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The Ideal Playscape, A Festival of Fun… A Culmination of Playgrounds

June 24, 2010

Creating an ideal place for children should be a priority for all communities. This place needs to be more than anything safe and healthy. It also needs to be accessible to the majority of the public in terms of location. Costs need to be manageable as well, both in upfront costs and in long-term maintenance. Once these basic requirements have been met, the final piece of the puzzle can be fit into place… the fun… the excitement… the entertainment. There is a way to satisfy everyone’s playground demands for fun, and that is by including all three playground types in a single site.

The first type of playground is the water spray park. This site is perfect for taming the summer heat and for making new friends in the community. Not only can a family enjoy the summer sun, but they can also be next to neighbors, friends, and future playmates. Water really brings people together and with a park that encourages water fights through the use of sprayers, cannons, and the perfect spot for water balloons, it is no surprise that the first type of playground at this festival of fun just maybe the most popular.

The second must is a lounge or picnic area and large fields for games. A shelter will shade patrons from the scorching sun and will also offer a great spot for tables, benches, and can act as the backdrop for barbeques. This spot will also act as a way for adults to better enjoy the tri-playground area because they won’t be forced to wait in the sun for their children to tire out playing. Instead they can be close to the third spot, the traditional playground, and can easily keep an eye on their kids.

The third playground is the ones we all think of immediately when the subject comes up. These include slides, swings, ladders, poles, and all the fun stuff. Playgrounds these days have a ton of exciting technology that children can explore and act off of. Some of these are the Orb-X, the Gravitron, and the Mega Tower. Now all can enjoy the park more with the combination of multiple playgrounds into one site… enjoy the festival of fun!


Fun Water Playgrounds to Keep You Cool All Summer

June 3, 2010

A fun water spray park goes as far in the summer as a humungous water balloon fight or a day at the lake complete with paddle boats and all. These destination sites are pretty much amazing and all enjoy their attractive water jets and alluring fountains. So gather round frog and flower sprayers alike and cool of with all your friends and family at the local water spray park today. If designing a new water spray park for your community, you may want to keep a few things in mind…

First, its fine to build in open fields but just make sure to include a shade structure so that patrons of the park have a retreat from the hot sun. Also, it is a good idea to have paved path ways up to the edge of the spray park from the parking lot because when wet it is easy to get dirty on the way back to the car…a simple design aspect such as this is exactly what will keep communities using your park all summer long. In terms of size, make sure the park is appropriate for the size of the community. Make the park too small and it will be overcrowded on especially hot days. Of course make it too large and it’s a waste of materials, resources, and the short and long term funds of your client.

A final design aspect to remember when designing a water spray park is the incorporation of benches, water fountains, trash receptacles, and other things of this nature… basically, don’t forget the supporting cast of the spray park. Children are the main attendees of the park, but adults will be right there too most likely watching and they will need places to sit—preferably in the shade—and relax. They will also need to throw away trash and get the occasional drink of water for themselves as well as their kids. Design the best water spray park possible and keep in mind that it’s the little details that make a big difference.

Protect the Children on Your Playground, Beat the Heat, Chose Sun Ports

May 7, 2010

There is no question that the sun poses more risk than ever in terms of skin damage, heat stroke, and even some forms of cancer. Not to mention, getting a nasty burn won’t just ruin your day, it’ll ruin your whole week. For this reason, it is important to stay in the shade during the heat of the day and always wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Children don’t often think about taking care of themselves at this level of detail so it is important that we take the appropriate steps for them. Sun Port Shade Structures have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide top notch shade structures that cover playgrounds, pools, and parks so that children can get a break from the sun and beat the heat.

On a sunny day, shade structures will be especially lovely to have around.

Did you know with Sun Ports you can create your own, customized shade structure? The process is easy, just select on of their pre-drafted model renderings and then choose from their wide array of steel and fabric colors… then rotate your created model for a full 360 degree view. Design options include cabanas, cantilevers, coolbrellas, hexagons, mariners, octagons, pyramids, sandtons, single posts, and even multi-panel structures that can span huge spaces. So cover that lifeguard tower. Cover the playground. Cover your bleachers. And cover your own budget too by choosing this cost-effective shade solution.

A Custom Designed 3-Point Sail from Sun Port Shade Structures.

Choose Sun Ports not only for their amazingly cool designs that are sure to take any playground or park design to a whole new level, but for the reasons that they have been recognized as a safety leader in the industry. They promote safety by sponsoring the Made in the Shade Sun Safety campaign. They are also associated with the National Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation. Sun Ports also offers a Sun Smart Connection news letter that informs its readers on everything they need to know about staying safe under that hot summer sun.

A Super Span Structure Covering a Playground from Sup Port Shade Structures.

Improve Your Park and Playground Looks with Creative and Unique Shelters

April 28, 2010

Amazing Products

Litchfield Shelters offer aesthetic designs at cost effective prices and will boost any park project you are working on immediately with cutting edge products that are attractive in more ways than one to any community. In fact Litchfield has been providing amazing cover solutions since 1973 and can guarantee services and products that will far outperform the competition. For one thing, they have the largest product line in the entire country. What’s more, they also have the largest distribution network in the industry.

Moreover, Litchfield shelters provides, “superior quality… pride in workmanship… competitive pricing… and a 4-6 lead time… [and] all efforts are geared toward providing [their] customers with nothing less than exactly what they want, exactly when they want it,” as it says on their website, and trust us over here at Miracle, Litchfield is brilliant in design, fantastic in service, and first class in products and support.

So, for 35 years Litchfield has proven that they are willing to earn your business through positive changes to their business that have allowed them to grow every single year since their beginning. Talk about the right stuff. If you are looking for a shelter that will far exceed your expectations than look no further because Litchfield is the best in the business and we can attest to this. They have been a reliable partner for a long time and have always offered dependable products, contemporary designs and amazing service.

Water Playground Designs from Waterplay… Amazing, Creative, Unique

April 13, 2010

Does your community need to cool off? Well we can provide the coolest solution under the summer sun, and its all thanks to Waterplay Solutions and their amazing water and spray park designs. These water efficient, summer saving parks allow the whole family—young children to adults—to enjoy the heat of the day while staying cool and refreshed. So, dance under water sprayed from a giant flower or skip around water shot from the mammoth of a frog that seems ready to leap around and play with you.

Recognizable, entertaining, and stunning, the Water Spray Flower is a great water park addition.

Waterplay prides themselves on “building truly tough products, ensuring all safety standards are met and exceeded,” and what’s more they have advanced systems that recycle the water used, therefore reducing the overall water use of the park…now that’s a great feature! Waterplay began in 1987 and have completed literally thousands of park installs all over the place… including the Bay Area in beautiful California! Its that kind of experience that makes them the best at making sure your children are well taken care of…while they are having a blast.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

These parks succeed because the appropriate research has been on all factors including safety, aesthetics, and fun… so in the end the final product is good looking, durable, effective, and always a good time. When thinking of water excitement this summer, remember the name Miracle Playsystems and Waterplay Solutions… this team will knock your park design and production out of the park so that you and your client can relax and enjoy the rewards of a job well done. Rise to the design challenge with Waterplay solutions and be prepared to win with forward thinking products and unforgettable service.

Different Ways to Design Water into Your Next Playground Design

March 24, 2010

If you have the option, make water a priority.

To ensure that your park is used by the surrounding community as much as possible, it is a good idea to add in as many features as you can. These may include picnic areas, shade covered lounge spots, a playground, and also water-fun features. With a variety of activities for visitors to interact with, your park will surely be more successful. Furthermore, because summer is approaching fast, it is a good idea to start preparing ways for patrons to beat the heat. Shady areas are a great way, but for big time thrills and cool fun, it is necessary to design water into you park.

Adding in a large or small water spray park will boost your park's attractiveness.

There are many ways to design water into your park. First of all there are simple and crucial fixtures such as drinking fountains and sprinklers and also people and pet fountains. You can also take it a step further and build a pond or a water play arena at your site. What’s more… you can also install a Water Spray Park and Spray features so that children can play in the cold water while adults lounge in the shade close by.

Water is a key component to summer fun.

Another great idea is to build a park next to a public pool so that visitors can make a whole day out of the location. They can get to the pool early and have fun, and then go to the park and have lunch before spending the afternoon on a playground. There are so many great ways to include water into your next park. By making water accessible, people learn to appreciate it more. Now, it is more important than ever to be water conscience, that is why there are so many great technologies, including a Water Re-use and Management System that accompanies a Water Spray Park for instance. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Shade Structure

November 22, 2009

Install Shade now so its ready to go next summer.

This playground spotlight feature of the week is an entire feature concept… the Shade structure. Having shade is critical in high temperature areas and there is no better time to implement some into your site or design than in the playground off-season. While winter is in full force, take the time to install shade so that your site is ready to go by this spring. Shade protects against skin cancer, sun burns, and over heating, so it really should be included in all areas that one would normally put on sunscreen before going outside in the summer—that’s pretty much all of California. The great news is, contemporary Shade structures add to your design rather than taking away from it.

These days Shade structures come in all sizes and forms. They range from large enough to cover an entire playground to small enough for a single lifeguard tower. As far as shape goes, Shade comes in triangles and squares, hexagons and circles, and also in custom cuts. Also, almost any color is available so Shade will not only contribute to the functionality of your site, but also to the theme and concept of the design.

Don’t let your site go shadeless, install a Shade structure right now so that your site is ready to go by the time that May heat rolls around. Imagine a Shade structure as your playground’s new year’s resolution. It is healthy, it adds style, and it will impress your community. Shade is an all around great idea; that is why is the playground spotlight feature of the week.

Innovative Structures to Keep Playground and Park Visitors Dry

September 15, 2009

Fall is approaching, meaning those hot temperatures will begin taking a break. Unfortunately, with the falling of the leaves also comes the rain. In order to allow people to continue to use a park or playground, having an overhang or a solid shade structure is almost required—unless those people don’t mind getting a little wet. Sun Port shade structures offers lots of solid cover options, as does Litchfield Shelters. Between the two of these companies, a designer can find gazebos, kiosks, shelters, pergolas, cabanas, cantilevers, tension and single post structures, and much, much more.

Part of the Life Guard Series from Sun Ports, these covers will keep someone underneath them cool or dry.

Part of the Life Guard Series from Sun Ports, these covers will keep someone underneath them cool or dry.

Sun Port shade structures offers prime shade structures that have the capability to keep patrons dry as well. These come in all shapes—from hexagons to pyramids to slant hips—and colors—pretty much everything under the sun. Also, these structures come in a large variety of sizes that range from life guard post covers to super span structures that can easily cover an entire playground. Accessories available for Sun Port include light fixtures, flame retardant fabrics, logo prints, and logo graphics. Sun Port has a solution for almost any problem and a shade structure for any site.

A Super Span Structure Covering a Playground from Sup Port Shade Structures.

A Super Span Structure Covering a Playground from Sup Port Shade Structures.

Litchfield Shelters offer products that can be seen as more substantial. Whereas the coverings from Sun Port are predominantly fabric, the materials used in the Litchfield Shelter line include wood and steel, but also include fabric. Creations from this company can be custom designed easily to fit the theme and setting of any site, whether those needs include rock base supports, waved beam supports, or even a rustic touch. These shelters are ideal to be put in during the construction stages of a site, but can be built any time. Whether it’s a Litchfield Shelter or a Sun Port, adding cover to a site keeps the sun at bay in the summer and the rain away in the fall.

This substantial steel gazebo from Litchfield Shelter is ideal for keeping the rain out.

This substantial steel gazebo from Litchfield Shelter is ideal for keeping the rain out.

Attractive Technology Advances in Spray Parks

August 25, 2009

A Waterplay spray park is one avenue to coolness in this scorching summer and will be a ticket to heat relief next year too. Since 1987, Waterplay Solutions Corp. has done “thousands of park installations,” each one producing a unique water recreation experience for those who get outside and go visit the different mystified sites. Their innovative designs have advanced the options a designer can work with when implementing one of these contemporary attractions into a proposed site.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

A spray park has the best of both worlds in that they offer a place to get wet and play, but there is no standing water so safety is substantially greater than a traditional water park. Also, it is more affordable for visitors because most likely it is located at a park or a free spot. The chance of slipping at a spray park decreases while the accessibility of the site increases. Other locations that are great for these wet and wild gems, and that Waterplay recommends, are housing developments, daycares, hotels, aquatic facilities, and most private and public spaces.

Ready, Aim, Water...

Ready, Aim, Water...

With features named the Tuney Tube, the Misty Twisty, and the Push N Play, Waterplay Solutions caters to many styles in fun ways and can even build systems with musical features. Beyond music, water canons are available and aim at giving kids the chance to dowse each other with H2O. Stationary water sprayers come in ring, flower, horn, and frog shapes and will impress any visitor with a variety of highly aesthetic color schemes.

Chill out and cool off under a flower shaped sprayer.

Chill out and cool off under a flower shaped sprayer.

Don’t forget to take shade breaks while out in the sun, regardless if you’re staying cool under the water the whole time. Also, a waterproof sun block will keep you safe from harmful rays while you get drenched. Spray parks, hopefully with picnic areas next to them, are great places for adults and kids to get outdoors and have fun in the sun…while getting a little wet, or completely soaked, in the process.

New Designs and Innovations Push Shade into High Supply

August 4, 2009

With summer in full force now, time outside is to be especially appreciated. However much you appreciate the perks of the outdoors though, you must also plan accordingly to decrease the dangers of the sun’s harmful rays. The most obvious relief methods are among the most helpful. Wearing sunscreen or a hat and taking shade breaks are always necessary when dealing with high temperatures. Also, wearing loose, covering clothing with tightly woven fabrics will prevent burns as Sun Damage Clinics’ website says. Of course, children are not always so aware of these measures so it’s crucial that adults look after their wellbeing. In terms of playgrounds, there are many things a designer can implement straight into a sight’s production to increase protection from the sun.

Shade Structures are Vital to Playground Safety

Shade Structures are Vital to Playground Safety

Many styles of shade accessories are available from Sun Ports. These come in an almost endless array of colors and shapes. Furthermore, specific models are better suited for different tasks, such as the Life Guard series which caters to the needs of those red clad guardians and also poolside sunbathers. For those larger areas, including covering the entire playground, the series named Super Span will best suffice. If something entirely original is desired, Custom Designs always make for a fantastic choice. This option allows for even the most creative ideas.

Part of the Life Guard Series from Sun Ports

Part of the Life Guard Series from Sun Ports

Back to the colors and shapes, ready to go are Pyramids, Octagons, Pentagons, and the Coolbrella design, among a vast variety of others, in shades of blue, yellow, red, green, and most any other color one can dream up. Again, if the existing styles don’t quite do the trick, custom designs can be drawn up. No matter which way your way is, sun protection is a necessity in today’s increasingly hot climate. It’s a fact that the ozone isn’t what it used to be, so be sure to include a shade structure in your next playground design, especially if the site is in a particularly scorching area.

A Custom Designed 3-Point Sail Masterpiece

A Custom Designed 3-Point Sail Masterpiece

Get out there and enjoy the sun, just make sure to be safe about it.

A Super Span Structure Covering a Playground

A Super Span Structure Covering a Playground