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The Ideal Playscape, A Festival of Fun… A Culmination of Playgrounds

June 24, 2010

Creating an ideal place for children should be a priority for all communities. This place needs to be more than anything safe and healthy. It also needs to be accessible to the majority of the public in terms of location. Costs need to be manageable as well, both in upfront costs and in long-term maintenance. Once these basic requirements have been met, the final piece of the puzzle can be fit into place… the fun… the excitement… the entertainment. There is a way to satisfy everyone’s playground demands for fun, and that is by including all three playground types in a single site.

The first type of playground is the water spray park. This site is perfect for taming the summer heat and for making new friends in the community. Not only can a family enjoy the summer sun, but they can also be next to neighbors, friends, and future playmates. Water really brings people together and with a park that encourages water fights through the use of sprayers, cannons, and the perfect spot for water balloons, it is no surprise that the first type of playground at this festival of fun just maybe the most popular.

The second must is a lounge or picnic area and large fields for games. A shelter will shade patrons from the scorching sun and will also offer a great spot for tables, benches, and can act as the backdrop for barbeques. This spot will also act as a way for adults to better enjoy the tri-playground area because they won’t be forced to wait in the sun for their children to tire out playing. Instead they can be close to the third spot, the traditional playground, and can easily keep an eye on their kids.

The third playground is the ones we all think of immediately when the subject comes up. These include slides, swings, ladders, poles, and all the fun stuff. Playgrounds these days have a ton of exciting technology that children can explore and act off of. Some of these are the Orb-X, the Gravitron, and the Mega Tower. Now all can enjoy the park more with the combination of multiple playgrounds into one site… enjoy the festival of fun!


Protect the Children on Your Playground, Beat the Heat, Chose Sun Ports

May 7, 2010

There is no question that the sun poses more risk than ever in terms of skin damage, heat stroke, and even some forms of cancer. Not to mention, getting a nasty burn won’t just ruin your day, it’ll ruin your whole week. For this reason, it is important to stay in the shade during the heat of the day and always wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Children don’t often think about taking care of themselves at this level of detail so it is important that we take the appropriate steps for them. Sun Port Shade Structures have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide top notch shade structures that cover playgrounds, pools, and parks so that children can get a break from the sun and beat the heat.

On a sunny day, shade structures will be especially lovely to have around.

Did you know with Sun Ports you can create your own, customized shade structure? The process is easy, just select on of their pre-drafted model renderings and then choose from their wide array of steel and fabric colors… then rotate your created model for a full 360 degree view. Design options include cabanas, cantilevers, coolbrellas, hexagons, mariners, octagons, pyramids, sandtons, single posts, and even multi-panel structures that can span huge spaces. So cover that lifeguard tower. Cover the playground. Cover your bleachers. And cover your own budget too by choosing this cost-effective shade solution.

A Custom Designed 3-Point Sail from Sun Port Shade Structures.

Choose Sun Ports not only for their amazingly cool designs that are sure to take any playground or park design to a whole new level, but for the reasons that they have been recognized as a safety leader in the industry. They promote safety by sponsoring the Made in the Shade Sun Safety campaign. They are also associated with the National Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation. Sun Ports also offers a Sun Smart Connection news letter that informs its readers on everything they need to know about staying safe under that hot summer sun.

A Super Span Structure Covering a Playground from Sup Port Shade Structures.

Shade Structures are Useful, Edgy, Cool, and Healthy

February 5, 2010

Shade structures aren't just protective, they are cool.

Shade structures are proven to be extremely effective at protecting children against harmful sun damage. They promote health and safety on the playground by decreasing the risks of overheating, heat stroke, and dehydration… however water and sunscreen are needed too. The shade structure is very useful, but it is also cool. It looks awesome. It is cutting edge in design and comes in all sorts of design savvy shapes and colors. In some areas, the shade structure is expected, especially after it is seen for the first time.

This feature is not only useful, it is popular.

The shade structure is edgy. This is a key invention in terms of modern playgrounds. If your area gets to above 90 degrees in the summer then you really need a shade structure over your playgrounds. New protections such as this are crucial for keeping children safe when at play under the hot sun. Plus, the actual shape of the equipment in relation to its use makes the product so hip. This is one cool playground fixture.

Shade structures are expected in a lot of areas.

The shad structure is a unique creation that has become cool—not only because it is so useful, but because of its looks and feel. It just seems like a good idea… and it is. And it adds an extra dimension to a playground. Playgrounds have always been open, but this provides a roof and a great new look. Its hard to describe why the shade structure is so cool… but I’m pretty sure it is a combination between its usefulness, its freshness, its edginess, and its protective qualities, and of course its stunning aesthetic visual appeal. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more details on this amazing feature.

Be Proactive—Plan Out Shade Protectors Now!

January 15, 2010

Don't under-estimate the need for shade.

Now is the time to install protective shade structures around your playground so that when the sun hits this next spring, the children in your community are protected from harmful UV rays and the blistering heat that will be in full force by June. That is only six months from now, so start planning right now so that construction can be completed by the time those hottest months on the calendar roll around. Sure there are other ways to protect against the sun, but all are second to some quality time in the shade. Implement a shade structure into your playscape today.

Whether it is a pool, a playground, a water spray park, or a park, shade structures will directly benefit your community in both the long and short term. End heat stroke and over exposure right now… prevent future bouts with skin cancer too… take the proper precautions and rush to install health wise shade structures in the right locations. Don’t be caught in the summer sun without a cool rest spot… and don’t let the children in your area go without one either. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on installing an amazing Sun Port or shade structure.

Other methods will keep you safe too this next summer. Wear hats and sunglasses when outside, especially from late morning to late afternoon. Also, put on sun block when out… particularly when around the water because light reflections can be brutal to the skin. Keep children safe and educate them on proper sun safety techniques. We recommend any kind of sun protection over none… Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details on the coolest shade structures around.