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Hot Trends in Playground Design

June 21, 2010

The Mega Tower

Playground designs are fun, no doubt. However, take them to the next level with some hot, cutting-edge play equipment. Chose the features that look good, are relevant, and will serve a definite purpose. Some of the latest playground features on the market today are totally amazing and will take your playground design from zero to sixty in about as long as it takes to drop them in on your CAD system. These play features are the most stunning, aesthetic products out on the market today and are sure to impress your client. We are talking about the Orb-X climber, the clear rock wall, and the Mega Tower.

The Orb-X Climber

The Orb-X climber will make anyone take a second look, and then a third. Its futuristic design is simply incredible. Multiple bar systems come together to form a fantastic structure of fun. Children can climb up on it, swing around inside it, and scale around it. Kids will likely pretend its everything from a time machine to an underwater submarine. This model is just plain cool. See how it fits into your design concept…

The Clear Rock Wall

The clear rock wall is borderline unbelievable. It will make your clients say, “are you serious?” while they are grinning. The technology behind this playground feature is very advanced and unless you’re an engineer, a little hard to understand. Just know that the tech is ultra reliable, unique, and completely affordable. Take the time and check this one and only playground product out… it belongs in any design.

The Mega Tower is a playground giant, literally. This behemoth can stand a few stories high and is sure to attract visitors to you park from far and wide. You can’t miss this colorful and attractive playground centerpiece. Not only is it huge and accessible, it is also functional and acts as a build off point for your entire site. Start out with a Mega Tower and see where your design goes from there. We hope you liked these hot trends in playground design.


Shade Structures Are Protective and Add Cutting Edge Health Appeal

May 24, 2010

Offer a shade solution in your cutting edge design.

Shade structures are a huge part of playgrounds and summer fun. These protective barriers block the sun, helping to keep children safe from harmful UV rays and the blistering heat. Moreover, they also add a cutting edge look and feel to your design. Shade structures comfort your visitors by letting them know that your design site has put their safety first by implementing some key playground health technology. Be the answer to summer’s biggest health problem…

Shade structures offer huge health benefits.

These days Shade structures come in all sizes and forms. They range from large enough to cover an entire playground to small enough for a single lifeguard tower. As far as shape goes, Shade comes in triangles and squares, hexagons and circles, and also in custom cuts. Also, almost any color is available so Shade will not only contribute to the functionality of your site, but also to the theme and concept of the design.

Shade structures can be designed to fit any playscape.

Whether it is a pool, a playground, a water spray park, or a park, shade structures will directly benefit your community in both the long and short term. End heat stroke and over exposure right now… prevent future bouts with skin cancer too… take the proper precautions and rush to install health wise shade structures in the right locations. Don’t be caught in the summer sun without a cool rest spot… and don’t let the children in your area go without one either. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information on installing an amazing Sun Port or shade structure.

Enhance Your Community with a Sports Arenas from Hags Playgrounds

May 20, 2010

Sports Arena including Basketball and Soccer

New from Miracle Playsystems are Sports Arenas from Hags Playgrounds! These can be installed at your new school or park and come in different sizes and shapes. If you need to cover your bases by offering an outlet for a few different sports, have no fear, these sports arenas are multi-functional. Need a soccer field? Got it. Need a place to play football? We can build it. Is it a new basketball court that you need? We have it right here. Contact Miracle Playsystems and we can set you right up with a new sports arena from Hags Playgrounds.

Sports Arena for Basketball with Narrow Margins

Imagine how much your community will benefit with a new sports field complex that kids can enjoy and partake in healthy, constructive activities at… You will extend the benefits of play to the people in your area with a new sports arena and in doing so will help boost all those children’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness. So if you are in the market for a new sports field, or just a positive change or addition for your community’s schools or parks, give Miracle Playsystems a call and we can get you lined up with an amazing sports arena.

Sports Arena for Basketball with Wide Margins

These super fields have fences surrounding them so your investment will be protected, but why not add a Miracle SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent and secure your site completely. This way, during the day, your community can enjoy the site, but at night you can lock the field up and turn on the SONIC SCREEN and save your community great deals of time and money in the long run by preventing all sorts of vandalism including trash, graffiti, and property destruction.

Turn Your Play Surface into a Playground Spectacle of Design Achievement

May 13, 2010

SpectraTurf is the answer to your surfacing dilemma. These first class surface systems are used in many locations and environments such as “parks, schools, childcare centers, quick serve restaurants, and playgrounds,” as their site says…and by the looks of the photo reel on their website, these surface builders know exactly what they are doing. These sites are built with either a poured-in-place or a tile system which allows for the maximum ability to work within the parameters of a specific site. And get this… they have these available in a ton of colors and applications and all are “highly weather resistant and provide customers with a virtually maintenance free playground surface.” Can it get any better?

It does. When you see the final product… all the eye catching design work… all the sweet shapes and professional craftsmanship, you will completely floored, and relieved that you chose to work with one truly great company in SpectraTurf. And you don’t even have to take ours or their word for it… A third-party lab test ensures that every last SpectraTurf meets the CPSC surfacing standard—a rigorous requirement that makes sure everything is safe and up to challenge of children.

So… how about a giant orange lizard designed into your playground turf? SpectraTurf can do it. How about a mix of blue, purple, and aqua marine shapes under foot of your new playscape masterpiece? SpectraTurf can do it. Or how about an entire ocean theme rocking away your boat themed playground? That’s right, you guessed it, SpectraTurf can do it. Let SpectraTurf take it away so you can be sure your playground’s surface is exactly how you envisioned it and maybe even a little better.

Maximize Your Playground Surface Performance with Sof’Solutions

May 11, 2010

Details make the difference in design.

Can you believe how far technology has come in the last few years? Its hard to believe not long ago we were tied to cords on phones and still using Maps instead of GPS or Mapquest. Well just like the rise of the cell phone, the new age of Playground surfacing has emerged… but not overnight. For 15 years Sof’Solutions Recreation Surfacing has been providing their clients with the maximum level of service, protection, and safety. Sof’Solutions has your surface solution for hard falls, indoor and outdoor areas, and all weather terrains. With products like Sof’Fall, Sof’Shield, Sof’Bounce, Sof’Path, and Sof’Splash, you know Sof’Solutions has the right way to meet any design criteria.

What if you could put your mind completely at ease…even if it was just about the makeup of your playground surface? Well, Sof’Solutions provides: consultation for their products, certification on all their installations, and will even give you the guidelines for future maintenance. So… sit back, relax, and enjoy that Orange Julius because Sof’Solution has made life easy for those in search of the perfect playground surface solution.

Moreover, every surface offered is IPEMA certified and also backed by the Sof’Solutions Play Protection Plan, “which means that [they] stand behind every product [they] offer and everyone who represents [them].” And we over here at Miracle stand behind Sof’Solutions because we have seen first hand the amazing work they do that stands out every time in terms of quality, design appeal, and safety performance.

New Technology to Shake Up the Playground World!

May 4, 2010

New features in the play industry have been invented—actualizing ideas that are really extraordinary. These creations have taken traditional playground equipment to a level probably once thought impossible. For instance, did you ever think a clear rock wall could exist? Can you even think of what a bubble climber could be? Technology in the playground realm has reached new heights, allowing children to have new experiences; and equipping landscape architects with even more design options.

The Clear Rock Wall is one of the best, most cutting edge features out there today.

The clear rock wall is from Xccent Play is the first of its kind. On the Xccent website, details of the equipment are as such: it is, “made of virtually indestructible extruded polycarbonate,” and includes 70 holds, “made of durable UV resistant polyurethane.” Images of the wall can also be found on the site. Obviously, the wall is built sturdy and secure, but it also has holds on both sides so that kids can climb facing each other—a truly unique experience. The wall is fresh, but what’s better is that it continues to offer the benefits of play.

Experiences such as this one on the Clear Rock Wall are unique and fun.

Another novel feature is the bubble climber, from Miracle. This colorful attraction has a form like no other. Instead of the traditional holds that kids use to climb on, it has bubbles cut out that offer the same activity but with a different twist. The aesthetic appeal is also increased with a more organic feel that stems from flowing curves. The looks are also improved with vivid colors like bright red and green. This contemporary playground update will turn any playground from bland to original and remarkable.

Its aesthetic, its functional, its cost-effective... its the bubble climbing wall.

These two innovative features take tradition, stick it in the oven, and turn up the heat a couple notches. When modern technology teams with original thinking, anything is possible—in the playground world, that means more fun.

Creative, New Balance Course Technology from HAGS Playgrounds… The “Dynamo” Set

April 22, 2010

The Dynamo Balance Course Set, from Hags Playgrounds, includes some of the most sought after play equipment in the world. And no, you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to Europe to find these cutting edge play features, they are now available right here in the US thanks to Miracle Playsystems and Hags USA. Check out these interesting, creative play features that are stand alone or are ready to be designed together into a technological playground masterpiece.

The Dynamo: Sierra Diablo. Play improves lives.

The Sierra Diablo is reminiscent of a spider web, offering a web of nets to balance through while playing a school yard game or a friendly climbing competition with classmates. This amazing feature shows why Hags is a leader in developing new, exciting designs that entice visitors to challenge themselves while having a great time.

Dyanamo: Okavango Swamp. Enjoy the Benefits of Play.

The Okavango Swamp is absolutely a testament to the Benefits of Play. This unique play challenge helps children develop coordination and balance. How many tries will it take to make it to the other side? Chances are at least a couple until expert balance is developed. What a tremendous, fun way to test the limits of your coordination.

Dynamo: Cape Horn. Get Outdoors, Get Healthy.

The Cape Horn is almost out of an Indiana Jones movie. Kids can imagine themselves climbing across a jungle ravine on a bridges that moves about depending on the position of the weight of their body. Will they make it? If not this delightful play contraption provides a safe alternative to the real thing… great practice for those future explorers.

Dynamo: Hogs Back. Work through stress with play.

Finally, the last Dynamo feature we will be describing today is the Hogs Back… and fitting because this is the pinnacle of Balance Course Technology. This combination of features is a creative approach to incorporate many themes into one piece–you have nets, a rock wall, and mini platforms! This could be your playground centerpiece, surrounded by all the other fun features, all from Hags Playgrounds USA and Miracle Playsystems.

Make Safety a Top Priority, Choose Miracle Playsystems

April 20, 2010

Miracle Playsystems works closely with the Miracle Recreation Equipment Company to provide communities some of the best playground designs and productions available. When designing a new playground, nothing is more important than safety. This is the first commitment Miracle makes when providing a positive environment for children to explore and make their own through play. Safety is of the utmost importance and to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding standards, we closely follow many specifications established by many outside regulatory bodies.

Safety is a top priority at Miracle Playsystems.

Our safety performance complies with CPSC, CSA, and the EN and we even help and actively participate with the ASTM and the CPSC in their development. Whether its designing, producing, or constructing your playground, we work by the book to ensure that your playground is the safest around. All our knowledge and experience, teamed with a commitment to the safety guidelines, adds up to maximize the positive environment for your children, no matter what age they are, so that their abilities aren’t pushed over the limit and you can rest assured that they are safe when at the local playground.

We make sure that all equipment is safe... keeping the appropriate age group in mind is also necessary.

Furthermore, Miracle seeks out a third-party Certification Service through the IPEMA, which validates conformance to ASTM F1487, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. We use the IPEMA logo on all products that have been validated through this third party service so be sure to look for their logo on all potential playground equipment or just ask us and we will make sure for you. We take every extra step to make sure your children and community is the safest possible in terms of the playground site.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

Slightly different in terms of safety, we also offer the Miracle SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent as well to keep your site extra safe at night. This will keep criminal aspects away from your playground at night so that they won’t feel welcome and will be less likely to come around during the day time. Protect your kids in every way possible. Use play equipment that is proven to be safe and extra design features/technology that enhance the safety of your site even more. Contact Miracle Playsystems for more information.

News from a Playground Master, Miracle Recreation Company

April 1, 2010

Here at Miracle Playsystems we like to keep up on all the latest playground news, especially when its from Miracle Recreation Company…so here it is. Did you know last year Miracle Rec Company pledged “$250,000 to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children over the next three years, and [will] help cover lodging costs necessary to reunite family members upon the recovery of missing children,” in their ongoing effort to promote the total wellbeing of children? Its programs like this that really make the difference for a ton of families.

This feature is heavily used by the surrounding community; it is easy to see why... it is tall, unique, and offers one fast ride.

Miracle also released their new MiracleTech product line—the line in which the SONIC SCREEN came from—which includes ParkWatch®, a state-of-the-art infared security camera system that actually transmits its recordings via wireless connection for an all digital security approach…also introduced was the SiteBrite®, a patented lighting system that carries a low voltage touch. These technologies can be implemented into any new design or fitted onto an existing site… oh the power of technology.

Go further than the equipment to ensure long-term safety... implement technology such as the SONIC SCREEN.

And lastly, Miracle Rec Company went above and beyond back in 2008, and did not receive as much recognition as deserved. The playground company, for Grants for America’s Schools SM, offered $5,000,000 in money so that schools could apply for Commerical Play System Funds. This program is in support of the Benefits of Play as well as the new push to end childhood depression and obesity by encouraging physical, mental, and social gains through play. Miracle Rec has had a productive, worthwhile last couple of years it seems.

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level, features like these are what kids love and should get to use!

Its the Future Now with Miracle and Cutting Edge Products and Techology… Playground Building Techniques that are Unique and Creative

March 30, 2010

Miracle Playsystems is a playground design, customization, building group that works with the best lines in the business. One such company that Miracle Playsystems has a close relationship with is Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. This cutting edge playscape provider uses true 21st century technology to better the performance of all the products they offer so that you get the best in playground performance.

Get cost-effective, cutting edge, first class products with Miracle Playsystems.

Just a few state-of-the-art features include: Versa-lok Clamps-Versalok® II … a clamping systems that makes installation easier and connections more secure. Plus this hardened to the core clamp is made from up to 100% recycled aluminum allow and all fastening hardware is stainless steel and tamper resistant. Talk about hardcore… the Gator Grip- GATOR-GripTM, is another forward thinking feature that allows all the handrails and rungs to have extra gripping with a texture that is both tough and comfortable.

Quality is guaranteed here and products are sure to be durable, functional, and top of the line.

Also get Flo-Coat – Flo-Coat® steel tubing that is true space age technology, but specially designed for children’s playground equipment that allows products to be zinc galvanized inside and out for tough as titanium nails resistance to abrasions, scratches, salt, and the elements. Combine this with Mira Cote so that all metal components are finished with a durable, electrostatically applied, non-toxic, lead-free, polyester powder coating that’s available in 17 colors… that’s right, more colors than the rainbow!

Take playground performance to the next level with Miracle...

Last but not least, all decks, steps, ramps, and bridges are made with Mira-Therm, a proprietary brand of polyvinyl chloride containing UV stabilizers, color pigments, and flame retardants… made through a punched steel process, complete with folded edges that provide quick drainage from rain… and safe because the holes are too small for fingers.

With Miracle’s top notch materials, you are getting technology that works with you for a cost-effective, durable, cutting edge design.