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Hot Trends in Playground Design

June 21, 2010

The Mega Tower

Playground designs are fun, no doubt. However, take them to the next level with some hot, cutting-edge play equipment. Chose the features that look good, are relevant, and will serve a definite purpose. Some of the latest playground features on the market today are totally amazing and will take your playground design from zero to sixty in about as long as it takes to drop them in on your CAD system. These play features are the most stunning, aesthetic products out on the market today and are sure to impress your client. We are talking about the Orb-X climber, the clear rock wall, and the Mega Tower.

The Orb-X Climber

The Orb-X climber will make anyone take a second look, and then a third. Its futuristic design is simply incredible. Multiple bar systems come together to form a fantastic structure of fun. Children can climb up on it, swing around inside it, and scale around it. Kids will likely pretend its everything from a time machine to an underwater submarine. This model is just plain cool. See how it fits into your design concept…

The Clear Rock Wall

The clear rock wall is borderline unbelievable. It will make your clients say, “are you serious?” while they are grinning. The technology behind this playground feature is very advanced and unless you’re an engineer, a little hard to understand. Just know that the tech is ultra reliable, unique, and completely affordable. Take the time and check this one and only playground product out… it belongs in any design.

The Mega Tower is a playground giant, literally. This behemoth can stand a few stories high and is sure to attract visitors to you park from far and wide. You can’t miss this colorful and attractive playground centerpiece. Not only is it huge and accessible, it is also functional and acts as a build off point for your entire site. Start out with a Mega Tower and see where your design goes from there. We hope you liked these hot trends in playground design.


Vertical Structures are Stunning in Design

March 2, 2010

As opposed to horizontal structures, vertical ones stand out more and offer a more lively feel.

Think of some notable landmarks: the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower. What trait do all of these masterful creations share? They are all tall and vertical in stature. Vertical designs are great for a number of reasons. For one, they are easily noticed from close up and from far away. Also, something about tall structures speak to us as people and we really take to them… call it aesthetic appeal. Lastly, they usually contrast the flatness of the world around us which draws us in to them… maybe its because we know we will have a better vantage point from the top. The point is: people just can’t get enough of vertical structures.

In terms of playgrounds, there are many tall structures that can be implemented into a site. Tall slides can rise up from the bark chips and offer those kids daring enough to take a ride a unique thrill. Climbers like rock walls propose a physical trial to any who attempt to scale them way up to their peak. Over head challenges tempt children from above to test their upper body strength against the rigors of the feature. There are so many vertical structures to add into designs when thinking about the next cool playground; there are so many features that will impress your visitors with vertical feet.

Add some liveliness to your next playground with vertical structures. Make your park more noticeable and make your playground more thrilling. Vertical structures will offer contrast to the flat grassy fields in you park and will excite children when they see all the potential fun. With vertical feet, you are not only adding great architecture, you are getting a design that exudes entertainment, stunning visuals, and of course greater visibility. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Rising up into the clouds, this tower is hard to miss.

A Playground Spotlight Feature: The Tall Slide

February 2, 2010

This feature is heavily used by the surrounding community; it is easy to see why... it is tall, unique, and offers one fast ride.

What does it take to be seen from great distances? Height. How do you produce great speeds without an engine? Height. When will your site get noticed? When it finally has the height. Whether you’re designing a new playground or trying to improve an older one, there is no better, more memorable attraction than a tall slide.

Children remember the thrill of speed and the wonder of looking down from towering heights. With a custom build tall slide or one that has already been designed, your park will have the centerpiece feature that is remembered more than any other… and visitors will come back again and again. Now that’s what a park client would love.

Creating a tall slide is an art. For one thing, safety is the number one priority. It takes truly masterful engineering to ensure safety over a long period of time. Which leads to the next factor: the need for the best materials to guarantee durability—there is nothing worse than having to constantly shut your main attraction down because of needed maintenance. Lastly, it takes an awesome design to inspire a desire to climb to the top and take a ride down—plus its not easy for a tall slide to look secure and visually striking.

A tall slide will certainly get you noticed when designed and built the right way. Although admittedly its not for every park, because of the cost… however, when your site calls for a mammoth slide, take the time to find the right design because hitting the reset button half way through construction just isn’t an option. Upon completion—after using the best available—when it looks great, it will be an image for the portfolio. Contact Miracle Playsystems for information on designing and building your own tall slide.

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Spiral Slide

January 17, 2010

Aesthetically pleasing, entertaining, and fun... what a ride!

Zip around in a circle letting gravity do all the work. Fly through a tube while constantly changing directions. Tuck and hold tight for max aerodynamics and acceleration. Ride the Spiral Slide and enjoy an attraction filled to the brim with entertainment and speed. One of the most recognizable playground features available is the Spiral Slide and it is a sure bet to impress all those who visit your site.

Spiral Slides come in almost every color imaginable and fit into every theme thinkable. What is not to like? You have a basic roller coast ride minus all the expensive cars and track with this magnificent slide. Implement this terrific feature into your next playground and plan on watching people come back to enjoy it again and again. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on how you can install a Spiral Slide as a free standing feature or one connected to a Mega Tower or playground deck.

Twisting and turning has never been so much fun… just zoom down one of these bad boys once and you will be hooked on the thrill of one entertaining slide ride. Be prepared to have fun with a Spiral Slide and to spend a long time watching your children ride it again and again… talk about exercise! This feature is accessible, visually stunning, and highly entertaining, making it this week’s Playground Spotlight Feature. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Mix speed and the highest banked turns for one smooth ride.

Design Aspect of the Week: the Tandem Slide

December 4, 2009

The Tandem Slide method is fresh and exciting.

In the mind of a kid a Tandem Slide can mean many things. First, it offers the child a choice. Next, it offers variety. Then, it offers a unique experience where a kid can race his friend, switch up the ride each time, and eventually choose which slide he or she likes the best. The Tandem Slide not only is a great feature for entertainment, it is also a great design aspect that offers considerable visual appeal to a site. The appearance of side by side slides is striking and will draw visitors in, especially when the slides are tall. Take this design aspect to heart.

If you are looking for a quick way to spice up your playground design, the Tandem Slide is a great way to go. With this design aspect, you can assure your client that you able to step out side the normal thinking lines of design and in doing so, you will stand out. Variety is key when designing a playground, so if three slides are in the agenda, make each one an experience… turning two of them into an attraction is a bold and exciting way to go.

The Design Aspect of the Week is the Tandem Slide because it creates an experience that is exciting, entertaining, and memorable. The Tandem Slide is an attraction that is aesthetically pleasing, visually striking, and unique in form. Remember to step out of the box when creating and implementing features… its okay to have fun, after all, these are playgrounds we are building.

Tradition Meets Technology… The Modern Slide

October 22, 2009

Perhaps the playground mainstay—the constant—is the slide. Now, over the years slides have grown in height and width, they have become more twisted, and they can be found in almost any color. One thing is always the same with slides though, they do their job day in and day out—they entertain children. The design is so basic. Gravity takes hold of someone at the top and the slide guides that person all the way to the bottom… safely. What a thrill!

Multiple short slides offer heightened access while still providing entertainment.

Multiple short slides offer heightened access while still providing entertainment.

Because slides have always been one of the most popular playground features, having a few of them on one playground is a good idea. Doing this will decongest the playground and allow more slide rides per child. Sometimes the slides at a playground are the same, and sometimes they are different from one another… it really doesn’t matter which way you go, just as long as there is a purpose behind the design. For instance, if there are identical slides next to each other, children can race. If the slides are different and spaced apart, kids can experience different rides.

This four deck high great slide is a playground centerpiece

Great Slide at Magic Mountain

A slide can also be the main attraction of a site. A playground’s centerpiece needs to be something eye-catching, exciting, and unique. Having a slide fit this build may be a challenge, but if executed correctly, it is well worth it. For a slide to play the leading role, it probably needs to be tall so that the ride is longer. The form can take on the shape of a resting snake… curling around and around. Or the slide can appear as a ski slope, providing a fast and furious experience.

Spiral slides can be small like the one connected to the right of this ship shaped playground, or much, much larger.

Spiral slides can be small like the one connected to the right of this ship shaped playground, or much, much larger.

Whichever shape a slide takes, or however many slides are at one location, the main idea to capture is tradition meeting modern technology. Slides will always be around at playgrounds. With such a simple design to start from, it is fun to see the bar raised to promote uniqueness, experience, and whatever theme. While gravity does all the work, children can have all the fun.