I’m pretty sure it is a combination between its usefulness, its freshness, its edginess, and its protective qualities, and of course its stunning aesthetic visual appeal. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more details on this amazing feature.

Balance the Playground Features in Your Site

January 26, 2010

Balance the features throughout your playground design.

As with any design, it takes a certain amount of movement, flow, color, form, and balance to please the onlooker and create an attractive work. A playground needs these same things to succeed. There should be a color scheme that blends well within itself and with its surroundings. Features in the park need to be connected in a way that children can move through them easily and without congestion. The pieces themselves need to flow together in order to promote a unified design. And lastly, the design needs balance. It should look natural and even. It should look smooth and well thought out.

Alining equipment with other park features contributes to balance.

Having balance specifically means that a playground should not be lopsided—all the big features should not be on one side with all the small features on the other… unless of course that is your big idea and you execute it flawlessly. Furthermore, balance means that a playground should have layers so that it fills the vertical space evenly as well as the layout. For example, spring riders could fill the ground level. The Gravitron or the Orb-x, swings, and rock walls could fill the middle ground, and look out decks and taller slides could populate the upper space. A well rounded design is needed for great balance.

Determine weight values for each piece of equipment and evenly distribute them over your site plane.

For increased balance, align the features in your playground with the lines of surrounding structures and prominent features around your site. By doing this you will add subtle amounts of evenness that will add up to promote levels of outstanding balance in your playground design. There are so many ways to increase the balance of your site… and along with movement, flow, color, and form, balance is crucial to create a visually pleasing design. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

The Playground Feature of the Week: the Play Control Panel

December 27, 2009

This amazingly simple toy is surprisingly entertaining and is an awesome playground add-on.

Implement a feature that adds onto a Mega Tower or play deck that will create tons of experiences and will keep visitors coming back again and again… and the best part… it is as simple as the wheel. Well, actually, it is the wheel—a steering wheel, and it is attached to the Play Control Panel. This fun feature allows children to use their imaginations and innovate their own games. Children will savor the chance to get behind the wheel and with their mind’s eye, they might be in the cockpit of a racecar, a monster truck, or a futuristic space ship…

Once you learn of all the Play Control Panel models available from Miracle Playsystems, you are going to want to add one into your next playscape design for sure. Just think, you could build an entire vehicle themed playground and in doing so, invent one of the coolest playgrounds in town… include about four of these Steering Wheel Control Panels and you will be well on your way to an amazing park. These interesting features are just the start of an awesome playground design… the sky is the limit from there…

This detailed addition will drive your theme forward and will be one of those small characteristics that take your design to the next level. Of course, this feature isn’t stand-alone, but that is not a problem if you are in the design stages or are looking to do a semi-major playground addition. Remember that it’s the differences that separate designs, so make sure yours are positive. A Play Control or Steering Panel could be that positive difference, that is why it is the Playground Feature of the Week. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Playground Spotlight Feature: the Hang-A-Round

September 20, 2009
The Hang-A-Round can fit almost anywhere to provide a unique playground experience.

The Hang-A-Round can fit almost anywhere to provide a unique playground experience.

The Hang-A-Round is an ideal feature in many ways.  Because this feature is both free standing and small in overall size, it can be placed pretty much anywhere, on any site.  This overhead challenge is formed like an upside down J with a wheel shaped grip at the end of it.  All a kid has to do is grab hold and then through their own momentum or through the assistance of others, he or she can spin around and around.

Although this feature only allows one child to participate at a time, its accessibility level is actually high.  This is because a child can only hang on for so long and then has to give up the turn to rest—allowing the next kid to give it a spin.  Kids could even take turns to see who can spin the longest.  Providing a unique experience, while permitting many to use it in a given time frame, the Hang-A-Round is worth having around.

Because of its simple structure, the Hang-A-Round can fit into almost any playground theme with as little work as a color change.  Plus, only needing about five square feet to fit, it can be added to a playground of any size to give that site an extra edge in the original experience it imparts onto visitors.  Give the Hang-A-Round a chance; it is one feature that’s nature is way more fun than its size might convey.

Small Features, but Big Rewards

July 16, 2009

Small features often mean big fun for children.  There are many tiny sized playground components—when compared to such massive structures as the Mega Tower—that add variety and depth to any playground.  These valuable pieces, often independent from the central playground, come in various shapes and are all distinctive in appearance.  Although individual in nature, these features can team up well to produce enormous affects in terms of boosting aesthetic allure and enhancing function and accessibility.

Sping Rider Bug Eyes, Close Up Detail

Sping Rider Bug Eyes, Close Up Detail

What do lady bugs, snails, ATVs, and grand prix racers all have in common?  They are all spring riders available for playground design and building projects.  Even better, these examples are just a sample of the vast assortment on hand from Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, which also has elephants, frogs, and motor cross bikes, among many more.  A playground’s appeal will increase with just one or two—or a whole fleet of these spring-anchored contraptions, created in imaginative forms for children to ride on.

Lady Bug Spring Rider

Lady Bug Spring Rider

The spring rider collection isn’t the only equipment set to offer faux animals for a play site.  A new feature option in the playground world is the Park Pet.  Lying down, waiting attractively for a visitor to lay eyes upon or climb up on could be a polymer concrete resin cat, fish, or turtle, among others.  Sturdy and enduring, these stone like creatures generate original images to be remembered and talked about by those fortunate enough to have one at a nearby park.  How unique! 
A Frog Styled Park Pet

A Frog Styled Park Pet

The park pet and spring rider are just two types of modest features that deliver a whopping good time.  So whether it’s a spring loaded frog or a concrete resin dog, a small time attraction will add range and value to a playground—and a little more fun.

Grasshopper Spring Rider

Grasshopper Spring Rider