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Fun Water Playgrounds to Keep You Cool All Summer

June 3, 2010

A fun water spray park goes as far in the summer as a humungous water balloon fight or a day at the lake complete with paddle boats and all. These destination sites are pretty much amazing and all enjoy their attractive water jets and alluring fountains. So gather round frog and flower sprayers alike and cool of with all your friends and family at the local water spray park today. If designing a new water spray park for your community, you may want to keep a few things in mind…

First, its fine to build in open fields but just make sure to include a shade structure so that patrons of the park have a retreat from the hot sun. Also, it is a good idea to have paved path ways up to the edge of the spray park from the parking lot because when wet it is easy to get dirty on the way back to the car…a simple design aspect such as this is exactly what will keep communities using your park all summer long. In terms of size, make sure the park is appropriate for the size of the community. Make the park too small and it will be overcrowded on especially hot days. Of course make it too large and it’s a waste of materials, resources, and the short and long term funds of your client.

A final design aspect to remember when designing a water spray park is the incorporation of benches, water fountains, trash receptacles, and other things of this nature… basically, don’t forget the supporting cast of the spray park. Children are the main attendees of the park, but adults will be right there too most likely watching and they will need places to sit—preferably in the shade—and relax. They will also need to throw away trash and get the occasional drink of water for themselves as well as their kids. Design the best water spray park possible and keep in mind that it’s the little details that make a big difference.


Water Playground Designs from Waterplay… Amazing, Creative, Unique

April 13, 2010

Does your community need to cool off? Well we can provide the coolest solution under the summer sun, and its all thanks to Waterplay Solutions and their amazing water and spray park designs. These water efficient, summer saving parks allow the whole family—young children to adults—to enjoy the heat of the day while staying cool and refreshed. So, dance under water sprayed from a giant flower or skip around water shot from the mammoth of a frog that seems ready to leap around and play with you.

Recognizable, entertaining, and stunning, the Water Spray Flower is a great water park addition.

Waterplay prides themselves on “building truly tough products, ensuring all safety standards are met and exceeded,” and what’s more they have advanced systems that recycle the water used, therefore reducing the overall water use of the park…now that’s a great feature! Waterplay began in 1987 and have completed literally thousands of park installs all over the place… including the Bay Area in beautiful California! Its that kind of experience that makes them the best at making sure your children are well taken care of…while they are having a blast.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

These parks succeed because the appropriate research has been on all factors including safety, aesthetics, and fun… so in the end the final product is good looking, durable, effective, and always a good time. When thinking of water excitement this summer, remember the name Miracle Playsystems and Waterplay Solutions… this team will knock your park design and production out of the park so that you and your client can relax and enjoy the rewards of a job well done. Rise to the design challenge with Waterplay solutions and be prepared to win with forward thinking products and unforgettable service.